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  1. Real life kept me from computer for two months and now I'm back I can't get to Minonland, any suggestions?

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    2. All_Of_My_Nope


      Server is still MC version 1.10.2

    3. booknhand


      Thanks for the information, I had my profile set to update automatically. Not the first time that has messed things up. I have really missed all the minions and have a lot to catch up on. Again thank you both for the help.:D

    4. All_Of_My_Nope


      Gopher recently had a freak-out moment about MC 1.11 possibility as well. We aren't moving to "latest version" or even "recent stable" until our server plugins go stable as well. That will be months away and announced.


      Situations like this is mostly why I grant trust to those programmers.

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