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  1. Daalio

    Building Music

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzzbi6Wev9A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qTghUgMOeY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RVIgZRRlmk this is for me the most relaxing music in the world
  2. Daalio

    Trading Hub Construction Thread

    ehm.. i didnt know about it... ehm... i know about MTC but not about any public chests.. i may heard something, but wasnt sure what exactly it is so ive never used it
  3. Daalio

    Mysterious dissapirance of Godaishu's gold farm

    100% agree aswell. Something like this should be discussed with other players, not just for example with someone like NT.. who is just 1 player (not even admin, hopefuly he never will be..) from whole bunch of others... I found very disturbing that whole build was removed instead of just disabling the gates.. Understand the fps drop and lag issue, but still this is just too much...
  4. Daalio

    Lets talk about the end

    yes i know, but still there is no border in end
  5. Daalio

    Lets talk about the end

    no border so far, i was on 18k and nothing but i see the point, for anyone who is not experienced with raiding end this respawn area with border is good thing
  6. Daalio

    Lets talk about the end

    ok i take it as a chalenge i will go later on and will try to find unlooted city as fast as possible Ok i tried it now and found unlooted city in 13 mins and 41 seconds.. so no its not hard if you know what are you doing
  7. Daalio

    Lets talk about the end

    Well personaly i think now raiding end and find unlooted cities is MUCH MUCH more easier than before even without map mods ect (i am not using any). I was in end week after the server update and i was able to find 6 cities with farming more than 50 boxes in less than 90 mins just by using nerdpole from main island, getting up to about 500 blocks by rockets and fly to about 10k and than start looting without need of /sethome, its now almost impossible to die here with elytra and rockets if you know what are you doing. BUT for new player who dose not have elytra yet and wants to find his first by himself, it is by far more harder, because most of the closer cities are already looted.
  8. Daalio

    Minion Temple Voting!

    well my vote is for Schwerpunkt ofc, he is king of helping, Jldoner and Shawn as his subordinates hehe.. But there are far more than only 10 people who make the server great and funny place
  9. Daalio

    Public PVP Arena is now OPEN

    Public PVP Arena is now Open Today 22.12.2016 i finished my project of making arena with public pvp for everyone.. Arena is located at my Holy Islands with exact coordinates of: x-1, y160, z120. Nether portal to this place is located on south/green nether highway, just first turn to the right Everyone are welcome... Enjoy
  10. Daalio

    The World Tree City is opening it's Doors !

    Light blue room please