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  1. Tirius

    Southeast region map and coop thread

    I am just going to leave this here in case @Fractalism is interested. Thanks @DomRetana for featuring our area!
  2. (continued from above) Things start going to the dogs: Bouncy Castle a.k.a Squids just wanna have fun / adminions discovered to actually be bird brains: Ender pearl race course / awaiting the racers in the FiveTowers boat race: ---------- With gratitude to all the party site builders, all the minions who showed up to make this a crazy night of chaos, and all those who were with us in spirit and continue to make Minionland a wonderful place year-round. We could not have done this without you! Your map-loving, tulip-growing, road-planning neighbour, Tirius Group photo
  3. Sorry it's taken me a while to sort my screenshots, but here is the post-event photo bomb! I've split it over 2 posts considering the amount of pictures. The party event site: Plenty of food and drink; there is already some salsa in the garbage bin: The cutting of the Cake / pulling out the slice (click the right image for bigger version): Events commence with the Ritual Egg Toss / commentator 3v interviews Gopher look-a-like: Voting for the Minion Awards / punching your fellow minion in Rockem Sockem Robots:
  4. Tirius

    Minionland Road Project

    First post has been updated, look for the [update] marks. Now includes the completed west road as well as the full plans for the north.
  5. Tirius

    Minionland Road Project

    Quick update: work on 2 northward bound sections has started. Z_Blackblue has started in the east, and I have started near Crossroads, in the northern-most point of the road net already in place there. My line will aim to connect many sections of road already in place, and thus need consultation with locals and not progress very quickly. More info to follow later. Below is the proposed integration of the 'ring road' around Drylands:
  6. Tirius

    2nd Anniversary Event: The Great Parrot Hunt

    I honestly had not expected people to go want to find them all during the event. It's intended to be a long-term quest.
  7. Wanted: Dead or Alive New Mistral safehouse plundered by feathered fiends! Security officer Tirius13 found dead at the scene, murder weapon identified as music disc marked ""chirp"". Harbor watchman Tirius79 sacked for failing to uphold port security. Alderman Tirius52 denies blocking needed defense budget, points finger at local bird watchers society. Town council in disarray. Public called in to assist in recovery of stolen goods. Crimimals last spotted fleeing in multiple directions while carrying loot. Attention! Have you seen these parrots? A substantial reward is offered for anyone who can uncover the whereabouts of the infamous 'Parrot Posse', a gang of 10 beaked hudlums. They are winged and dangerous, and suspects in many ongoing investigations. Please contact Tirius82, chief investigator, with any information. "It's a bad day for honest parrots." - Fish, spokesperson of New Mistral bird watchers society. --- Following GrogStache's cheese hunt, I am pleased to announce a second 'scavenger hunt' on the Minionland server. Your goal is to find 10 parrots hidden across the map. Each parrot has a name with a number attached to it, found on a sign. Put the names in alphabetical order, and the numbers will form a set of x and z coordinates (xxxxx,xxxxx). Travel to these coordinates to collect a prize. There are 10 prizes available, which decrease in value as more are claimed. Notes: There are no parrots in the Nether or End. There are no parrots underground. If you stumble upon the prize location without having found all 10 parrots first, you may still collect a prize. One prize per person. If you're doing the hunt with a friend, you may collect one each. All parrots look like the picture in the wanted poster above, but each is slightly different. Clues: Are you having trouble? In the spoiler tags below, you will find some clues. Good hunting, have fun, and beware... these birds mean business!
  8. Reminder: tomorrow we will be having our 2nd Anniversary Party. We'll be gathering between 8:30 and 9:00 pm CEST a.k.a. "Gopher Standard Time". Note we don't have a fixed schedule for events, and we'll likely have a few things to do in the following hours if you join later. A few people have already expressed that they will not be able to make it until later, so we'll likely have ongoing activities for a few hours at least.
  9. Tirius

