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  1. For my build I have been farming for sea-lantern parts at the nautilus for quite a while and it's a tedious process of AFK farming. Don’t get me wrong AFK farming is a nice thing but you still need to get back aproximatly every 20min if you don’t want to get kicked for inactivity. Therefor it still take’s time, time that could be used for other things. An extra problem with the nautilus in particular is that it only really has one farm so if someone is AFK farming, the whole nautilus is occupied. You could of course take benefit of someone who is AFK farming and steal the resources that are in the chest but come on and be decent, you wouldn’t like it if that happened to you either. Therefor I have a suggestion that could do the following things and all that without really needing to rebuild or extend the Nautilus. Reduce the time you would spend (AFK) farming Allow multiple persons to farm at the same time The suggestion: Reduce the time you spend AFK farming by adding an alternative that requires you to be active while still being in the area that triggers the AFK part. This could be achieved by using command blocks that would donate 1 item when activated. The activation could happen on multiple way’s e.g. by the use of a presureplate that the player would need to activate… Once the redstone signal is received two things will happen: The command block will trigger once and donate 1 (specific) item it this case either: prismarine shards or crystals The player would be pushed back/ teleported by pistons or an extra command block This way the player would need to be active to use this bonus while also keeping the basic AFK farm active reducing the farming time quite drastically. However these ‘contraptions’ would need to be built in a way that would completely disable the way to AFK-farm them. (An example of what I suggest can be seen here: I know that the use of command blocks could be considered cheating and Gopher wants to do everything pure, but aren’t AFK farms already on the border of cheating? You can get items/ resources/ possibly even exp without even doing anything. In my suggestion you would at least need to move, press a button or something to get a small bonus… And I also know that staff doesn't really like command block suggestions but it's just an idea, maybe this could all be realized without using commandblocks.
  2. I actually need to agree with this, once you're loaded in there aren't any big fps drops at crossroads, but I do think that the time it takes to fully load in could be reduced and/or the fps you get while loading in could use a big boost. Not entirely sure about that, since chunks are supposed to be vertical and load everything from bedrock to sky but mc does do some strange stuff so you might be right. Itemframes (and paintings) might indeed be the big bad here, I would start whit removing these and see how much effect that has. Maybe we could also remove some of the banners in places where the same banner has been placed multiple times just a few blocks appart.
  3. Armorstands, paintings, lead knots (apparently), minecarts... There are a lot of itemframes with maps and other things in them at xroads Sings and banners are apparently not really considered entities? They are not listed as one on the minecraft wiki. However the banner waving animation is definitely a lag-causer.
  4. oke so I tried to count all banners at xroads to see if we could maybe reduce them a bit, this is the result: 191 banners. I'm not trying to imply that the bannerhall is the main lag source but yeah... I'll let the numbers speak. Anyway these are only the banners, there are a lot more entity's (itemframe's, paintings...) paced together around xroads that I didn't count. As we all know (thanks to the World Tree) a lot of entities in 1 place can cause a big fps drop. Maybe, just maybe, we can keep the bannerhall intact like it is now IF we remove a lot of the other entity's at xroads.
  5. Just wondering, is there a possibility to horizontally expand the current bannerhall underground? If there is, then I don't really see any reason not to at least try it. Even if we could only gain 1 extra chunk this could already lower the system stress while keeping the original design and purpose of the build intact. But in the end it's all up to @Vault Memories I guess. Just to be clear I do fully support the heritage site argument, but that doesn't mean we can't change some things in the build e.g. the current banner hall could be turned into a SS acces point going directly to the new banner hall if we where to build a new one. This wouldn't even be to hard to do because the banner hall already go's pretty low.
  6. If you would go with this, they could just move the bannerhall to the HUB but far enough out so that it doesn't automatically load-in when you do. Anyway the big problem is that the bannerhal is a relatively small vertical structure and therefor all the lag causing things are in '1' chunk. Ever played a modded mc and placed a lot of machines in the same chunk, that's a guaranteed lag-fest. Therefor moving the bannerhal to a different location would not really be that beneficial, the crossroads might experience a fps increase, but the new place will get a serious fps downgrade. The best solution would be to tear the building down and/ or build a new hall with room to expand horizontally across multiple chunks limiting the amount of banners in 1 chunk. Another benefit from going horizontal is (obviously) that new chunks can gradually load in and disappear depending on you view distance and because that, there should be less stress on you system. The only real problem when going horizontal is that you require a bigger plot of land.
