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    video games, rpg mostly, books, cats, gardening. Really any old lady thing you can think of. Oh, and needlework.
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I am a caregiver for my 95 year old mother currently. A recent empty nester, but that changes according to what food is in the cupboard at her house. My first video game I ever played was pong in the early 70's and have been playing something ever since. I have been a watcher of Gopher since before his little girl was born but never had the nerve to be an active participant until lately, I think it's the quiet now that my daughter has moved out that's making me more of a joiner. Was a bank teller, I loved it but had to take family leave for my mom and was unable to return due to her health. So I watch youtube, twitch and read between taking care of mom, but that's okay, she changed my diapers now it's my turn.

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