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  1. Actually, Lone Wanderer perk indeed works with just Dogmeat as your companion. Dogmeat does not disable the perk effect. I don't know if the mod changes this. Yeah. I do eat dogs, while Dogmeat is around. Never thought of that.
  2. I logged in, with 0 notifications. What mad magic is this?

    1. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      Just follow threads when someone posts something new. You'll get a lot of notifications that way. 

  3. I really enjoyed watching that video. I do hope to get to know our new friend better, when the story progresses further. And I also laughed out loud for that loot joke. It was right on spot.
  4. (When speaking about Krytopyr.) "He said..." It's: She said..! I have been waiting for Kryptopyr to port her mods to SSE. Unfortunately she had PC issues last year and couldn't do much modding. She is now active again. I had hoped that Timing Is Everything, Thieves Guild Requirements and Disparity would have gotten out, before Gopher started his Let's Play. I would have loved to see Gopher using them. Oh well. Important thing is that Let's Play is here!
  5. Launcher system is exactly what other similar projects are using. Others have also mentioned that this is one possible route for Capital Wasteland to continue. Biggest problem is that ZeniMax legal team does not agree. They made it clear that release of Capital Wasteland would be (at least in their opinion) illegal in it's current state, which caused team to back down, rather than going against them. Current method of distributing voice files is out of the question, when they can't directly use content from FO3 without repacking and probably converting them. This is where the legal team seems to be hanging to. Right now, CW isn't "dead" yet, but on hold. NafNaf is taking a break from modding. We will see what comes out of this, if they are able to provide installer, which makes proper AV type conversions and repacks BSAs to BA2 from player hard drive. That is something ZeniMax legal department might go with. I am not sure if it is that easy though. BA2 system does not work entirely as BSA does. Is there a tool that allows packing files as BA2 with ESP association, other than 64bit Creation Kit? This is another thing where ZeniMax might be reluctant to come forward. This launcher you talk about should be able to do the conversion like CK64 does and re-associate files to new ESP files. One method could be providing empty BA2 files with the mod, so that launcher can fill them from BSA file structure. I consider this very unlikely, unless ZeniMax comes more than half way through. Nothing prevents us players for repacking files ourselves. Thing is that I do not see most of them doing that. It is far more likely that they would start uploading them to dubious sites for easier distribution. I believe this is what ZeniMax legal is especially worried about and CW team understood they would restrain their relations to Bethesda with this possibility. ------------ Edit (actual): I got informed that FO4 should be able to play .wav files from FO3. I am not 100% certain if that would work correctly, or not. If it does, then there would be one problem less.
  6. > If I am still in this box at the end of the week: send pizza.

    1. Ilja


      It is sunday now.

      Send me my pizza! :rolleyes:

