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  1. The pit of despair

    I smell a cover-up.
  2. Favorate building music?

    Just posting one sample, I have the entire playlist with all civs on shuffle.
  3. Southeast region map and coop thread

    Another update to the region map is done, for the developments in the region over the last few months. The changes to the map (see link in my signature) are minor, though they do signify some major developments: The Great East Road project, started by the ever impressive @Z-blackblue at his base at FiveTowers way to the east, and continued by me for the western stretch, means that we now have a functional 5-block wide road connection crossing the entire region. Z's section connects the Minionopoly board to FiveTowers through roughly 4.5k of mostly open terrain, while the western section of about 2k loops around the region on the northern edge, running from Minionopoly to Summerville and then on to New Mistral. I took care to re-use existing roads where possible, and cut through the densest parts of the wood between @Goatcha and @Sentar's builds in hopefully an unobtrusive manner. The road also comes with waysigns with "you are here" maps, though lighting it is still a work in progress. Riding down the entire road on a slightly mediocre horse took me 11 minutes. The Small East Road, a branch of the above running from Summerville via Riverside to Cliffton, connects to Sucrose Shores. It stops in sight of the Easter Bunny temple, though I am leaving it there for further Sucrosian development/input. Z originally planned to connect his road to the World Tree and thus to Spawn/Xroads from near Summerville. Depending on his plans I might take a stab at another section there later. The current road can be seen on the region map (link in my signature). As far as builds go, it's been relatively quiet. Schwerpunkt settled a small cabin up north during his travels, LiquidKobra has expanded his new area, and I've been expanding New Mistral with a new harborside housing development. I've also started taking down houses in Summerville to replace them with a custom design later, much like I did with Seawatch before. Work on Minionopoly has pauzed for a bit after we completed the plot builds during the holiday season, the only things left to do are a few finishing touches, the game pieces and finishing the remaining dice sections. New Mistral Harborside under development, another section of land reclaimed from the sea.
  4. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    ^^^ From top to bottom: Claymoria (Sanamia), Minion Commonwealth (Dom), 3x Astaroth (Non) and the last 4 appear to be in/around jrRedek's unnamed place in the east.
  5. Minionland slipstream

    I may drop by to contribute one slab. Just to say I helped. You're also welcome to whatever ice I have left, Luca drowned me in the stuff for the branch to Boom Caverns, and I still have a lot of leftovers.
  6. Server Update

    While I am not knowledgable enough about these things to offer a meaningful comment, I should probably note that number 20 is bugged - it's been generating random stacks of banners and causing lag. @Vault Memories, you could have told us you were a plugin!
  7. Gwent Tournament Maybe?

    True, though I like to support the creators of FTP games that I enjoy, so I did buy some. Being able to craft any card is also a nice mechanic, I started my milling all the non-premiums from 1 of the factions to help craft cards for the others, and have not regretted that. The fact that the artwork is so amazing is also a good way to keep me interested in the game. As for levelling, once you get some time in, I find that the levels tend to start blending together. I'm at 27 now, capable of being beaten by folks 10 levels lower or defeating folks at twice my level, depending on the match. It helps that with the patch lots of people are experimenting, the Shupe decks especially make for really crazy encounters.
  8. Gwent Tournament Maybe?

    I recently came back to it after months of absence, and am finding it a lot of fun as a semi-casual game. A few weeks ago, a patch with 100+ new cards was dropped, and a lot of existing ones were changed as well. Folks are trying out all kinds of new mechanics, so it's a good time to jump back in. New players are also starting with revamped starter decks so I've heard, and are apparently getting quite a few nice cards with those. Also of note is that the current season of ranked play will end on the 8th of january, after which everyone will have to start climbing the ladder anew. Lots of nice rewards to be had there, if you're looking for kegs with new cards earned just by playing the game. Considering RedDragon's event is just for testing purposes, I'd encourge everyone to jump in even if it's only to check the game out.
  9. Diorama Drama!

    Sounds like a similar idea to Boom Caverns, if in miniature. Might be fun once I am done with my other miniature builds project.
  10. Minionland Feature Builds

    Good to see somebody took care of the photography - I unfortunately got derailed with work stuff I forgot to finish... will try and be there though - 23:00 local time, just early enough to catch it before bed!
  11. Wait... there's a test!? And I didn't study!? Help! My answers: Question 1: Kyrgyzstan Question 2: 47 Question 3: the Battle of Hastings Question 4: Kharjo Question 5: turnips
  12. Minionland Feature Builds

    Time would be nice. There are not enough hours in the day + end of year work rush + flu = bad combo.
  13. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    You can always upload them to a picture sharing service like imgur and then use the share links, like these: (2 oldies first: New Mistral plantation, and the western harbor prior to the construction of the Swordfish and the fort) (and relatively new: Firelight region inn, "The Tipsy Torch") (I've apparently been spending too much time photographing other people's builds, half the things I've added since the summer, I've not made screenshots of yet...)
  14. Minionland Feature Builds

    Ubbs informed me earlier today - I'm still working on the last bit for her area, but a week should be sufficient time, so thanks for the intel. And have a nice vacation!