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  1. Looks like no one else is interested in running anything just yet. I'll start a recruitment thread after the weekend is over. Maybe somebody will be emboldened by seeing other people acively participating.
  2. Unfortunately Fallout isn't something I could GM. I am planning on doing a 5e game, probably, but I was hoping to find out if anyone elsees was interested in running any campaigns. If not, I'll have to sneak a PC of my own into one of the games I run.
  3. That definite looks like it could work. Might take us a bit to get used to the new system, but it looks like it follows the games VERY closely. I wasn't able to get the version 2 which was supposed to be the most recent polished one. It does seem that version three was lacking a few perks, but I could be wrong about that. Been a while since I regularly played Fallout.
  4. I think SWN is a good base because it has all the SciFi elements we need and then some. Monsters will need a bit of reskinning and Psionics will have to be slimmed down and replaced by a technology based class which offers a narrower selection of disciplines but still viable. We may be able to borrow some of the stuff, particularly guns and ammo jumps to mind, from the one you linked to, though, if players are more interested in staying true to the game than they are in simplicity. It could definitely be an invaluable resource.
  5. I'm not a huge fan, personally. Its a bit complicated and unpolished for my taste.
  6. Honestly, for a Fallout game, I like the idea of using Stars Without Number. It has power armor, guns, and advanced vehicles that could be used to represent pre-war tech. You would strip away some of the more advanced space stuff and the faction system would have to be reworked or just disregarded. We could try to find another system that might work better, though.
  7. @Dave Syrinx, it would depend mostly on the system for me.
  8. @TiDinzeo, I forgot about that. I enjoy watching them play more than trying to explain it, though. I get more of the little things cleared up more answering questions in game. I'm glad you found the other video, though. Good catch!
  9. Anyone interested in learning Open Legends, Stars Without Number, or playing some 5e? I'm hoping to run one or two and play in one or two, if someone else is willing to run some games.
  10. @Arjy Yu it is awesome that worked our for you. PbP has a disadvantage, though. Discussing stuff takes a lot longer over forums, so it tends to work better to use a system that everyone is already familiar with. The whole point of this thread is to find out how many active players we have and what they're interested in. I'm interested in doing a couple different games if we have enough players and a couple people running games.
  11. That's the best reason to end midway through a game. Still would be nice to try to keep games going with at least one post a week or something to that effect until it can pick back up, though. Unfinished games suck. I'm not sure what you mean by that, honestly. What would PbE be? Also, what systems are we all familiar with around here? I'm familiar with D&D 3.5 and up, Stars Without Numbers, a couple of Star Wars systems, and I'm looking into Open Legends. (SWN and Open Legends both have free source books if anyone is interested in them.)
  12. It is similar to MUD only set up more in line with the traditional tabletop party. A PbP, or play by post, is the implementation of a tabletop roleplaying game, such as D&D or Pathfinder, via forums. I saw there have been a few that were seemingly attempted to be run here, but they seem to have run dry. It seems they were using a mostly free for format rather than a traditional system since these forums probably don't have a dice rolling mechanic. That is something we could probably work around, though.
  13. If anyone is stumped by the weird mechanics of this system, Rollplay does have a Star Wars game you can watch on Youtube. It definitely helped me learn the system.
  14. So this is just an interest check. I saw it has been months since anyone has really posted in PbP's in this forum. Is there any interestime left in that area or has it fizzled out? Anyone else looking for a game but discouraged by the lack of interest? Let me know.
  15. I figured as much which is why I decided to show interest early. I haven't seen a whole lot of activity on this subforum, só I am optimistic. I would be happy just to follow an active game, let alone play in one.
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