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  1. Wait what is it already that time, here I was somehow thinking that the anniversary was in spring. Count me in (although I'm not entirely sure about the stability/speed of my internet connection where I’m at right now)
  2. The server only works with the "Java-edition" (version 1.12.2), the new Win10 "Bedrock-edition" wont work and (probably) never will. The two editions just aren't compatible and the java edition still is more customizable with mods and plugins of which especially the latter are necessary for the server. Hopefully one day they make it so that you can at least transfer worlds from one edition to the other, since the "Bedrock-edition" is said to be a lot more stable and performance friendly (and allows for multi-platform compatibility).
  3. Map version 4.3 is here with: darker background in an effort to make certain colours more readable (mostly the yellow from the east line), subject to change part 1 of the South line the purle line connecting to major builds like Sucrose shore, Boom Caverns, New Mistral, Miniopoly... a first effort at distance markers to try and give a sense of scale to the map. Beware, these only really give an idea of where the accesway to a portal connects to the highway's, not the portal location itself especially when these portals are far out.
  4. north line redrawn and far north line added
  5. Thought so, it was just an idea to help new players, but maybe a small map from spawn to gopher/lavatower and X-roads/ larry's/ the worldtree + MTC would be enough for them. I think those locations probably bundle the most important early game needs into a relatively small area. Then again these are all major places with there own netherportals so they will all be listed in the nethermap.
  6. @Tirius sort of wondering if we could change this tread into a full road map collection for overworld and nether, bundeling all maps in one easy to find location/tread, but I have no idea how many other overworld roadmaps exist apart from the east road. And I guess nobody really wants to make a full overworld roadmap which is probably even more complicated than the nether.
  7. An effort to map the Nether highway's/ SS (and outher ring) now that they are close to being done. Be aware that this map is not to scale (especially the north line which will be redrawn soon). I hope that this may help you on your travels through Minionland. - Thanks to Tirius and his amazing maps for the idea. Progress tracker West line done north line redrawing in progress south line mapping in progress (thanks Tirius) The Map Old Versions: https://imgur.com/a/k8QkCgo
  8. With the 1.12.2 test server, it might be time to test those custom advancements even though I haven't looked at them in a (really) long time. However it might be a bit to soon and possibly interefere with pinpointing bug's at this point in the update process.
  9. That's kinda what I meant with community but maybe that should become a separate thing surpassing those districts. Anyway thanks for the contribution and those other builds may surely be added if you want to.
  10. This is an effort to catalogue all (interesting) builds that can be found on the server, to make things a little bit easier I divided minionland into 4 districts: NE, NW, SE, SW. For each of those districts the builds will be categorized into build types including but not limited to: house, city, community, monument… Community: mobfarms, traders... have there own cathegory so that they are easy to look up. When you add a build please use the following template (red text are required fields): build name builders
  11. Part 1 of the outer Nether SS ring has been build going from the end of the south line to the point that corresponds with the SE overworld corner (around x1800 z1800). WARNING: it's not yet fully protected like the other main lines but it is functional. Any donations of stone would be helpful for future expansions (you can drop them in the MoT chest at spawn SS station or at my chest in the MTC at the worldtree). EDIT: for those willing to help digging/building... remember that the south line is the only line that goes all the way to the overworld world border. EDIT 2: part 1
  12. I think that there is a ladder close to the HUB in the east or west line that should bring you there, but a proper stair from the HUB to the roof would be better idd. I will look into it.
  13. Don't mind it, as long as it doesn't go into "overdrive" (spamming the forum with all sorts of discussions) like the previous time. It could be a fun way to bring people a bit more together on the server when done right. Some general rules/ guidelines would greatly benefit this experience I think so please share your idea's.
  14. Happy to announce that the nether SS overhaul is almost over. East line is done up until Fivetowers (about 1000 blocks from HUB) West line is done up until Pajoonks and Bleepers station (about 1100-1200 blocks from HUB) Sout line is done with up until the new (overworld) world border (about 2000 blocks from HUB), but is only roofed and railed up until the Nautilius (there where no portals beyond that point but this might have changed in the mean time) North line is done up until the start of the far north line (about 600 blocks from HUB) Next project will be the fa
  15. From what I understand it hasn't been updated in a while but the author seems to say that it should be compatible with the latest spygot servers (1.12)
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