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  1. Lockable Doors mod

    This comes a bit late, but settlers are able to teleport. Just as raiders are. Only way to actually protect your stuff is to move them in to settlement without settlers, or better yet: in to isolated cell. Home Plate works well for this purpose.
  2. 2AM spontaneous dance in front of the computer. Just because my headache is finally gone.

  3. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    Shovel? Shovel. Yes that is my nightmare.
  4. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    No. I have a room there. It's a nice room and I need it, when I visit the area. My barn is far away from civilization - at least that was the case when I last checked in. I fixed my installation, so I really should check back in. I am certain that there is a giant <Enter your nightmare> in front of my sauna about now.
  5. If file validation process that Cryzeteur described does not work outright, then try this method as well. Exist Steam Go to Steam folder and locate folder named appcache. Delete that folder, or clear it from all content. Steam will later create a new one. Close your computer. Let it actually shut down, before you start it again. Start Steam. It will now create a new appcache folder for you. If Steam does not parse files immediately, then verify integrity of game cache again, as described above. Clearing cache makes sure that it is actually detecting potential problems it needs to parse. It might not do that, if content in appcache is messed up for some reason. If the process fails, then there might still be third party files in your game folder. In that case doing a full clean re-installation is the best option, because basic re-install does not remove third party files. Clean install requires that you delete the Skyrim installation folder after uninstalling the game and before installing it again.
  6. Oh? I am finally a Minion? Go figure. B)

    1. OutandBack


      you have been an official minion since Oct 4th 2016.

    2. Shadowlyn


      Oh crap they let you in! Who are you? :P

    3. Ilja


      Heh. I meant the Rank.

      Sorry that reply lasted. I got stuck with 100 other things and just noticed I haven't visited this site in a month. :o

  7. Gopher was using the old SkyRe. Richard is quite an old character. There might have been mod conflicts, but there must be script conflicts as well. There is no way his Papyrus for Richard is healthy, seeing how many scripted mods and patches has been removed from the game. Of course I would like to see a new character for SSE. There is no point to recreate the old one. It is unlikely he would be going through the same patch, so Richard's personality would change from restart. Best to make a new character that he has freedom to develop further.
  8. Let's all remember that Richard is using SkyRe and there were scripted mods removed from the game. Gopher also moved to Campfire. SkyRe supported old Frostfall, not the current one. This had an effect to gameplay. We could clearly see scripts acting up in Bruma. Save files have been permanently broken by far less changes. Gopher likely had do some extra work to get the game run as well as it did. If saves are currently running well enough for a grand finale, then I would like to see actual quest that allows Richard to settle down with his library. I am honestly thinking that save files may no longer be viable for long campaigns with Richard. As much as it pains to say this, it might be best to let Richard to retire soon. No point to stress forward and breaking the character, when we can all tell him goodbye over a nice and cozy finale, while Papyrus is still running somewhat correctly. Gopher has been speaking about SSE playthrough. I do understand that who ever we are going to meet there is not Richard, but it will be character using up to date mods, without gathered script residue over years of modding and swapping mods from the game. I am looking forward to see Gopher to experience current generation of mods from a clean table.
  9. Right now CC beta people are reporting that they are getting all BSA2 files from current lineup and pay for unlocking ESP files from them. I can't confirm that from my end (I need F4SE running completely to complete a project), but I am seeing plenty of screenshots around the internet. If(!) this is true, then that might be a major miscalculation from Bethesda. This can't be how they planned it to work, though I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if they did so. Edit: I do understand that upcoming ESL-update should fix the situation. Thing is that no one is actually sure what Bethesda is up to right now. It makes very little sense that planned method wasn't already included to current beta.
  10. One point that Gopher didn't remember to mention is that Ck\Workshop update prior of Curated Workshop actually managed to break Skyrim Workshop. After all this time I am still unsure if Bethesda and Valve did that, or if they just brought up a problem that exists in Steam Workshop system. Bethesda and Valve took 75 % of profits in Curated Workshop, without any responsibility of the content. Workshop was loosing mod data at the time. As we all know, Skyrim and FO4 bake script data to save file. No one took responsibility of that during Curated Workshop. Mod authors could pull or change the content that customers had purchased, or broken platform could make it unavailable anyway. Problem with Skryim Workshop calmed down after SSE release, likely due to lessened stress toward it. I can't be sure, because neither Bethesda or Valve are talking to me - if they even ever fully acknowledged the issue. Creation Club works in a different way. In this case Bethesda is actually acting as a publisher for the sold content, which means that they are also taking responsibility from it. That is the reason why I have been supportive toward Creation Club. Bethesda finally took responsibility of these sorts of products, as they should have done with Curated Workshop. The outcome is... well, staggering. Not in a positive way. I understand that this is the initial release of CC content. My reaction to initial content was: if they didn't have anything to show, then it would have been smarter not to tell about it to anyone. Now this looks like no one in Bethesda got actually invested in the process, which is what Gopher also mentioned in the video. It looks like there is just one guy sitting behind the computer, without making any actual effort to bring the project forward. I would have rather read Bethesda saying that "we are taking 3 more months to get this thing done right" and actually investing their time and effort to get people working with proper DLC content for them. We do not know what is really coming out from CC. Thing is that Bethesda's initial lineup does not allow us to see it as a serious project. There are going to be far less people wanting to display their hard work next to Pip-Boy Paint Job. And that may become an issue.
  11. Chapter 5, Episode #21: Frank is still clueless of RadAway side effects. Entertaining video.
  12. ... inside massive town walls and the top of the tree? Yeah. That would work.
  13. The name of the video was spot on and video was great. Frank is avoiding bullets, nukes and explosions - and Curie goes in to her All Adorable mode behind him. I really like watching settlement building videos from Gopher. However, I think this was one of the most entertaining Fallout 4 videos this summer. Frank and Curie made such a great team that I really hope it lasts some time.
  14. Having a dinner, while Watching Gopher's video? Oh, I do that all the time.
  15. So, Geralt and twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood. Up there, in the clouds. Oh my.