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  1. Yeah, he doesn't really promote them, I've noticed. And I still have a few easter eggs left over, so watching that construction seems as good a time as any to rectify that.
  2. Welcome back @VATROU. I'm slowly finding more time and inspiration to get back into MC after a few weeks of absence myself - mostly finished the new wall around Seawatch and starting work on my new Harbor Defenses project - after the far-southerners in the other topic started making threats aimed north, I feel we might need them to avoid becoming caught in the crossfire. In the mean time, I am also still working on improving the buildings in Seawatch, though the public farms north of there are mostly done atm. On a side note, thanks to @BUNYANSaxe1943 for your latest Twitch stream - I was unfortunately at work at the time but caught up later. We never did that tour of Sucrose we talked about months ago, but this way I feel I still got it. Just please. No. More. Wheat. (lol) I also ended up visiting what I think might be @SteamMage's build, at least it was west of Sucrose and something new, and dropped by Ackman's new cottage on the way back as well.
  3. The port authority of New Mistral, while maintaining its carefully crafted neutrality, offers cordial greetings to our neighbours further south - and remembers Rule of Acquisition #35: "War is good for business". If there is to be a pitched naval battle between the northern and southern fleets, please have it somewhere where we can enjoy it from the shoreline and have snacks. (We remind all looters that salvage rights on any wrecked vessels lie solely with local authorities, thank you.)
  4. Just my 2 cents: to me the banner hall -and yes, even the fps drop - are part of the Xroads' charm. It's never stopped me going there, doing some gold farming (eh, see the other topic for that) and dropping some stuff off at the Stew while I was there. I've always felt the Xroads suffered from inactivity because it's got too much competition from Spawn for an easy meeting place. If it must come to renovations, I'd rather the Hall we moved in its entirety to another location than have the banners used as decorations on the slipstream - at full speed I fear you'll never get to enjoy them there, let alone read the signs.
  5. Late to this discussion as I've been on MC hiatus for a few weeks. I just want to add that I've always really enjoyed Godaishu's gold farm for its easy accessibility. I've done all my gold farming / tool repair there. If it must go, then I understand, but I will miss it. In the mean time I guess I'll have to go and find Mag's as the closest alternative. Thx for starting up this thread though @Pajoonk as I wasn't aware of this before.
  6. I quite like this idea, and second @BUNYANSaxe1943's suggestion for a paired forum post. The way you've worded it suggests you intend on making one book, but why not have it be a series with one (or a few neighbouring) nice build(s) per volume? If you share the format here, I'm sure some of us would be happy to contribute a volume to the series. P.S. One thing you might include, if it's a build Gopher has visited, is a reference to that ("Visited by the Dark Lord in Minecraft stream #17").
  7. ^^ There is too much space in my base for a just-in-case cake place.
  8. @Goatcha The extension was built by Mindbender (not active on forums), the guy who lives in the large mansion you admired further to the northwest. I don't think he would mind if we moved part of it. One thing to note is that your proposed "detour" will cut through @Fractalism's amazing plot and the road network around it, so that won't work. You can't see this on your map because it is an old version (check the current one in my sig plz). My suggestion would be to either: have it go even further north between Fractal and TimietBot's claim, due east and into Summerville. TimieBot's claim has been abandoned since late last year, so it should be less of a roadblock if we cannot get round it. If desired it could then turn south from there towards Riverside and perhaps terminate behind the Bunny Temple, though truthfully I'd prefer not to have it disrupt the landscape near Riverside, as it is quite pretty there. have the current railway drop underground (in the area behind Zanfino's perhaps), and then have it connect to the Deep Roads rails at your main station. This variant has my preference, as otherwise I would need to travel quite far to get on it. Just a couple of thoughts, feel free to ignore/change/tar-and-feather them.