    Southeast region map and coop thread

    It's good to hear your voice again neighbour. Some replies to things you mentioned: Your rabbit is probably an escapee from the hutch next to my stables; at one point a few got loose and I let them roam free. If you want a 2nd one to start breeding, just let me know. For your bathhouse, it may interest you to know I have a modest sewer system running under my claim atm, that doubles as a network of secret passages. We could hook it up. I'd guessed the town expansion might run afoul of the 'rural area' plans - I originally had farms there, and had to build over them as I was boxed in on the other 3 sides. I plan to restore the farmland further east, along the old path to Moonlam's place. Hope that's sufficient compensation - you can blame the other big cities on the server for making me feel New Mistral was too tiny before. Spending time with Z_Blackblue and Non will do that to a person... "You took away all my torches" - the town center is actually mostly mob-proof, I took care to bury lights under leaves and put up lamps. It's the older part around the cheese and the docks that are the problem now... that's been on the to-do list for a while now. I no longer care about mobs, now that I've got most of my villagers and resources settled. "Turned the inn into a vegetable store" - the actual inn is further south, on the road to Seawatch where the blockhouse used to be; it has a sign board outside and is called the 'Tipsy Torch' in honor of the region. Thx for sharing!
  10. Tirius

    Southeast region map and coop thread

    As we've seen a few players in the region pop back in after a long hiatus, here's an updated region map again. Changes in the region since the last version: Roads: The Great South Road is now on the map. This runs from Crossroads via Magasai Farms across a new bridge built by Daalio, and enters the region in the northwestern corner. From there, it runs along the existing paths to Seawatch, where it enters a tunnel towards the nearby island and then on to Non's city of Astaroth and further south from there. I've updated the remaining 'major' roads that are now part of the new road netwerk (see topic here), including a new branch running southeast to HiiPerMadMan's Blackwater City. With the development of the road network, I've temporarily removed the railroad and the Deep Roads from the map. Builds: The BoteBoys Memorial and Rod's Coffee Break, community build sites spearheaded by Ubberblox, have been added in the northeast. lomasm's build is new in the trees on the eastern edge of the map, just beyond Miniopoly. Cliffton village has been dismantled, following a proposed redesign by ThatGuyBoom45. At New Mistral, the exterior of the town hall is nearing completion; there is also a new bear exhibit behind the inn. Somewhere on this map, is one of the targets for an upcoming scavenger hunt! New Mistral Town Hall, completed front exterior Map in spoiler below
  11. After conferring with the builders, I can report that we will not be ready in time to hold the party on the 6th (this Saturday). Therefore, we have picked the next most popular option, that being Saturday the 20th of October. This will give the various construction teams sufficient time to complete their projects without having to rush. Thanks to everyone who responded to the poll. P.S. I have also updated the first post with a few activities that are likely to be included, though this is subject to change.
  12. As he is too modest to share it himself, here is the special anniversary tribute video Non made. Go watch it, it's awesome!
  13. I shall have to confer with the construction teams - that first date was a bit uncertain given that they are still working on things. I'll check in and update here afterwards.
  14. Update: we've added a strawpoll to determine possible party dates. Please refer to the top of the original post for information and link.
  15. Hello all, As part of the upcoming 2nd birthday of Minionland, a few of us have started preparing for a birthday party on the server. In this post, you'll find information on the event. As we've only started work last Saturday, we have not finalized all the plans yet. As the team's designated 'communications guy', I'll update this thread with new information as it comes available. Date We are running a strawpoll to determine which date might suit everyone best. Please vote below. Time will most likely be in the European evening, a.k.a. 'Gopher streaming time'. https://www.strawpoll.me/16555446 Location @Z-blackblue has donated land north of his base at FiveTowers for a party location. We are setting up a party venue there, at roughly x = 8000 and z = 550. If you do not know how to get there, and don't wish to fly to the above coordinates, you can find directions in the spoiler tag below. Construction plans Work has started on building the party venue. A few groups of minions have set up teams to work on specific parts of the build, but you can also help with odd jobs and resources. If you want to help, please post in this thread (or ask in the in-game chat, one of us is bound to be online). @Xanthir has kindly offered to oversee the project, but as we are on Z_Blackblue's claim, for building assistance will need his claim permission first. Note that I am not yet sharing here what we are building, to avoid spoilers. Activities Activities are currently being developed. While we have no definite plans yet, the following are being worked on: Ice dancing Boat race Scavenger hunt Gopher While we have not finalized the date yet, we have recieved word that Gopher will not be able to attend, if the party is during the weekend immediately after the anniversary date. As he has also mentioned during his Patreon video that his Minecraft setup currently needs a lot of work, we are proceeding under the assumption that the Dark Lord will be with us only in spirit. -- If you have any questions, want to help or are trying to follow my travel plan and are completely lost now, please post below.