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  1. WAR / Call to arms

    I'm happy to report hostilities between New Mistral and other parties have ended. It took 47 lawyers and 3 terrified diplomats braving the trap-littered wilds, but we've managed to calm down our upset neighbour. So thanks for the offer, but it is no longer required.
  2. Southeast region map and coop thread

    Thanx. And welcome to the club. We have jackets...
  3. Southeast region map and coop thread

    Been a while since we used this topic, whatever could have drawn my attention away I wonder... New map is in the works, and there are some questions: @Goatcha: Zanfino is back in the game as of last week. He asked to relocate the railway bridge that Mindbender built behind your claims, as it's blocking his intended expansion north. I suggested we move it underground, to connect to the deep roads at the intersection where the lines to the east and south meet, near your beacon (thus knocking through a bit of wall there). Thoughts? @BUNYANSaxe1943: I've been told Project Basket is done. Can I take down the "censor" on the next map update?
  4. None. There will be a sign denoting that it is a Chance space, and that is it. All the Community Chest spots have already been built, so you can also have a look at those, as they work in the same way. Normally I'd say that the only request is not to build outside your plot boundary, but as both your neighbours are already done, there shouldn't be a problem if there are a few bits sticking out. (The World Tree has this as well.)
  5. I'm happy to hear that Grog! And of course you had to be included, both as a member of the "southeast corner" and because if we let the World Tree be the only contestant on the board, Jeancly will get ideas of world domination again. Got to have some competition! Your plot is the last one on that side of the in-game board yet to be built, so feel free to commence the Battle of the Giant Trees if you want to. Maybe even a tiny cheese will fit? I do also plan on making the final "pictures board" here on the forum into a printable version. Not processing as quickly as I want to with that though, free time is scarce and the in-game board gobbled up a lot more of it than I'd planned. Oh, that ever illusive Go to Jail image...
  6. It has the added benefit of matching the ingame board as well. I will make the change on the board image - thanx!
  7. WAR / Call to arms

    It's the only job available for daredevils in these parts - Mistralian thrill seekers don't get much to do otherwise, with torches on every other block... you should see the line at the employment office.
  8. Apology to The Port Authority of New Mistral

    To: the leadership of Rynoria From: Port Authority of New Mistral We hereby gratefully accept your offer to re-open diplomatic relationships. An envoy has been dispatched with a complementary selection of cheeses, to meet with Rynorian traders upon arrrival.
  9. Great news Shawn, both for the construction efforts and that Luca was back for a bit. I hope she liked the board! I just dropped by and it looks great!
  10. WAR / Call to arms

    I would concur, if it would not be seen as an opportunity to throw people into it. In semi-related news, I can announce that my team of 47 legal specialists has gone over the documents regarding the airplane that seems to be a cause of concern to the leadership of Rynoria. We can now confirm that said airplane is in fact not on lease from jrRedek but owned and operated solely by the New Mistral Port Authority. Its mission to map the sand bars to the betterment of all shipping in neighbouring waters to the west has now recommenced. We trust that this will put an end to any misunderstandings between ourselves and the leadership of Rynoria, and invite them to send their own legal team for confirmation should they so desire. Alas, lawyers are an expensive bunch. We have sold off 3 houses to avoid having to take out a mortgage on our claim, and dispatched scouts to Spawn to collect 200 cakes and restock our coffers.
  11. How Long Until I Lose my Claim?

    If you originally played long enough to reach the maximum allowed claim blocks, it will never expire. If that is not the case, the time limit is 30 days. Having said that, removal of existing builds, even if they are unclaimed, is generally not allowed unless approved by staff beforehand.
  12. Progress report: 29/40 plots built / under construction. This crowd... lolz... @NTclaymore and @Vault Memories asked for a few alternate image options, so here they are, perhaps something for @sanamia to weigh in on as well. Personally, the interior image for Claymoria is nice but very similar to the one on the Throne Room, so it'll have to be between the original dragon image and the knight, I guess. I like them both equally, so I'm leaving it up to the owners to decide. I've also completed a few more cards, below are 2 of them. (Left: Blackwater City by HiiperMadMan; Right: Greypeak, by @ShortToaster). Text is a bit uninspired, might still change later. I wanted to include Greypeak as Toaster was the final Southern Covenant minion not yet represented elsewhere, and Hiiper's port, in my opinion, is one of those hidden gems that doesn't get the attention it deserves. P.S. I know the left card should say 'Chance' - for some reason I cannot replace the link. Correct version is in the first post of this topic.
  13. Ultimatum to jrRedek

    We kindly remind you that 1500 is larger than 500. Feel free to contact us if you wish to inquire about our Mathematics and Mapping self help books.
  14. WAR / Call to arms

    There is no need to worry. The very fact that we are being refered to as a nation, which we are not, and his statement that the aircraft is operated by a crew other than our own, which it is not, clearly shows that this man has no idea what he is talking about, and probably even does not now where we are. I am not concerned, and neither should any of our trading partners be. We have yet to spot a single Rynorian within 1000 miles of our border. Until such things change, we are just going to ignore this, and enjoy ourselves as we have in the past.
  15. Ultimatum to jrRedek

    The Port Authority of New Mistral feels it must remind its eastern neighbours to keep the noise down. Our tulips are trying to sleep. We further advise his lordship Ryno that the first attempt to engage the Redekian aircraft currently on loan to our organization will result in an immediate embargo of all Rynorian products passing through our lands and seizure of all assets currently in transit. We trust that further warnings will not be necessary and that we may continue to trade to the betterment of all our respective lands. Thank you. In unrelated news, we now have a 2 for 1 sale on bomb shelters. Get them while they're hot.