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  1. Never mind, accidents happen. It's not like I wasn't waiting for something like that to happen, and he did make breeding llamas a very frustrating undertaking. And speaking of undertakers... I was a bit distracted touring Walkuria with ubber during your stream, so I'll rewatch it later. You're doing a good job promoting the region!
  2. Thanks for the impromptu tour and kind words for New Mistral! I'll forgive you for refering to me as "she" half a dozen times again (admit it: you're doing it on purpose now, lol). I've done a few minor edits to the rail crossing at my gate to smoothe out the floor. Expect pigmen to crowd the place though - my gate is now cross-linked with Andracos's, and as he has built a tower of about a dozen nether gates on top of each other at his place, lots of piggies with spawn on the nether side. Often so many that some will spawn in the wall and kill themselves. And thanks for making me laugh - when you started removing the floor slabs to put in the redstone for the rails, I was waiting for you to fall into that lava. I died at least 4 times at that exact same spot back when I built the purple nether road, this was in the heyday of the lag spikes in the first month.
  3. It's map update time again! You can view the new version below, as well as via the link in my signature and in page 1 of this topic. Principal changes since the last version include: Mindbender's Railway extension in the north The Slipstream tunnel (access points currently at Boom Caverns and in the Deep Roads below Seawatch); this runs to Cimi's island and then connects to the main south slipstream line. Updates to the road network. Updates to several local new/ongoing projects such as Goatcha's new house, Firelight Farms and the Easter/Spring farm site. As with the previous version: don't forget to enlarge the image to see the details.
  4. ^^ And while you are at Sucrose, why not follow Taffee Road on your way back to spawn? You can rest up at Boom Caverns halfway, visit Seawatch and the bulb fields, and head back via the New Mistral nether gate at https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=4&x=1655&y=64&z=1188, which will drop you off back on the purple line in the nether. If you bring a minecart, you can also take the overworld railway line back, from our temporary terminus slightly further north at https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=4&x=1818&y=64&z=1150. And if that was confusing, the map in my signature might help you find your way.
  5. Or we can just use this: https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/
  6. As long as we're throwing about ideas, here's my 2 cents. As the resident professional spatial planner/map groupie, I'd say step one could be getting an image of the statue's footprint (not the actual feet, but the entire area it'll cover), and scale that to the dynmap so we can move it about and look for build sites that way. As much as I love the idea of having it in a central location, the sad truth is that the immediate surroundings of the central area (Gopher's base / spawn / xroads) is already so developed that it would not be feasible to build it there without removing a lot of existing builds. That, in my opinion, would be a shame, as it's really become the "historic city center" of Minionland. Even the ocean to the immediate south of Gopher's house is already full of artificial islands (notably the grand cathedral). A site slightly further out might thus be a better idea, though I'd still prefer somewhere not too far away for those of us travelling by more conventional means. MsClaireB also raises a good point with regards to lag. I saw someone suggesting the statue could have an interior as well, but as @jeancly can no doubt confirm from experience with the world tree, that would really to put a strain on things. I am not sure how much a solid statue would affect things, but better safe than sorry. I do like the idea of a mountain backdrop, but that would mean we'd have to find an uninhabited extreme hills biome, further limiting possible sites. Having a village for local workmen/-women nearby is also a nice idea, but I suspect that Ministry of Transport will make short work of any transit routes once a site has been chosen regardless. Perhaps a donation facility somewhere central might be a good idea though, so that minions can help out without having to travel to the building site to drop off supplies. And I will add that this project has me quite excited - if not for the actual statue then certainly for the positive effect it'll surely have on the community.
  7. The carpets stop them from walking out - the purple ones are placed over holes with string on the floor, and thus they apparently view those as impassable blocks. If I remember the sign on the Nautilus stable correctly, Schwer introduced that design. It makes it much easier to use the stable, so I'm glad Shawn didn't mind me tearing down the old one. Seawatch is currently a bit of a claim mess - I still want to claim the entire village inside the walls as well to prevent vandalism/creepers, but I'd actually forgotten that I had claimed the area outside the wall where the stables are. I'll trust you on it next time I'm there. I still want to make the lighting a bit less random eventually, but for now just go crazy as usual. I'll fix things later when I get back to work on replacing the pallisade with the stone wall - another project that I've yet to finish. As for donating torches, you can have the ones back that I took down around my place (again) now that I've fence/hedged it off a bit better. I've also temporarily taken down the torches in what will hopefully become Firelight Farms (the new wheat fields behind Trommell's hut + the area I'd already planted before around the pond). I will add those back on proper lamp posts next time I am there though, I didn't have time for it yesterday as it was actually already today before I noticed the time... Glad to hear you're still alive Boom! Daan and bumper asked after you yesterday, but I couldn't provide them more intel than "is apparently taking a break" at the time.
  8. Just a quick update to show that I've upgraded the PUNT station at the end of the purple branch line; it now uses the same open-plan carpet-instead-of-fences style as the newer stations built by @Pajoonk and @sanamia elsewhere. I used their design at the Nautilus as a basis, but changed the color pallette to be more in line with the look of the branch line. There's 5 stalls, and with Sanamia's help I've procured 3 new PUNT horses that are much faster than the old ones. And in unrelated news: the village of Seawatch now has close to a dozen residents. I've been shipping a variety of unwanted villagers there from my new breeder to repopulate it. Just for the atmosphere, don't expect any spectacular trades.
  9. There might be a bit of miscommunication here, some settings have been changed due to recent spam posts; you should read @0Wolfclaw0's post in the Discord's info channel.
  10. Blasphemy! But seriously, thanks for the vids again; I Googled those giant pineappels.
  11. Some answers to your questions: The blocks you liked around the easter bunnies were purpur pillars (craft from 2 purpur slabs stacked) and dark prismarine blocks. The house at 33:48 was built by Pannacakes Next time you get lost... remember you live next to a dude who made maps.
  12. ^^^ I can confirm that some eggs may still be available to be found. And I will admit I found quite a few of these riddles difficult to solve myself, but I do like the concept.
  13. Then I am glad I posted this before I changed things. Truth be told I also had doubts about placing them on this particular road, as (a) they don't look that nice if you have to put down the number required to keep the entire road lit, and (b) it does indeed get a bit repetitive. As for the trapdoors, that's mostly because an uncovered sea lantern looks a bit strange in this design in my opinion; the Chroma Hills glowstone has a much nicer texture for lamps, but my glowstone supplies were (and still are) too limited to light an entire road. I have plenty of clerics to trade for it now, though. As for the roads themselves, I wanted to include a few variants even though I'm not wild about some of them myself, and there are of course many more options. Personally, I don't really like the ones with wood - i's fine for bridges and perhaps in marshes, but a bit strange on normal terrain. Stone slabs also look a bit more "neat" than I'd want, so I too prefer the variants with cobble and/or stone brick; I also like gravel for flat roads, but it clashes horribly with any attempt at stairs on elevated terrain. Thank you both for your input! Back to the drawing board...
  14. As promised in Goatcha's video topic, here are some ideas for roads, with the top left being the path I'm already using near my stables. I've also included a sample of my street lamp design that's already used on the road between Seawatch and Cliffton. Textures are Chroma Hills 1.11, no shaders, and the wood pictured is spruce.
  15. ^^^ I'll try and whip up some samples later and post some screenshots in the Southeast thread; I'll include a sample of my suggested lamp post replacement.