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  1. Helkar

    Minions With Guns (Destiny 2 Clan)

    No more than any other Triple A game gets these days. Most of which is from a bunch of people that have never played them but they heard something on reddit so it must be true. And you can double all forms of ‘this game is the devil’ if it goes anywhere near micro transactions. Whether you like this particular game or not this was ment to be a positive, nice thread about someone trying to get a group of people together. Shame it couldn’t stay that way.
  2. Helkar

    Minions With Guns (Destiny 2 Clan)

    I heard the typical reddit scaremongering after launch regarding ridiculous bans. Other than that it’s no different than any other game. Don’t break the rules you won’t get banned, unless it’s in error and then they at least put it right. Not like the nonsense with DS3 where you can be minding your own business not cheating but a hacker manages to infect your game data and you get banned too. It doesn’t stop the use of anything I actually want cluttering up my game screen so I am lucky I suppose, I have Discord etc open elsewhere. You best not play any games that have any sort of online interaction that is monitored or has rules then as you always run the risk of getting banned, even just by a glitch in the system. I understand the game isn’t for everyone and that’s fine, horses for courses an all that, but Creepy was just trying to do something nice for anyone in this community that’s also in the Destiny universe. I think the negativity could have been put elsewhere. But I am a grumpy old person that doesn’t like seeing the enthusiasm of the young getting dampened.
  3. Helkar

    Help needed at Gransys, believable medieval city

    Did someone call me Gotta say, Jean, Gransys is really amazing and it's not even half done yet. Brilliant work so far by you guys. I'll help you level off some areas if needed. Keep up the brilliant work
  4. Helkar

    Minionland slipstream

    I am always up for collecting Nether resources so it would make sense to dig long tunnels in a helpful place rather than randomly lol I'll make a point of tunnelling around the border when I am off collecting.
  5. Helkar

    Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    Then, as Starling and I have both said, make a separate thread about what you would like to do and I am sure you will get lots of folks with ideas or that would offer to help. We are a helpful lot, us Minions : ) I would think a revamp of the roads around that area wouldn't hurt. There are a fair few that could do with some attention and some that probably don't really need to be there at all anymore.
  6. That did annoy me actually. Why did you have to lie to her by saying the Stormcloaks killed him? I mean, there are many other ways you could not have had to admit he turned traitor to the legion without blaming another faction.
  7. Helkar

    Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    If what you want is, as you say, a huge thing made for community interaction then you will need to find new land. As has been established already by several people there simply isn't the room to expand around spawn and the Crossroads. Too many different builds all on top of each other. If that is a project you wish to take on or participate in then make a thread and see what others think and take it from there. The only way to make a huge cohesive 'thing' at the Crossroads would be to basically redo it and simply because of what it was to the server I do not believe that is a very good idea. I am sure Darkfire and others wouldn't mind helping if necessary with permissions, to tidy up the roads in and out of that area either.
  8. Helkar

    Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    Multi, if you read what I wrote I quite clearly said that the urge to reclaim old land and remove builds was sudden. The Crossroads debate has been going on for months and I can say it is what it is. I have no idea why you have a burning desire to classify it but whatever label you wish to apply to it the debates will keep cropping up. There is a limited amount that can be done with it due to the number of builds all around it. There simply is no room for expansion. re do the roads, as Starling said. Tidy it up some of it helps but I really do not believe you can do allot more within the confines it is in.
  9. Helkar

    Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    This is probably not going make me very popular, however, a thread which was started to discuss any ideas to revamp the crossroads seems to have expanded to include various other subjects which can be seen as linked. This server is nearing its first anniversary and for those of us that have been here since the beginning that should be a pleasant trip down memory lane complete with nostalgic pangs and twinged with a little sadness when we remember all the brilliant people that, for what ever reason, are no longer playing on the server. For the newer players, it should be a time to look at what others achieved in that year and hopefully get some ideas and inspiration to go off and make their own things. To be honest I do not understand Multigk's sudden need to 'define' the Crossroads. It isn't just a city or Museum or a meeting place. It is all of those things. It is a place that was the heart of Minionland for a while and now, whilst it may not be needed as it once was, it is still an important place whether for nostalgic reasons or simply because so many people put in so much to the area that it deserves to be respected for what it was to the server and to those that worked on it. That isn't to say I believe everything should be treated as though it was a sacred relic of Minionland but this sudden and, in my opinion, somewhat unnecessary urge to reclaim peoples land and remove builds is too far the other way. If we were a really busy server that was becoming short of unclaimed land, that's one thing but let's be honest here...we aren't. The population has leveled out at somewhere between 8 and 25ish most days. Even if we all had 40,000 claim blocks just laying around in various places there would still be lots of lands left to go around. Which leads me on to my next point, which is probably going to lead me to some further 're-education' (don't ask lol) however I have to agree with Jean. I do not think there is a lot of point in building a whole New Player area where everything is all right there for them. I said in an earlier post that rather than trying to make the crossroads into that just find somewhere else, but I don't think it will be worth while. I just don't think we get enough new players to warrant it. No, I am not 'newbie hating' or whatever else it was, but in and around the center of the map are various things that already server such a purpose. Places for food, gear, iron farms, XP farms, trading center, villagers....I just don't see the point in replicating it again. I like Krikkeee's idea about the custom achievements, like the same way some MMO's (looking at you Lord of the Rings Online) give players a new quest when they enter a new area that basically leads them around to all the majorly important places they will need. That would be an engaging way to orientate anyone just joining into the server and point out where everything they need to help them is. Could also, as Darkfire said, give them a book (maybe as well) so that they have a 'Guided Tour' of the important places and a book to tell them Beginners Tips on finding land and navigation or whatever. Nothing to say some changes couldn't be made to spawn, if the Admin's agree, should the general consensus be that area is not very clear. It doesn't bother me but I am used to it lol In terms of getting us old term residents out of our towers (or holes in the ground, in some cases..) That's more of a trick if you ask me. We each basically have everything we need and are quite comfortable in our little bits of the world. Just another generic meeting place will not be used unless it is given a purpose. Weekly.....something or others...lol Something that happens once a week or month, that's different and fun to lure us out of our respective lairs basically. Ok, I think I am in the realm of officially rambling now, this was supposed to be a short post and I am going to be rivaling Buny soon : ) To sum up my thoughts for those that don't like walls of text The Crossroads doesn't need 'defining' it just is what it is, which is not what it once was but that's just life. The Server grew up. I do not think there is any point in building another new area, we would be duplicating what we already have and it would basically become another Ghost Town. I like the idea of finding a fun engaging way to give any new player a tour of places like the Tree and trading center. I am officially all typed out, you will be pleased to hear lol
  10. Helkar

    Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    I'm not trying to be difficult but the server is huge. The amount of actually claimed land is fractional compared to what's not claimed. Whilst I appreciate this discussion started about the Crossroads and spawn it seems to be branching out into people's claims in general. I don't think it's a big deal if a claim area, regardless of if it's big or not, is left for months. We are hardly short of space. The area around spawn and the Crossroads however is slightly different in that there isn't much space so old builds are more likely to be in the way. I still think the easiest thing would be to just make a new 'newbie friendly' area somewhere. That way everyone gets what they want and no one gets upset. Also Draesham has a valid point. It is far from all up to the Minions to decide as allot of the land in question is protected and for a reason.
  11. Helkar

    Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    Goodness Buny, when you decide to put your thoughts together.... One doesnt like to follow that Magnum Opus, however, as I have said before it was sort of inevitable that the Crossroads became less busy and needed as the server matured. Most of those still on the server have their own projects not in or around spawn as the initial urge to squeeze as close to Gopher as possible wore off (or never wore on in the first place..born hermit me ) It is a relatively small area in comparison to some of the builds we have around the map now and it is a jumble of lots of things close together because at the time that's what we needed. Everything close together while people found their collective feet but that's evolved as the server has aged and the population has settled down. I think the subject of when to let someone's work be 'griefed' or at the least unclaimed and given back over to anyone that wants it is a tricky one. I understand that encasing everything in carbonite is not the answer but as someone who recently had a lot of 'life happens' happen all at once...well....life happens and I would hate someone to find their builds taken over after an absence. The current Crossroads is like a museum and its kind of cool to see all the different things from all the different people but I also agree it's not the most welcoming of places for newcomers to the server. I would have thought a new area is the best way to go and likely to be the most painless way all round. Making a more welcoming start up area would also be a nice project for the existing community to get involved with as well as benefiting new players.
  12. Helkar

    NEED HELP NMM wont let me install/Uninstall mods

    Fact is Read/Write permissions are a Windows UAC thing. Not actually NMM. I understand that it wasn't doing it and now it suddenly is, but..its Windows stopping the program being able to Read or Write to its 'protected files' Perhaps a Windows update has reset something. Back up you install files, turn off UAC and (when its up) reinstall NMM, preferably outside the normal directories. Right click to get the NMM properties, check the permissions are as they should be under the security tab for which ever profile you are using.
  13. Helkar

    NEED HELP NMM wont let me install/Uninstall mods

    you updated it lately?
  14. Helkar

    NEED HELP NMM wont let me install/Uninstall mods

    Nexus likes to default the install directories to where normal users wont have read/write permissions. Running as Admin doesn't always work. Try changing the default directory paths to somewhere else.
  15. Thanks for everything you put into, everything. I hope you get some well earned R&R and your sanity returns to the normal ranges of craziness. Good luck and don't be a stranger.