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  1. Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans

    I mentioned kryptopyr above. She finally came out and told us that her computer died at the end of 2016. She didn't have money to replace it. She is now active again and working on porting her mods for SSE. It is unlikely that they would appear in Gopher's new Let's Play (at least anytime soon), but they are on their way. Best SSE news I have heard for a long time.
  2. Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans

    Right now I am quite sad that kryptopyr haven't yet managed to port her mods for SSE. They would have fit well for Gopher's plans. Personally I welcome sneaky character. I almost always play as some sort of thief.
  3. Multiple installs of Fallout 4?

    I ran my whole Skyrim game and massive overhauls with old MO. MO2.1.1. still has few issues to get ironed out, but I have around 100 hours behind me with that right now. I haven't found any actual issues - except that BodySlide BatchBuild (if being used) needs to be pointed to proper folder (CTRL when clicking Batch Build). Otherwise it will generate content to mod folder. There are two actual problems, which do not affect all players. I strongly advice against using instance version. Otherwise MO2 will set it's shop under AppData and manages files from there. This can cause a big issues and I advice against that. On the other hand, some users have reported problems with applications, when MO2 is installed as portable version (which I recommend using). I haven't confirmed any of these cases, but developer team has. They are poking around the problem. In these cases, developer messages and forum hand messages can give conflicting instructions. MO2 players in Coffee Shelter are all running MO2.1.1 as portable and from game folder, which is actually against dev instructions, but it works for us and is aligned with the usual modding instructions. Hopefully that mad some sense. It is easy to test this out, by installing portable version of MO2 and setting up applications for it. If everything acts as it should, then you are not among the minority of players having those issues. MO itself is very powerful. I would worry about it being able to run something like Frost, if NMM can. As Cryzeteur said, MO has always been a lot more powerful than MMM. I have not played with Frost myself, but quick look didn't give me any reason to suspect that it would have issues with Mod Organizer. I am happy to help, if you have any questions or issues related to MO2. I was among people testing release versions and I am currently setting up Skyrim Special Edition to test new usvfs for MO2.
  4. Multiple installs of Fallout 4?

    I am a bit late, but Mod Organizer 2.1.1 is now viable for modding tool for Fallout 4. Profiles are isolated from each other. There really is not need for multiply installations of FO4, now that MO2 series has a proper release.
  5. Howdy

    Welcome to forums. We have a lovely bunch of minions around here.
  6. Enabling console commands for survival mode?

    Older post, but I will still reply to it. I strongly recommend this mod to enable console/saves/whatever in Survival mode. I haven't found a single issue from it. Survival Unlocker by Expired6978 https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23197/
  7. Pumping Iron for Fallout 4

    I would really love to see this happening.
  8. Infinite Loading Screen

    For future: it will be far easier for us, if you copy the load order from LOOT and post it under the spoiler. Easier to see and search. You can copy load order from LOOT menu, top right corner, marked with three dots. You have SKSE. Have you tried creating SKSE.ini and activate the memory tweak? It was made to combat extended/infinite loading screens. SKSE, memory and skse.ini http://steamcommunity.com/app/72850/discussions/0/540740500921363665/
  9. Broke my computer and built a new. Lost my password in the process. Now I suddenly remembered it.

    Which means: I am back. 

    1. ShawnBoucher


      Clearly you have learned nothing from games. The proper storage of passwords is a sticky note under the desk. Could have avoided this whole episode ;P


  10. I almost dropped from my chair, when he shot "Marlo Barksdale." "Got to keep the devil down in a hole..."
  11. Lockable Doors mod

    This comes a bit late, but settlers are able to teleport. Just as raiders are. Only way to actually protect your stuff is to move them in to settlement without settlers, or better yet: in to isolated cell. Home Plate works well for this purpose.
  12. 2AM spontaneous dance in front of the computer. Just because my headache is finally gone.

  13. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    Shovel? Shovel. Yes that is my nightmare.
  14. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    No. I have a room there. It's a nice room and I need it, when I visit the area. My barn is far away from civilization - at least that was the case when I last checked in. I fixed my installation, so I really should check back in. I am certain that there is a giant <Enter your nightmare> in front of my sauna about now.
  15. If file validation process that Cryzeteur described does not work outright, then try this method as well. Exist Steam Go to Steam folder and locate folder named appcache. Delete that folder, or clear it from all content. Steam will later create a new one. Close your computer. Let it actually shut down, before you start it again. Start Steam. It will now create a new appcache folder for you. If Steam does not parse files immediately, then verify integrity of game cache again, as described above. Clearing cache makes sure that it is actually detecting potential problems it needs to parse. It might not do that, if content in appcache is messed up for some reason. If the process fails, then there might still be third party files in your game folder. In that case doing a full clean re-installation is the best option, because basic re-install does not remove third party files. Clean install requires that you delete the Skyrim installation folder after uninstalling the game and before installing it again.