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  1. Wow oke I completely forgot about this tread. And you are correct, I suppose I didn't think about that when I made this.
  2. The command tree is done! Added some more secret advancements (that should be possible) to the list (see topic), and yes it are only titels, don't want to spoil everything : Skyrim related Minecraft related: needs more Witcher related: probably needs more I feel we definitely need some fallout references, but I've never played those and I'm not really interested in them for some reason so if you have ideas please share and I'll see if it could work! References to other games (that might or might not be played by Gopher) are definitely welcome as well!
  3. All added some things have changed a little, since there is a limit on the visible characters in the title. As for the other one's that have been suggested, I'm not sure if all of them will be possible (you're limited by the triggers Mojang provided). Grog's cheese hunt is a treasure hunt right? If so, it should be easy to implement something like that. Most of these advancements are location based anyway so its basically copy-pasting the code and changing the coordinates (with some small adjustments here and there). Don't know if that's possible, the only trigger I seem to find that can sort of do this is a trigger that triggers after a certain entity kills the player... but what if that entity is a certain fully armored mini zombie ?
  4. Update: all the introduction files should be done. I have moved the 'Minionstew' advancement to the introduction (after the 'Discover Xroads' one) and also added the 'Vault Summoning Ritual' (suggested by tirius )as a secret one after the 'First Claim' advancement. However this last one will also trigger when you pick up a banner instead of only after you craft a banner since you don't seem to be able to check for that (or I'm missing something, I'm not the best programmer by a long shot)
  5. Well the admins seem to be relatively positive about it I think. They are however concerned about the potential drama that the whole build showcasing could bring so I'm probably going remove the Monuments-tree (it would probably require to much updating anyway with everyone wanting there builds in there) and replace it with the Stream-tree. They also kinda doubt that new players would actually go through all of this, which is something we will only know if we implement it (however the same thing could probably be said about books). As for the Mimic the dark lord idea I don't think that would work and even if it would work, do you really want to see magma-block nerdpoles everywhere?
  6. The lava tower is already included but its in 2 parts (1: Climb from botom to top; 2: Jump down), so unless people really want that to become one and the same, I would leave it like that. Crosroads is included as well and is currently called "No such thing as lag" (name stolen straight from the minionland monopoly tread ). As for the SS to the throneroom that could be included.
  7. So what is this about? It's an idea that was originally brought up by @Arrogant and that has only recently got the attention it deserves in this tread (https://community.gophersvids.com/topic/4923-crossroads-revitalizing-project-idea-tread/). With the 1.12 update Minecraft introduced advancements as a replacement for achievements, these advancements can be customized to your own liking which gave some players the idea to use these to create better player experience for both new and veteran players alike. We could use those custom advancements to guide players through minionland, explaining certain plugins, pointing them to community farms, to interesting build... Truth be told all of this could probably be achieved through in-game books as well, but in-game books can be lost where those advancements will always be accessible through the pause menu. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that this would mean that there can't be in-game books for this as well. Like I said above, these advancements require minecraft 1.12 (the server is still 1.11) so we will have to wait until the server updates before we can even implement this (if the admins want to implement this). This doesn't mean that we can't already prepare the files required for these advancements to work so everything could possibly be implemented at once during the server update. I hope this tread and especially the advancement-tree's listed below can convince you that we should at least try this. If you have ideas for new advancements or better titles, descriptions and/or icons for the advancements listed below please feel free to share them. title: what you see in the notifications description: what you need to do to get the advancement icon: which item or block you want to portray the advancement (these can only be actual in-game items/ blocks) At the moment I only have 1 slight problem: I want all advancements to show up in the advancement screen (even non completed ones so that the player has acces to all info), but it seems that minecraft made it so that you can only see up to 2 lower advancements-tiers after a completed advancement. If somebody knows a fix for this (that doesn't include automatically granting all advancements to the player) that would be really helpfull. Introduction-tree (Done): Command / Plugin functions-tree (Done): automatically achieved, (so you can see everything at once), contains info on which commands have which effect and how to use them. (Yes this can also be found when you type help in chat) Community: A list of all community places (mobfarms, community farms, torehouses, markets…). The descriptions will probably all say something like "visit ... at x y z" so I'm not gonna include them here, still I you have an idea for something special for one of them, please share. Transport: A list of all things transport DISCONTINIUED Monuments/ landmarks: A list of interesting builds that where not yet visited by the Dark Lord. I don’t know if this section will be worked out because there are so many interesting builds and it will be hard to keep track of all of them. Also the advancement screen is rather small so it might quickly start to feel crowded, especially when we want to add all the cool build we can think off. UPDATE: this is discontinued because of the potential drama and the way to frequent updates that this would probably cause. Streams/ Tour's: replaces Monuments, supposed to help you retrace the routes the Dark Lord took while streaming. Maybe there could be builds from people's tour video's (Vice's?) since Gopher hasn't even seen half of all the cool builds. This way we might show interesting builds without causing to much potential drama since the amount of builds will be somewhat regulated (unless everyone is going to make tour video's all of a sudden). I was also thinking about including the builds that @Tirius used for his Minionopoloy tread, but first all the other 'core-tree's should be done'. Secret: just an idea since most of the things that get suggested seem to be references to certain quotes or events that happend in one of Gophers video's and such, things that don't immediately seem to fit in one of the existing tree's. Thanks for reading and please share your opinion.
  8. Crossroads revitalizing project: idea tread

    It's been a while, but I have been toying around with those custom advancements I mentioned a while back (to guide players to certain places), and I think it's looking pretty good if I say so. With some help from the internet and the originaI post by @Arrogant (https://community.gophersvids.com/topic/4738-custom-advancements/) I managed to create these tabs (all accessible through the advancement screen). UPDATE: made this into a separate tread so it's easier to manage 1. the introduction 2. transport 3. community farms and wharehouses: these are just the one's that immediately came to mind if you think of other one's please share (preferably with x y z) 4. monuments (I might delete this, because it's probably going to expand like crazy with all the cool builds in Minionland) EDIT: maybe it might be a better idea to just 'recreate' the paths gopher took in his streams? If you think about other categories or builds for existing categories please share. I think that this is still one of the better way's to make a guide for both new and old players because books can be lost, but this will away's be available if everything go's well (which doesn't mean we can't make guide books) Ofc this will need a server update to 1.12 and the goodwill of the admins to implement this. And it's still a big WIP (need coordinates for every build and a lot of testing)
  9. accompanied by a picture of you (Jeancly) breaking the server again
  10. Looks really good, but did you consider that the north now knows all your ships strengst and weaknesses, and you also just told them that you're basically bankrupt? Not a very good strategy I think... unless it's all a big complot...
  11. Eastern Trade Federation & Empire of Rynoira

    O god, at this point we are going to get an all out war between and 'within' factions
  12. Looking at the proposed builds, you are going to need quite a few claimblocks I suppose: an arena should be relatively big and could easily be a 5*5 chunks build with a 3*3 chuncks play-field leaving 1 chunk on every side for stands build games: depending on how many players will be able to join at once and on how big there builds can be, 1 chunk/ player could be enough, maybe a bit more. building parks: at least a 2*2chunk area I guess elytra flying: it might be possible to place some rings hovering in the air above some of the other builds so I wouldn't really say you need any chunks for this. Or maybe 1 chunk for the start and 1 for the end Parkour, depends on how big you want to make that, 4 chunks would definitely work and might already be a bit much depending on the verticality. renting space/shops: depends on how many shops you want and how big you want them, you might be able to jam 2 small shops in 1 chunk but it might be better to reserve 1 chunk for reach shop. other minigames, depends on what they might be a horse track for example should be quite long and would require a lot of chunks, but could just as well be guided through the already existing chunks/ builds ... That means at least 57 chunks total (25 + 4 + 5*(2*2) + 0 + 4 + 4) for just those things (no extra minigames included). With each chunk being a 16*16 blocks area that would come at 14592 blocks minimum (if I made no mistakes). And then you don't even have general things like stables, roads...
  13. Minionland slipstream

    I would suggest the end of south SS for the nether, but it's all the same I guess as long as they go to the border of the overworld
  14. Help needed at Gransys, believable medieval city

    I guess I'm decent enough at building, but see for yourself. My home is at x-540 y64 z-1013 (strangely enough it doesn't have a nether-connection yet, even tough I'm mostly working on the nether SS Warping to the throneroom and taking a boat would be the fastest I think). The nether SS HUB is also one of my builds. If you want even more you could always check this: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/krikkeee/ I think I will choose for leveling or wall-building at the moment but It doesn't really matter me.
  15. Help needed at Gransys, believable medieval city

    I don't mind helping a bit more, just tell me what needs to happen and I will see what I can do.