  7. Fallout NV can read Fallout 3 BSAs. Fallout 4 can not. This means that voice files should be unpacked and then repacked for Capital Wasteland. If CW team can not use original files for their conversion, then they can be held liable for piracy issues around redistributed content. We can repack files for our own use of course, but that is not how copyright laws see this. By definition, CW requires files to be repacked. Furthermore there is an issue with voice file types. If I recall correctly, FO3 and FNV were using older file formats, while next generation of BGS releases were using new voice file versions. If I am correct with the latter (not a sound expert) then this wouldn't only mean repacking files, but converting them. Requirement to repack files would already go very deep in to gray area. If I am right about file types, then converting them will throw it directly outside of it. Unless ZeniMax decides to release converted and repacked files for third party conversion, then I do not see legal way for this to happen right now. Tales of two Wastelands does not have this issue, because FNV can use FO3 BSAs and voice types directly. They do not provide repacked content. Instead they provide installer that uses FO3 resource files in FNV engine, which does not cause copyright issue, or make them liable for piracy around resource files.
  8. I really like that mod and it is among essentials in my 32bit Skryim game. But Gopher is correct. Unconverted ESP files have a chance of causing Papyrus errors. I wouldn't add it to my SSE game either. Of course I can always convert it to SSE for my own use. It is not a big deal, seeing that mechanisms haven't actually changed. It is something that Gopher could consider. As far as I see, mod should be fine just by re-saving it through 64bit Creation Kit.
  9. Some mod authors do require up to date F4SE, based on changes made to it. However, recent F4SE updates have been just runtime updates. xSE Discord server is active, but apparently there haven't been new feature RCs for some time. My own game is up to date with runtime, F4SE and mod versions. I have to keep it that way, or I will drop out from conversation and become yet another useless middle-aged geek, with nothing to say. (Actually, our middle-aged and retired geeks in forums and Coffee Room threads have most to say.)
  10. Updates to game executable has caused some amount of confusion among players. We have been replying to posts in several forums. I ended up typing replies to Minions as well. It was pointed out for me that not all Minions are in Discord, or visit community threads in Steam. I saw it best to store these instructions here as well. How to delay Fallout 4 update in Steam This method requires Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE). Most people who want to delay game updates are the ones using F4SE, due to version check being incompatible with game runtime changes. Note that change should be in place before update comes online. If you want to delay future updates until F4SE + plugins catches up with them, then best time to do this is right now. Steam Library view: right click Fallout 4. Properties > Updates > Update Change to: Only update this game when I launch it. Launching the game through F4SE launcher does not cause the update. How to backup Fallout4 executable This should be done, in case Steam forces the update anyway. Most simple method is to copy the file in your ...SteamApps\common\Fallout 4 folder. Then paste it to a folder outside of this folder. Other option is to use following F4SE plugin from CDante, which will automatically backup the executable to set folder. See instructions from the page. Fallout4.exe Auto-Backup by CDante https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26956
  11. I mentioned kryptopyr above. She finally came out and told us that her computer died at the end of 2016. She didn't have money to replace it. She is now active again and working on porting her mods for SSE. It is unlikely that they would appear in Gopher's new Let's Play (at least anytime soon), but they are on their way. Best SSE news I have heard for a long time.
  12. Right now I am quite sad that kryptopyr haven't yet managed to port her mods for SSE. They would have fit well for Gopher's plans. Personally I welcome sneaky character. I almost always play as some sort of thief.
  13. I ran my whole Skyrim game and massive overhauls with old MO. MO2.1.1. still has few issues to get ironed out, but I have around 100 hours behind me with that right now. I haven't found any actual issues - except that BodySlide BatchBuild (if being used) needs to be pointed to proper folder (CTRL when clicking Batch Build). Otherwise it will generate content to mod folder. There are two actual problems, which do not affect all players. I strongly advice against using instance version. Otherwise MO2 will set it's shop under AppData and manages files from there. This can cause a big issues and I advice against that. On the other hand, some users have reported problems with applications, when MO2 is installed as portable version (which I recommend using). I haven't confirmed any of these cases, but developer team has. They are poking around the problem. In these cases, developer messages and forum hand messages can give conflicting instructions. MO2 players in Coffee Shelter are all running MO2.1.1 as portable and from game folder, which is actually against dev instructions, but it works for us and is aligned with the usual modding instructions. Hopefully that mad some sense. It is easy to test this out, by installing portable version of MO2 and setting up applications for it. If everything acts as it should, then you are not among the minority of players having those issues. MO itself is very powerful. I would worry about it being able to run something like Frost, if NMM can. As Cryzeteur said, MO has always been a lot more powerful than MMM. I have not played with Frost myself, but quick look didn't give me any reason to suspect that it would have issues with Mod Organizer. I am happy to help, if you have any questions or issues related to MO2. I was among people testing release versions and I am currently setting up Skyrim Special Edition to test new usvfs for MO2.
  14. I am a bit late, but Mod Organizer 2.1.1 is now viable for modding tool for Fallout 4. Profiles are isolated from each other. There really is not need for multiply installations of FO4, now that MO2 series has a proper release.
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    Welcome to forums. We have a lovely bunch of minions around here.
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