  7. Wow din't know that was possible with the new advancements but nice idea. As for places to visit, these are some that immediately came to mind: Pure landmarks The Throneroom The Worldtree + Minion trade center Xroards Claymoria Stiv statue (when the building site has been chosen) Gophers house? (MoT headquarters) Functional landmakrs Magasai Cimi Larry's farm Nautilus Witherpads Iron farm (end of east nether road) Ender Ender spawn SS station and nether HUB slipstream station? (even though these would be hard to miss)
  8. Since when has spawn a lag problem? The only change at spawn that happend recently, as far as I know, is the new SS-HUB made by @Pajoonk and I don't really remember it having that many entity's. Therefor only thing I can think of the are all the glass pane's in the station that could cause lighting updates. I doubt that the MoT headquarters influence (when sorting) would be noticeable at spawn. I don't know if any of this is the cause but it's all I can think of.
  9. I: Maybe this is a ludicrous idea and not completely related to the statue, but I was thinking that if we would make some sort of socle/plinth (thanks for the right word Spellcaster) to put the statue on, this display could be turned into a very small temple. Inside the temple we could place some artworks centered around Gopher and more specifically Stiv since it’ a Stiv statue. When I say artworks I mean map-art covering some of Stiv’s most memorable moments so that the artworks will sort of retell Stiv’s story. I was thinking something along the line of 3-4 map-arts each existing out of multiple parts (I’m thinking something like 4 blocks wide x 3 blocks high), but since I have never made something like this before I have no idea how hard it would be to do this. Making those map-arts could probably be almost as time consuming as making the statue(s) also, if they would be created, we need the agree on what moment’s we would choose to display and a place to build the templates.
  10. It is there idd, and I will leave it there but it's a very old SS I think. It doesn't really seem to follow any general SS guidelines but I did find some more connections to it on different lines I think, so maybe people still use them. I hope that the 'new upgraded' SS can serve as a good alternativ/replacement. On the station design, I think it has a subway-station like feeling so I hope you will like it when it's done.
  11. Yes that is the portal entrance I was thalking about. Anyway I changed the design a little bit and managed to make it work with only 2 stairs on opposite corners of the HUB removing the need to move that portal entrance (might still need to move his/her stair a few blocks). Phelan's potion storage will also stay in the same place only in a different orientation. 'new' stairs: The new potion storage: Anyway thanks for quick the response.
  12. Sort off related to this tread:
  13. The south SS is complete and connected with the highway up to the wither pads at the moment (almost halfway done). Feel free to add branches and/or change the makeshift connections into something nicer looking. When you make new SS branches, please keep in mind that we use normal ice instead of packed ice to counter pigmen spawns. The ministry of transport should be able to supply ice I think.
  14. I can see this being a delicate thing, but with the whole nether-SS and spawn-SS-station overhaul going on, I was thinking that the Nether-SS-HUB might require some love aswell. At the moment there is only one entrance to the SS around the nether HUB which is situated at the start of the red (north line) and it is quite easily missed in my opinion. With all the work that has already went into and will still go in the nether SS, I think/ hope that they will slowly become a more viable way of travel in the nether (especially over long distances). Therefore I think that we might need a clearer entrance from the HUB to the SS. I have copied the nether HUB with schematica and have been trying different things. The following should all work without too much changes and deffinitly no portal movement. At the moment I have made space for 2 banners next to each line, which would honour their original creators, and an extra 2 banners showing the colour of each line resulting in a total of 16 banners in this designplan. This amount of banners might already give a fps drop. If this is the case I suggest to remove the banners showing the line coulours because I have put coloured wool in the ground before each line's entry point. The changes that I would need to made in the new design are: Moved @Phelan potion storage to a different spot to make room for 1 of the stairs --> no longer necessary see second comment Moved the entrance of an unnamed portal near the HUB to a different already existing entrance. --> no longer necessary see second comment Moved the ‘lava-wall’ in the first part of the south SS 2 blocks back Pictures (I guess the design finished, but you're free to suggest changes): My suggestion for the new SS design: The new HUB entrances (2 stairs on both the east and west side) --> changed see second coment The old and new spot of Phelan's potion storage: --> no longer necessary see second comment What do you think about this idea? Is it to big, are there to many stairs to the SS-station from the HUB, some other concern's? Everything can change with your imput. I can provide a schematic-file if necessary - Krikkeee
  15. A well, we could only try. I guess we will have to use the vertical slice's as a building guide then, unless someone takes it upon himself/ herself to reproduce the entire statue in singleplayer and produce a schematic file before Gopher starts building.