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  1. At first i did not think i had the funds but after checking my Paypal i had some money from someone who was generous enough to donate to my twitch. So ignore the Stuff about grabbing it
  2. Hey ladies and gents, need some help grabbing overwatch. Does anyone know where I can grab the game apart from Battle.net? And in other news The Team speak Channels are in Progress Games has been Renamed to Overwatch as no one ever used those channels and this is also an effort from me to try and get people to "Mingle"
  3. Come on Minions give it some Love. https://www.reddit.com/r/FalloutMods/comments/4go83g/fo4_mod_release_gophers_dynavision/ https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12411
  4. You will be under Staff when i get to it.
  5. If you want a Solider making please add me on steam, things are pretty hectic for me so that way i can just do it when ever we are both online. If possible prove that you are a sub or patron when ever possible.
  6. Help me out here ladies and gents, i cant decide between this http://goo.gl/IUN1G3 and this http://goo.gl/iwHaaM

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 50calHeadshots


      Oh and @HighNinjaFly the keyboard for the MSI one looks like that because it's RGB and you can set whatever color you want :P

    3. Merp17


      I would go for the Asus.

    4. ShawnBoucher


      Oh sorry I'm late on this I was  giving Mario Andretti some advice on which tires to buy. ;) The msi is .8 kg lighter so if  you have to carry  it around in a backpack will save you a few visits to the chiropractor later on sooooo theres that

  7. This is what happens when i remind Xelphos the forum exists, he goes on a fixing spree.
  8. Proved his Patron Status to me. Skotty B.bin
  9. Hit me up on steam, if you can show me Proof of Patron then we can get you set up.
  10. You all know who i am My Bin contains 7 people Nathan " Naf " Clarke : Sniper/Major Ok"Okmeery" Meery : Combat Hacker/ Lt Eskimo"Wild Thing" Penguin : Combat Hacker/Major Oliver"Rock Doctor" Stewart : Medic/ Major ( Clan 28, Might know him from my Twitch and ts server) Zach "Kentucky" Clark : Grenadier/ Sgt or Lt i cant remember ( Clan 28, Pays for the teamspeak server) Xelphos "Xelphos" Xelphos : Rookie The "Voice" Trendane : Rookie Subscriber https://www.dropbox.com/s/kk4fj7nhpn2migi/Naf%20and%20the%20Squad.bin?dl=0
  11. If Gopher just used Facebook :P. We have a Facebook chat with all the mod group, an awesome bunch of guys and girls. Been a pleasure working with them.
  12. This mod aims to Port Three Dog and his beloved radio broadcast from Fallout 3 Directly to Fallout 4. To achieve this I spent a large amount of time editing and stringing together audio so Three Dog only says relevant information. unfortunately this mod cannot be uploaded to the Nexus as it contains original files from Fallout 3, even if they are heavily edited. This mod will overwrite over 90% of Radio Freedom but does not touch anything related to quests, support or settlement raids. The Mod contains 11 Tracks from the Fallout 3 sound track with the ones that overlap mostly removed
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