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  1. Hello fang, and welcome aboard. As someone who returned to ESO this year after finding some people among the minions to play with, I've found this community oodles of fun and terrible for going to bed on time. So be warned. 😄
  2. Your quarterly map update has been added to the first post of this topic, including a new map image. [update 3] April 2019, and here's the spring update to the map. Along with general cleaning and checking, the major updates include the Woods Road, which runs parallel to the Great East but further north and through more empty land, and the extension of the network in the southwest corner to Port Smarrow and Mt. Mystery, and in the west to In Fiore, Daalio's new build. New and expanded builds have been added to existing roads in the form of Brin's Italian-inspired town Simonini on the Great South, Mari's Bely Les on the Great East, and Z's Frostwood on the Southeast Bypass. Finally, I've streamlined the color-coding of the roads in preparation of Z_Blackblue's project to mark them with colored banners. And here's a bonus image of Port Smarrow, one of the most remote areas the network as now reached:
  3. Dom returns to visit the completed project - thx again for featuring it :
  4. I have always firmly believed, that we are better off working together than we are apart. However, I have begun to lose faith, not in that sentiment, but in the willingness and ability of the people who are supposed to make that happen. It is a small comfort to know my own country did not support this. Policy not being what I want, I can live with. Policy being made by people not understanding what they are doing, is inexcusable.
  5. From what I have heard here in the Netherlands, the news mainly focuses on the "copyright holders" vs "fair use" side of things. I've not seen the impact on the smaller creative channels mentioned at all. The fact that one of the headlines called it 'the anti-meme law' probably didn't do us any favors and downplays the importance of the subject. Thankfully, several Dutch MEP's are opposed to it, but this is not true for all, especially the more conservative parties.
  6. Dom tours New Mistral in his latest vid:
  7. While I have yet to really look into this, I have heard several of the Hermitcraft players talk quite positively about this in their videos, though with the caveat that it might be a long time away yet. Let's hope so... I am at my limit with games already!
  8. The road project proved my savior when I got builders fatigue last year, it was great for wanting to play, yet not feeling very creative. Here's a map link for the road as Atheos drew it around Mystmarsh, you can easily spot it on the dynamap here.
  9. ^^ No worries, yours was not the first claim where we had to ring the bell. Atheos has drawn a road around Mystmarsh atm, along what used to be the path to the Loba clan's area - this was unclaimed land. Plz feel free to change things if you want to, I'll try and get a local map up once I get home tonight. I would like to add a waystation somewhere, but there is no rush with that. Once past Mystmarsh, the road now runs to Salsa's claim, and then further north. Z mentioned having connected the route to Portside yesterday. I haven't looked at the side road to Ironwood yet.
  10. ^^ Trying something new to keep it fresh and challenging is always a good idea. I love using bows, but due to bad luck or bad planning, only carried one when I was recently disarmed 2 steps into Miraak's temple, and decided my character would press on regardless. It made for a very interesting experience if your only backup weapons are a steel pick and a basic flame spell...
  11. Dom returns to explore around @Zanfino and @Goatcha's claims:
  12. ^^ I've been ignoring all the major quests as well in my current playthrough, though I find it hard to stay in character when it comes to not jumping into random dungeons. The 'courier' playstyle I tried at the start was great fun though, and it works decently as a prelude for the Legacy museum quests. I've used my fetch-and-deliver quest earnings to first acquire Lakeview and then spent a lot of time just building up the house and foraging for resources (no AFK iron farms in Skyrim sadly). With the Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul, harvesting is new and fresh again. Now at level 28, I was on the road back home from Markarth yesterday, and have finally triggered the attack on the Western Watch Tower to start the dragons. I usually do the Dragonborn DLC as soon as I can ("take care of these cultists before I deal with the dragons - can't do both at once"), so I will probably use Solstheim to transition from 'odd job taker' to 'actual hero'.
  13. Thanks for linking that - I've heard Xisuma talk about it on Hermitcraft, but hadn't seen any footage yet. It does look like a great deal of fun, and I'll certainly follow the news. Having said that... I'm still enjoying our Minecraft server a lot because of the community, so I don't see it replacing that.
  14. Quick update: I've enclosed a new map in the first post with the updates in the last 2-and-a-bit months. These include: By @Z-blackblue: the Northeast Bypass (pink on map), complete up to Steelgear's Tower and connecting to both the Great East and Great North roads. By Atheos: the Southwest Bypass (temporarilly still cyan on map), between Kiaoshi's Farleigh Citadel and @Lert's Walkuria. By @non: the as-yet-unnamed line (red on map) between Astaroth and the Great West, via @JediJosh7054's Griffin Keep. By me (Tirius), with help from Atheos, the Great North (green on map), complete up to @Xeredek's base at Mystmarsh, which connects a large number of player builds. Z and I will be continuing north with our respective roads later, though my work on the green line has halted until I can figure out a good route through/around the existing claims.
  15. If you have 439 projects, I am probably short a few more waypoints... I'm looking forward to traveling again too - just a few more days until the christmas holidays bring free time.
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