  9. Given my current available time, don't worry about this being a thing for a while yet. Work is crazy and I feel I've got a bit of flu coming on as well... meh. If and when I do get round to it, I'll likely copy the current sandy/purple intersection into a schematic and experiment a bit in single player with the size/access before I get back to you with any further suggestions. It's on the map in my signature as well, bottom right corner. I might want to draw up a chair and some snacks for that. You guys are quite clearly the most experienced players in our area, so I look forward to learning something there.
  10. I still have a shulker full of normal ice from building the southeast slipstream in the overworld, so no issues there. (I went a bit overboard harvesting at the ice farm, and then Luca buried me in the leftovers from her project as well...) Thanks for the quick input!
  11. @Goatcha, something for you to look at plz. And for completeness: I'm fine with the track on the purple section - that tunnel design was made to incorporate rails even if I had not really planned for them. I also noticed that we have a ladder up to the nether slipstream now, at the point where the green and purple lines intersect. I suspect that is a much faster connection to the far south (Pads, etc.) than minecarts would be, and would be happy to add a slipstream branch on our tunnel's roof as well if there is demand (and if the custodian of the main nether slipstream is ok with it of course). On the subject of horse friendly nether roads: I built a new PUNT on the far side of our branch line earlier; would anyone be interested in having a (smaller) nether stable on the other side as well? I could either put one across from my own gate (at the ramp down to Zanfino's) or perhaps below the stars that run down to Sandy Street (where I believe there is still a sign asking for ideas for that space). The latter would require more work as I think there is currently no way to get a horse down there (?), but we can probably think of something, perhaps via the back wall. And 2 points of unrelated news: @BUNYANSaxe1943: I'm continuing to harvest hay for you guys, but it's a bit on-and-off atm due to work and bouts of "wheat fatigue". I'll just continue to fill up the chests marked for hay and let you know should they end up full at some point. We have an artificial mushroom island off the coast now. This is the western-most of the islands located directly off the coast of my claim. I've covered it in mycelium and imported giant mushrooms and mooshroom cows, but anyone visiting should be warned that mobs will still spawn there as it is not a true mushroom biome. You will however be able to get mycelium and mooshrooms from here if you want them.
  12. Never mind, accidents happen. It's not like I wasn't waiting for something like that to happen, and he did make breeding llamas a very frustrating undertaking. And speaking of undertakers... I was a bit distracted touring Walkuria with ubber during your stream, so I'll rewatch it later. You're doing a good job promoting the region!
  13. Thanks for the impromptu tour and kind words for New Mistral! I'll forgive you for refering to me as "she" half a dozen times again (admit it: you're doing it on purpose now, lol). I've done a few minor edits to the rail crossing at my gate to smoothe out the floor. Expect pigmen to crowd the place though - my gate is now cross-linked with Andracos's, and as he has built a tower of about a dozen nether gates on top of each other at his place, lots of piggies with spawn on the nether side. Often so many that some will spawn in the wall and kill themselves. And thanks for making me laugh - when you started removing the floor slabs to put in the redstone for the rails, I was waiting for you to fall into that lava. I died at least 4 times at that exact same spot back when I built the purple nether road, this was in the heyday of the lag spikes in the first month.
  14. It's map update time again! You can view the new version below, as well as via the link in my signature and in page 1 of this topic. Principal changes since the last version include: Mindbender's Railway extension in the north The Slipstream tunnel (access points currently at Boom Caverns and in the Deep Roads below Seawatch); this runs to Cimi's island and then connects to the main south slipstream line. Updates to the road network. Updates to several local new/ongoing projects such as Goatcha's new house, Firelight Farms and the Easter/Spring farm site. As with the previous version: don't forget to enlarge the image to see the details.
  15. ^^ And while you are at Sucrose, why not follow Taffee Road on your way back to spawn? You can rest up at Boom Caverns halfway, visit Seawatch and the bulb fields, and head back via the New Mistral nether gate at https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=4&x=1655&y=64&z=1188, which will drop you off back on the purple line in the nether. If you bring a minecart, you can also take the overworld railway line back, from our temporary terminus slightly further north at https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=4&x=1818&y=64&z=1150. And if that was confusing, the map in my signature might help you find your way.