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  1. Eastern Trade Alliance & Empire of Rynoira

    Cordial greetings from your neighbours in the southeast. The New Mistral port authority is always open to new trade alliances, though at present we lack any form of direct transit to the east. We'll get in touch with our investors and see if we can raise the funds for the construction of a road to further our mutual interests. The amount of land to cross will likely be a concern, but our residents are willing to apply themselves diligently to the effort. We will return to you with news when it is available.
  2. 100 days! or I need a life.

    ^^ There's secretly six Shawns all playing together. Don't tell anyone about it...
  3. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I've been on break from it for a while now, ever since Minecraft started to gobble up my now more limited time, but I'll likely return to it eventually. My current character was on a good run for once, without any guest fatigue and creating a nice story. In the mean time, I'm very much enjoying Gopher's Bruma series.
  4. Just a quick update to let you know I've updated the first post with the final draft for the properties represented on the board, the next image update will likely be the completed board. I still want to revisit Minionville and Fivetowers for better screenshots first though. After that I'll press on with the format for the chance/chest cards.
  5. Thanks for your kind words! (And I did turn off the player names for a reason, lol). I haven't given much thought to the ingame board yet, though I've been looking for previous attempts at it online for some ideas. I'm not very experienced with redstone, so if it comes down to using that to automate things, I might need to call in an expert. Same goes for money (we couldn't use actual cakes, they don't stack, plus paying for hotels would take forever) and chance/chest cards. At the moment, my focus is on finishing the "screenshots" board first. Due to failure on my part to secure equal representation for all parts of the map, I've decided to showcase some of the most impressive builds together on the green properties, as they'll be the most expensive ones outside of Gopher-related stuff. I've got Fivetowers there, but there's so much to see at your place that I've yet to decide on the image.
  6. Southeast region map and coop thread

    Thanks for the correction - it shows I've not updated my game yet even for single player. I was probably thinking of glazed terracotta then, but from what I've seen of the textures on those I doubt we'll have as much demand for that as concrete. They seem a bit more niche as for where they can be used.
  7. Another bit of image candy: the yellow streets of the Southern Covenant. I'm particularly proud of the Walkuria image, those walls look very imposing. The Valley image might change later, I had some trouble getting a view over all the shrubs. Image: here (And on a side note, I'm making all my images with Chroma Hills and Seus, as that is my standard setup.)
  8. Southeast region map and coop thread

    ^^^ I'll let you know if I find more. Suspect a few people might be hoarding clay in preparation for 1.12 (whenever that will be) to turn it into concrete, but we'll see. Also watching your recording from last night at the moment, funny as I saw you down there on my map but had no idea you were doing more than killing zombies. Some responses to things you said: Claim without access: I'll fix that; I've been combining claims to make them easier to manage, probably forgot to re-add your permits to one. Exploring the mineshaft: I've done my best exploring it, but actually only discovered this spawner 2 months ago, despite having lived on top of it since October. I suspect not all parts are connected. Feel free to collect any ores you find, I've got enough of a supply from digging the slipstream that I'm not starved for anything at present. My deep roads access is located under my nether gate - just follow the path that connects the Blockhouse to my stables, the stairs are in the underpass to the harbor. (Added) After watching part 2: Moved the door to the stairs to be by the map plaza - I wasn't too fond of the hole right next to my driveway. Not sure about the design inside yet, I made the entrance look a bit old-mine-like, but that's just a quick patch job. If you want to have a cleric as doorman so you can sell your rotten flesh on the premises, let me know. I should have a spare I can port over. The tunnels are driving me nuts as well - everytime I think I've torched everything to stop the other spawns, I find I've missed one elsewhere...
  9. Poultry Invasion!!!

    Slightly off-topic, but I love seeing the texture differences in these pictures from various people - which pack is this? ... and I'm sure that where we failed, the animal sacrifice plugin will succeed, at least to the point where it brings down the invaders to managable numbers.
  10. I had that one planned in advance, just waiting for an opportunity.
  11. Update: here are the railway stations, as well as Free Parking (with thanks to all the minions who joined in an impromptu lava tower party tonight). As noted before, I am still playing with the font so I am aware they are not all in the same style. Forum images are still broken, so please use these links instead. Railroads: link Free Parking: link
  12. I am having way too much fun with this... (having trouble displaying this image - fix coming soon I hope) http://i.imgur.com/GCn311f.png
  13. I'll need some coords, as I am not sure where the MoT HQ is located these days. (Or is it hiding in one of the hubs?)
  14. A quick update: I've been touring the server again the last few days, with thanks to @ubberblox for being a tourguide on some of the builds she's helped out at, and to the folks who reminded me that with a different view distance, some things will actually fit in the picture... I'll be updating the top post as I go. Current update includes teal group for north line builds (those not part of the northern kingdom) and railroads. I'm trying to include visually different builds and as many different people's places as I can.
  15. Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    Just a quick 2 (3) cents - like Bunyan above I need to give this a little more thought at the moment. I like the idea of some sort of goods area. One of the main draws of the current Crossroads for me - especially in my early days - was the basement of the Minion Stew where you could get tools, food and the odd misc item when in need. As far as I know, we have no general building supplies exchange/public storage anywhere on the server. As someone who just exhausted his supplies piling many double chests of dirt and gravel into the ocean, I could see a use for that. It could be underground, so no need to alter/move any surface claims for it. Secondly, perhaps such a place could be used to transport items to that are now "abandoned in the wilds". I am currently exploring a lot, and every so often I come across a chest and furnaces in the middle of nowhere, that are unclaimed but still have some useful items. While I do not advocate theft, I'd have less problems with taking these supplies if the items were moved to a place where the original owner could easily restock if they do come back. There also seems to be some discussion on preserving old builds. Between "keep" and "replace", there is also an option of "repurpose". I'm sure there must be abandoned buildings that could be used for something else while keeping their structure intact (?). As the resident map enthousiast, I could try and map the current area with labels on what's-what, and post that here, if that might be useful.