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  1. GrogStache

    Minionland Road Project

    Tirius, this is awesome. Not only is the road network a wonderful community project, this post makes me want to travel it by foot, like I would in Skyrim, bedding down when the sun sank low. Once Yggdrassil is properly outfitted and my bridges to the roadway are up, I just might have to do that... unless Brin remembers that I promised we'd build a giant glowing crab together. But either way, the wanderlust in this post is palpable!
  2. That's disgusting. I guess you could try a VPN, but that's a pretty extreme measure to have to go to for Minecraft. Plus, your ISP might still be able to shut that idea down, what with the lack of Net Neutrality laws these days.
  3. I play from the US and have since the server launched. I wonder what's causing the issue for you :/
  4. GrogStache

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Just added the permalink to the PCPartPicker list to the top of the thread. A lot has changed since my initial concept of the build. I now want to try and squeeze a 1080 into the thing, and I've swapped from Intel to AMD. I'm chiefly wondering if I'm bottlenecking the 1080 too much with a Ryzen 5 2600. I could try and go up a step or so maybe? Also, do any of you fine folks know much RE overclocking a Rysen system? I hear it's pretty limited, and I might not be able to do much anyway thanks to the airflow I'll be able to achieve/not achieve. I'm also thinking of using a riser board: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA7252WV0576&cm_re=pci_riser_card-_-9SIA7252WV0576-_-Product instead of a riser cable. I have heard all kinds of mixed things about the cables and absolutely nothing positive or negative about the 90 degree board. I think it's a server staple though, so it can't be too awful... right?
  5. GrogStache

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Both of these are perfect answers! The Falcon is multiple kinds of grey already. Also, good call @TiDinzeo!
  6. GrogStache

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Nice idea! This would help mount the plastic to the metal at least, and maybe work well to seal the "case" where I'd prefer a lack of airflow. What color does it dry?
  7. GrogStache

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Good God, this thread is old. I'm actually starting in on the dremeling process for the Falcon now. I'll share progress pics when I have phase 1 done. Also, I'm working on a plan to reinforce the toy with an endoskeleton. Looking into robotics structural parts for that, but I'd love any suggestions for similar structurally-sound erector sets and the like. Oh, and I moved across the US in the last few months. Just a small upheaval Just an update for you fine folks!
  8. A lot of ground has lava beneath it, if you make the pit deep enough. Food for thought!
  9. GrogStache

    Miniopoly - A Minion Land board game

    Good idea Bumperhumper! I''ll have to pack a few shulker boxes and head over to the board. This'll be fun!
  10. GrogStache

    Miniopoly - A Minion Land board game

    Quick question before I start planning (OOOH a cheese!): Chance squares are usually pretty blank, but do you have any requests for the design, so that it can be recognizable?
  11. GrogStache

    Miniopoly - A Minion Land board game

    So, I just discovered that this is a thing. Tirius, you're AMAZING. Also, I'm so thrilled to have a space. Also, also, I am very tempted to make a real life version of this.
  12. I ended up coaxing the abandoned donkey left on my land into a hole, covering it, and then adding a headstone. I believe it reads "here lies Trevor, he was an ass." As a bonus, the tomb even brays from time to time. I recommend similarly punny horse-based phrasing if you follow this example
  13. GrogStache

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    So, as I look at storage, If I'm going to be using an SSD and an HDD separately (likely games would go on the HDD in this scenario), how big an SSD do I really want to look for? If games and such are on the HDD, what size SSD is wasteful? Also: I think a good 1 TB HDD would be fine for that portion of the build. Maybe even in a laptop 7mm x 2.5 inch form factor? Those seem to have a cache of 32 MB max though. I'm guessing the SSD can't be used to bolster that memory capacity.
  14. GrogStache

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Hi OutandBack, That's really interesting info! As I'll be basically fashioning or adapting my own mounts for everything in the case, I'm not sure how easily accessible/swappable any parts will be. That leads me to want a more reliably long-term setup, but your SSD sure does look a-ok still. Food for thought!
  15. GrogStache

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Update! I have "the item" in my possession. I also got a Slave 1 along with it. Totally taking suggestions on ideas for how that should be modded. Maybe a streaming device? I have yet to clear living room usage with the wife, however. Also, if I want to share pictures of the progress, is that possible here with the file size limit? How should I best keep you guys informed?