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  1. As long as this doesn't end up in the beginning of February, I should be able to attend this one
  2. Hoo boy, I should come on the forums more often. For people's convenience, by the way, I am in the discord, and you can drop me a friend request or message any time - I don't check the actual discord chat as much as I should either. I'm in the process of trying to pack and move across the state, though things are a little up in the air for when that's /actually/ happening, so I've been online more because of it. This is kind of temporary until I get fully moved, but once that happens I'll be able to more consistently be online. Next; I really am sorry that no one properly contacted anyone about this, I had just heard that it was only claimed for the sake of being claimed, and so that no one else would start messing stuff up. Originally, my plan was to take the claim, finish the mountain, and put it up to whoever was interested in the thing to do what they want with it - I was just really tired of coming online after so many months to still see an unfinished mountain, even after I had seen the area unclaimed a whiiile back. The plans have changed considerably since then, but, I /will/ say that all of the current plans for that mountain area are for community based projects, that may or may not see a rise in traffic in the crossroads area anyway, and may be for more practical reasons. First, the more self indulgent plan, the headquarters of my dark council guild. Notice boards, embassy locations, and advertising for greater kingdoms, palaces, forts, cities, and so on in the land, possibly with maps, coordinates, etc, by the leaders of those projects, or calls for recruitment for the cities once they're ready for it. A place for people to go to look for people to speak to, to find places to live, to help build their kingdoms up, to build shops in them, etc. I hopefully plan to advertise this a lot more once I actually have something solid built, for the moment the guild has more or less just been me looking at people's kingdoms and handing out banners, but having this built would make it an actual practical use instead of just a silly sort of 'king's club'. This was already planned to be right in front of the mountain next to the bridge, when I gained that plot, plans are only expanding slightly, which will mean that there'll be more room for people to have separate embassy setups instead of just one big jumbled notice board. Second, a guild for horse lovers, breeders, etc. and a place for people to find horses for themselves, that's nice and centralized, and very close to the gold farm. In fact, if you already have a fast horse, it'd be very, very easy to get there in a matter of seconds. I plan to have a huge farm of sugarcane and carrots available for breeders to use, to both create their golden carrots, and make sugar to grow up foals quickly, all in a public area with stables set up. I've already started on this, and I plan to, when possible, try to get people like jldoner and godaishu and such in on the project. This area could also be used to either sell people horses, or give them away, depending on what the server is doing with horses at the moment - it's been a while, so i'm unsure. Also, some skeleton horses spawned where I cleared out, so I totally think that's a sign. And third so far, depending on how PVP areas work, under ALL of this stuff, a huge underground PVP arena. Directly next to crossroads, with an entrance right next to the bridge leading straight down to it, this could easily be the biggest thing that gets people coming back to the area. I still do need to figure out how PVP areas work exactly, and if anyone knows, feel free to let me know, I haven't even started on that yet. Draesham said he may give me his plot right in front of the mountain if things go according to plan and he gets moved in by the waterfront, and if so, that could easily make for a nice big fancy looking entrance to the arena - though, there is a plot right in front of his that complicates that idea a bit too, but since I own the plots on either side, I can just make a path connecting the three plots, slightly lower down, with some nature/park space in between, and entrances to that path on either side of the problem-plot. I dunno if you guys can visualize that the same way I can, but hey! Darkfire gave me the problem farm plot in the middle of the mountain, and allowed me to keep and demolish the plot right in front of the mountain, that plus Draesham's possible plot give me a massive completely connected area to work with to make a nice big underground arena (if PVP isn't claim based, at least..) SO! Those are the current plans. If anyone objects to them or wants to talk to me about them or giving up the land, I'll pay attention to the forum more for the next few days, and I'll probably be online slightly more than usual. The mountain IS a complete mountain now, and technically that WAS my original goal, I've only barely started constructing anything else, so if you do object, now is the time to speak. I am, again, sorry this all happened the way it did.
  3. I just keep disappearing because of other games. Like I spent the last nearly 10 days straight playing the new pokemon games twice, and before that there was a 2 week stretch I was playing with a new animal crossing update. But I always come back afterwards, lol.
  4. Could try a lever controlled gate opener and dispenser with some fireworks, so that we get a nice 'boom' as soon as the race starts every time too. But yes, it was fun! A little bit less well organized than I think everyone including you hoped, but it was just the first time, so I'm sure it'll only improve from here Can't wait to participate in more! (Plus, those prizes man, you really outdid yourself.)
  5. Yeah, I think the best we're gonna get this halloween is the horse races, and maybe some player run party sort of things with pumpkin pies/maybe cake. It's still a pretty new server in general. The holiday season we might get more events going, but who knows.
