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  1. Chapter 5, Episode #21: Frank is still clueless of RadAway side effects. Entertaining video.
  2. ... inside massive town walls and the top of the tree? Yeah. That would work.
  3. The name of the video was spot on and video was great. Frank is avoiding bullets, nukes and explosions - and Curie goes in to her All Adorable mode behind him. I really like watching settlement building videos from Gopher. However, I think this was one of the most entertaining Fallout 4 videos this summer. Frank and Curie made such a great team that I really hope it lasts some time.
  4. Having a dinner, while Watching Gopher's video? Oh, I do that all the time.
  5. So, Geralt and twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood. Up there, in the clouds. Oh my.
  6. Cap fps to 60

    There is one other option. You could set up ENBoost for the game and set Frame limiter to 60fps from enblocal.ini. ENBoost is among recommended fixes for Skyrim anyway, so you could just as well catch two flies with one hit.
  7. Microphone buzzing

    Sorry that it took me so long to respond. I have had busy weeks, while I was taking courses and getting new license cards for various works. I still need to complete fire working licence and have a big pile Social Politics books on my desk. I have been trying to troubleshoot this. There are no new items connected nearby. My laptop is only loading, when I need it. I usually work with my desktop, so laptop cable is usually at the other side of the house. It could be static sound, but I have no idea what would be causing it. I have checked the wire and it is intact. There are few ideas. I will buy a plastic cover for my desk. It is getting old anyway, so cover will only do good for it and muffle the echo as well. If that does not solve it, then I will likely get an USB microphone.
  8. Post-stream GoI

    Hmm... I do have Teamspeak, but I have never used it. We are all using Discord. It might be a good idea to see what is going in Teamspeak - once I get my microphone issues sorted out.
  9. Microphone buzzing

    Yep. I do have a laptop. It seems to work correctly with it, which seems to point that this is either driver or setting issue. It does not rule out the possibility of mic being broken, but this is all very inconsistent. I was planning on making Minecraft YouTube videos. Looks like that will be postponed. The most infuriating is that I can get it to run just fine with some applications, but not with all. I can't figure out why it would work with Discord voice channels, but AFK or closed Discord makes it to buzz. I have gone through all the settings I can possibly find, but I am obviously missing something. Yes. A very wide is in place from either myself or you guys.
  10. I have been trying to solve this for weeks now. My microphone is buzzing. It is possible that the thing is just broken, but line seems to be intact and symptoms are weird. Microphone buzzes, when I am Discord AFK channel, or Discord is closed. It does not buzz at all, when I am at voice channels, if I have Acoustic Echo Cancellation turned off. It keeps buzzing, when I am trying to play or record any game, despite Discord being on or off. Uninstalling Discord and clearing all registry entries with CCleaner made no difference. Fiddling with various drivers made no difference. I can't get it to record voice in OBS Studio. As you can see, I have clear reasons to believe that the microphone itself isn't broken, but something in my computer settings are completely off. I can't isolate the issue though. My microphone is standard pink jack desk microphone. Computer has just been dusted and I made sure that everything inside is intact. It looks like I have exhausted all settings and options. If you guys are able to help, don't let that statement to prevent you from making completely obvious suggestions. I am not that good dealing with audio devices,so I might have missed completely obvious first or second step at some point. Windows 10 troubleshooter caused just more issues than solved them. That road is definitely exhausted. Any ideas would be welcome.
  11. Building Gran Soren in minionland

    City is going to require a lot of stone. Few mountains to level nearby wouldn't actually be a big issue. My laptop is a flupump, so I can't share proper pictures, until I return to my desktop tomorrow. There are very big plains at North East section of the map, above locations I gave in Discord. There is no one else there, save for few villages. Unrelated: I am sitting all alone at the cabin. Swans just flew. I am soon going to warm up the sauna and make a hole to ice for swimming. I think I will be up for another Minecraft building adventure, after relaxing here over the weekend.
  12. This old panada is planning on badger invasion of foxified forums and Discord servers.

    But, don't tell anyone.

  13. Not really. SKSE64 beta is not out yet. There are plenty of people in Steam forums waiting to swap in to SSE, once mods using SKSE get ported. Beta should be out in this month. We might see SSE take a little jump soon after.
  14. Texture Packs

    I am also using Chroma Hills. I have been testing a whole lot of them. CH is not necessarily best of them, but it is most certainly the best for my own building style. Only things that I dislike in CH are faces of friendly villagers and some animals. Face textures are good, but they always look very stretched and weird. Let's see how it looks, when updated version comes out. If faces still have same stretched looks, then I will mix and match at least villager faces with some other resource pack. I might pick another resource pack, if I swap to another type of building style. I believe that I will stick with CH in Minion Land, but I have been considering of trying something else for my single player game. I found myself in the middle of birch forest in large biomes map in that. Building everything from birch and stone with CH drives me crazy. It is absolutely great resource pack for players wanting to mix materials, but not exactly for someone building a house from one type of wood. I feel like a spirit of forest, slowly getting merged as part of the world of Birch.
  15. Mass Fusion Tower in Minionland (suggestions)

    Well. I need a small break from my barn, so I will try to visit the tower area to see what you have been up to.