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  1. Phelan

    I feel very bad.

    Awww, that's the Minionland spirit But no worries, if you could break it, it wasn't properly protected by a claim, so I'd say it's not really your fault. Replacing a sea lantern isn't that hard if there are a couple of regular players around, just ask in chat next time (and Bob can do the same of course, there's almost certainly going to be someone around who'll happily donate one or half a stack )
  2. I've occasionally tried to find a certain garden again with trees and a path winding through it, with signs along that path that lead up to a... "surprise ending"... It's definitely an old build since I do remember having gotten there by tp'ing to another player (so before that command was removed), so it's also within the old map borders, but it's really just a small house with a wild garden behind it, so it's really hard to find on maps :/ Anyone who has been there will know which place I'm talking about (unless there are several that match this description, but I don't want to spoil that "surprise ending" here, I'll rather waste time checking out the wrong places ;), so if anyone does know what I'm talking about and at least vaguely remembers where it might be, please let me know, I think it's a spot well worth pointing others to
  3. It's a donkey, dog and cat, with normally a chicken on top. It's my "Minecraft version" of the Town Musicians of Bremen (both a fairy tale as well as a bronze statue in the city of Bremen based on that fairytale
  4. Suddenly, there was a flapping and the cat meowed, "Hey!" The donkey asked, "What happened?", to which the cat responded, "The hen just mumbled having something really important to do, and flapped off... Must really be quite something, I hope it'll do well!"
  5. Any chance of getting some kind of access to the roof of the nether hub again as well? Until all the lines got closed up, one could climb out, but now there's no 'nice', direct way up there anymore to hunt ghasts
  6. I've built a little oubliette with lava at the bottom - nice surprise for when they do get summoned again later
  7. Found the command to summon the "statue" (from the German Minecraft wiki, https://minecraft-de.gamepedia.com/Anleitungen/Befehle_mit_NBT#Bremer_Stadtmusikanten): /summon donkey ~ ~1 ~ { Tame:true, Passengers: [ { id:wolf, Passengers: [ { id:ocelot, CatType:1, Passengers: [ { id:chicken, Invulnerable:true } ] } ] } ] } Now wejust need to get someone to run that
  8. I think the "get a bonus for activity instead of standing around" can already be achieved by switching off the autokill and manually killing the guardians with a Looting sword...?
  9. We do have an actual jail of course, though I don't know how well that could be made into a picture... There's also Nesa's pink "jail" underneath the warehouse at Horse Paradise For the "get out of jail free" card, maybe something like rocket-powered elytra fight?
  10. Nooo, the children of the Chicken of Evil!
  11. When it comes to access, I'd say unless it is close to spawn (and I don't mean spawn -> nether -> 2-3 min. travel -> overworld portal to meeting area, but spawn -> 1-2 minutes on foot -> meeting area), it absolutely needs a direct tp like /spawn and /home. Just so that people will actually go there from time to time, if it takeslonger, the new area won't get much traffic, and with the exception of planned events will be mostly deserted. Afterall, we're all lazy and usually have better things to do than spend 3 minutes riding down a path we know by heart just on the slim chance of meeting 1-2 people there Also, picking up one major aspect that Crossroads had - an easy to find inn for new players to pick up some food and early equipment. Yes, it'll probably get raided from time to time just as the inn at Crossroads was, but we could for example simply set up smaller "public" chests and bigger "limited access" ones for the main storage of any donations, so that trusted players (pretty much anyone who's been around and more or less active for some time and wants to help out there) can refill the public chests whenever they're in the area.
  12. My point is that there are server rules about no huge animal farms and redstone contraptions that are intended to keep the lag low. When something laggy is set up that doesn't disturb anyone, it's usually given an Okay, but when people do get disturbed, it should be perfectly fine to insist on the rules being followed and, if necessary, enforced. And no, I don't mean your MTC, I can easily avoid that area in most cases. Crossroads is/was a bit more of an issue since it was - and sometimes still is - the central meeting place. But spawn and the directly surrounding area really needs to be as lag-free as possible.
  13. As much as I love the activity and creativity of the community, the number of areas with really bad lag is getting worrying. Crossroads is a known problem due to the banners in the Banner Hall, Jeancly's World Tree with it's MTC is laggy as hell for me and others with older computers, and now Pajook's tower a little east of spawn with it's sorting system is making a major "travelling route" impassable for some. No idea how many of us are affected negatively by this, but especially when it comes to more or less central areas, one should be able to expect lag-free playing.
  14. Oh, and the new potion dropper location is perfectly fine, thanks for keeping the basic 'setup' intact
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