  6. Now that this /is/ set on the 30th instead of the 31st, I can definitely participate. So sign me up for the normal races with my speedy little horse Felicity, and I can participate in the skeleton horse race with Aeon if anyone else signs up for that one. An addtion: I don't know if you have a portal set up anywhere near the race track, but people can funnel through the Azure Island portal and take the bridge + path to the track too if you don't.
  7. I'm pretty sure the command is something like /givepet - I can't be /entirely/ sure, but someone probably knows the answer if that's not it.
  8. It /shouldn't/ be an issue with the claims, but people just end up pushing them out of people's claims first. Tested this with someone else, they came to my land after I lost the first two horses, opened my gates up, and pushed my horse out onto the bridge nearby, then mounted it once it was off my claim and rode off to the next island over. That said though, I'm glad to hear you guys are already planning on testing plugins. Can't wait to see how it works.
  9. Sorry if people have brought this up a lot already, but it's hard to get in contact with admins or mods in game about this sort of stuff. There has been a rash of horse thieves, pretty much ever since the server started. People stealing horses left in public stables around crossroads, from inside people's gates if they're able to be opened, so on. I had two horses stolen just the other day from my own land, because I had left my gates open for people to explore and look around. I took the last remaining horse I had and went on a ride, only for one to have been returned to its pen - someone seemingly nervous about me saying I'd try to contact admins. Today, my named brown and white horse Felicity was also found to be gone when I went back to my home (I had locked down my gates after the first horse theft, but my other horses seem to have glitched that one outside of the double fence by pushing it into a corner.) Someone else said they also had a named horse stolen, with diamond horse armor on it - which is far worse, my horse had good stats, but I can get more saddles, it's much harder to get diamond horse armor. What can we do about these thefts? Is there ANYTHING we can do? And added onto that, there are the issues with horses in claims - as well as bringing horses into the nether, a nether gate with a back on it has a high chance of suffocating a horse when you attempt to use it (I lost a donkey this way, before I even teleported into the nether proper it had already lost 3/4ths of its health, so all I could do was watch it die). Horses are a VERY good method of travel, if we can get roads, bridges, and so on set up to accommodate them... But people won't want to leave their horses on public land with all of the horse thieves around, and we can't leave our horses on claimed land, or even accidentally get off of them on claimed land, without worrying about never being able to get back onto them again. Is there something we can do about any of this? Is there a method of changing the server to treat horses like dogs and cats? (Ownership set per player, other players can't do anything with them unless the owner types in the command to give another player their pet). If these sort of issues can be fixed somehow, I bet we'd also have more people willing to participate in the upcoming horse races...
  10. I've begun the process of breeding horses really close to the race track, just a bridge away, and I'd be willing to lend them to people or sell them
  11. The only disagreement I have on the road claim topic is creepers. I claimed the bridge by the inn at crossroads and made it a public claim so anyone can edit it, but I always had creepers raining down on me from above there that blew up the bridge. Same goes for a few other spots, that I didn't claim. Creepers only ever seem to come to see me when I'm on the roads. Other than that, though, I'm also on the south nether highway, and though it did eventually get solved, it took a while for an admin to be online to give me permissions to place my portal. So I already do see issues with admin controlled roads, including people wanting to hook up to them.
  12. Quite honestly, I think everyone's points have been laid out clearly, I'm not seeing anything new from what has already been said a million times either on the forums or in game. In the end, Gopher and the mods/admins are the ones that make a decision. They've heard our opinions. It's just going in circles, repeating our disagreements. So, why not end this and let them make their decision for the server they run?
  13. And there's absolutely no reason they can't try to get issues we face figured out as well. The first step they can take towards making the server far more similar to a single player game, though, and the easiest, is removing the ability to teleport. They just can't do every single thing at once. We just need to be patient.
  14. You're basically saying 'if the game is one step closer to single player it better be 100% exact to single player when you do it too', you realize that, right? Taking one step closer to single player does not mean the staff ignores the rest of it and the server is permanently like that, never to be changed again. Everyone uses tping, it's better to cut that cord early and then move on to trying to fix the other aspects we need help fixing. But the longer it exists, the more fighting there'd be to remove it, as opposed adding features that everyone would like.
  15. The only reason I posted here was because most of these issues seem like things people have been working around by using tp. Tp means no horses, less nether travel, and no need for new players to explore on their own if they ask who's near open land. But yes, if signs were better, and if people didn't take supplies new people needed, the last two could potentially be avoided
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