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  1. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    You can always upload them to a picture sharing service like imgur and then use the share links, like these: (2 oldies first: New Mistral plantation, and the western harbor prior to the construction of the Swordfish and the fort) (and relatively new: Firelight region inn, "The Tipsy Torch") (I've apparently been spending too much time photographing other people's builds, half the things I've added since the summer, I've not made screenshots of yet...)
  2. Minionland Feature Builds

    Ubbs informed me earlier today - I'm still working on the last bit for her area, but a week should be sufficient time, so thanks for the intel. And have a nice vacation!
  3. Looks great @Xeredek, thanks for contributing! Progress on the board has slowed down a bit since the initial rush - but we're getting there.
  4. Southeast region map and coop thread

    Just a short notice that I've finally updated the 6-month old region map. It can be found both in my signature and below (zoom in for full detail). Edits for this version: Scope: new eastward expansion, to include Minionopoly and the new Sucrose Shores Christmas Tree site. Cleaning: removed all claim labels for expired claims, except those held by caretakers. Also reworked the roads to show only the main thoroughfares, and removed the nether gates not connected to the purple line / Sandy Street. Layout: removed censor on the Bunny Temple and added the Boom Caverns sublevels map. Claim updates as per usual. A full-scale in-game variant of this map can be accessed at New Mistral, in the Map Room accessible via the library or the Cartography Office.
  5. Thanksgiving Event- Ornament Build Competition

    Thanks guys! I am glad you liked my idea. Between this and Miniopoly, I'm discovering how fun these crazy little builds can be, so to everyone who hasn't participated yet: be sure to do so!
  6. Sucrose Shore Christmas Invitation

    First dozen stacks of leaves deposited at the MTC. More to follow during the weekend.
  7. Sucrose Shore Christmas Invitation

    May want to leave a few resources... the Mystmarsh plot on the Miniopoly board is still looking for a builder too.
  8. Thanksgiving Event- Ornament Build Competition

    I have a design, but currently unable to build it at the site due to lack of permits or not reading instructions properly - it's now on the beach directly to the south.
  9. Sucrose Shore Christmas Invitation

    I have some experience gathering leaves for Grog - count me in. There's a convenient spruce forest next to the Miniopoly board that my shears will like. If you need anything more, you know where I live.
  10. Need for Clay

    I've left 2 stacks of clay blocks for you.
  11. I have enough, thank you!

    I'll check the larder... cows beware... oh, and cooked or raw?
  12. Minionland Feature Builds

    Well, if you need ideas, the Minionopoly/Miniopoly board will certainly have some. I'd also be happy to host you at the board once it's done, but that will take a few more weeks I think. Not sure if it's enoug material for a full tour, but we could always swing by New Mistral on the way back, and complete your set of all the red properties on the board. Or maybe the entire row if you can get bumperhumper to show you Al Qaram as well.
  13. Some more images, including the 2 options for the replacement Minionville Community Chest site (opinions welcome), new cards and 2 alternate image/sites.
  14. I think Draesham mentioned it yesterday on Discord too - I'll fix it later. Yesterday's attempt to light the center of the board ruined my beautiful map art, so I was too busy sulking to remember this... Added: it's fixed now, thx.
  15. Just a quick note to add that I've updated the first post with the final Claymoria image, and added a section called 'Cutting Room Floor' to store the (principal) alternate image choices, as well as a few plots that did not make the final cut. I plan to add more to the latter as I go. Also, in accordance with the in-game board, I've switched the images for Red Rocket and the Minion Stew, so that Red Rocket is now on the Community Chest spot where Dom has also built it in-game, and the Stew is now on the 50 Cakes note. I am going to try a similar swap for Minionville later. Those not wishing to scroll back again, here's a sample: