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  1. Hey. 

    I read on the forum that Minionland seed can be downloaded. Is that true? How and from where?

    Kindly Lisbeth (Moren)

  2. Hi guys. Tanks for your help and patience. A BIG sorry!!! I am a fool. 🤣 I chose the wrong client, 14.4.. something. Moren
  3. Hi again. Maybe I need some mods, plug-ins or??? I still cant join server. Will you please help? moren
  4. Hey again. I updated it but have no access to server. Moren
  5. Hi Tirius. Thank you very much!😀 Moren
  6. Hi guys. The Minecraft version we use for Minionland has been updated and do not know where to get it. Will somebody please help so I can play again? Moren
  7. Hi. I had the same problem and had to start over without it.
  8. Great!!! Thanks very much ! I had to ask for help from my son because there are no 3 lines on my version. Maybe because I still (fortunately) use Windows 7. But now it works. Kindly Lisbeth (Moren, Olmom)
  9. Hey Guys! It's been some time since I visited Minionland and planned to login the other day but could not. There were a message that my version is outdated and I tried to find the version 1.12.12 the server requested, but I cant find it. Usually I ask my son when I need help on pc and programs, but he quit Minecraft and the interest of it. Will someone please help? Kindly Lisbeth (Moren, Olmom)
  10. Good idea!!! But how is that even possible? I had to look diorama up on Google because I dont remember What it is. And Shawn, thank you very much for all the help you have given me finding my way in Minionland!!! (Moren1953 (ingame)
  11. I just startet some time ago. And I love it!!
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