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  1. And the community tree has rewards as well now (see topic). Going to hand these two (introduction + community) over to the redmine-council since these are the most important ones, and we'll see what they think of it. If they say no then there is no point in continuing work on the other (less important) trees.
  2. Update: the introduction tree now has xp and item rewards (see topic for info) Still working on adding xp and rewards to the other tree's, feel free to suggest changes.
  3. I do like the more "personalized" reward for each build (by a lack of a better word), but personalized banners would be to much work I think (finding the correct banners for each build and code them) and what would the player do with those banners, collect them in new banner-halls? I was thinking to make a combination of XP and some functional reward that has something to do with the build you visited, some examples: lava tower: cake iron, gold... farm: iron/ gold ingot banner hall: empty banner nautilus: prismarine/ sea lantern...
  4. So quick question, would you guy's/girls like to see some type of reward linked to these advancements? Rewards could go from XP to ressources , enchanted items or a combination (but will probably just be XP and maybe ressources). Please give the answer in the poll (if you are able to, it looks like you can't answer a new question when you already answered an old one).
  5. WAR / Call to arms

    On behalf of the neutral citizens of Minionland I would like to ask to please stop this before an all out war is unleashed and irreversible harm has been done. If it has to come to a fight I would propose a duel between the rulers of these eastern regions with a winner take's all approach. There are enough arena's available to solve this dispute without to much innocent bloodshed and destruction.
  6. Cheating would be stupid indeed and ruin the game for everyone, but by using normal blocks mistakes can happen when people forget to place things back after playing and such. Ofc you could "force" players to empty their inventory when entering and leaving, and by using colored carpet you could indeed bypass inventory's overflowing with 'money'-items. Thinking of that, you would need some kind of bank to trade currency's, it could be interesting to have villagers act as said bank. You could trade a certain type of carpet for an other type of carpet with a different value, but do villagers trade carpet let alone trade carpet for carpet? A dynamic scoreboard for the property's however still seems interesting to me because it can give a very fast overview of the board (ofc you would still need command-blocks to manipulate this): giver each player a colour through the scoreboard --> if they buy a property te colour of said property in the scoreboard changes to that of the player the score behind the property name could indicate the ammount of houses or hotels 0 = no houses 1, 2, 3, 4= 1, 2, 3 or 4 houses 5 = hotel And where the money can easily be placed in named chests when you pause a game, writhing down who owns which property and if they have houses/ hotels on those property's would be more of a pain. The scoreboard could just keep track of that for you and by making "multiple copy's" of this scoreboard you should normally be able to save/ load multiple ongoing games in a second. Anyway all of this can ofc. be done without scoreboards so it's up to you (and the admins) to decide, EDIT: Nevermind it's probably going to require to many command blocks to ever be approved (especially if you want multiple scoreboards to track multiple games). 2 blocks to add/ remove the points indicating the ammount of houses/ hotels for each plot X blocks to change the color of the plot in the scoreboard to correspond the owners color. X is the maximum amount of players with the absolute maximum being 16 (the amount of usable colors in scoreboards) X blocks to choose the color of the players themselves and multiply all of those with the amount of games you which the system can track at the same time... Even when this would only be 1 game at a time it could still be a 100 command blocks (unless I find a way to reduce this number).
  7. I was just wondering, how are you going to track the money, cakes are out of the question (you can't carry 200 cake's) so it have to be blocks. Even with blocks, there are limits and when people pause the game it will be easy to forget how much money they had or when they forget to put the blocks back or still have some in their inventory the game will 'break'. A solution to track these things in a more controlled way would be the scoreboard feature, however this would require a way to modify the scores (which would have to be commandblocks...) since there is no in-game way to track what we would need for this (the money). To be fair you could even use the scoreboard-feature to create a list off all properties and who owns them... You should even be able to make it so that multiple games can be tracked at the same time (money and properties). It's a nice system but the admins don't really like commandblocks and since only someone in creative with command acces can 'program' those it's probably never going to happen (unless they make an exception for this extraordinaire project).
  8. I think the big problem here is that 1.12.2 came out not so long ago, otherwise the update might have happend already. And since 1.12.2 (or 1.12.1) solved a duplication bug it would be better to wait for plugin updates to 1.12.2 I guess. Otherwise we might have got it already since 1.12 itself came out a couple months ago. @Lert donated 6 stacks of goldblocks from the MoT in your MTC slot, if we get it back after you are done there will be no problem, it's not like it's being used anyway. Just put them in the MoT mailbox at the spawn SS station when you are done. There are still about 3-4 stacks in the MoT if needed but i guess it would be better to have some back-up in case we need it to create powered-rails or something.
  9. The Nether SS upgrade (ghast-protection and rails)

    Update: East line: need to expand the line further east so it has acces to the iron farm... (current end: fivetowers/ karaki junction) replace the nether rack sections with proper roofs/walls (very low priority) added rails back in the highway but they also remain on SS level so players can choose which one they will use. South line: no roof past nautilus because there are no other portals until the world border, will add one when there are new portals but it's low priority at the moment complete the rails from claymoria until nautilus West line: connections to the highway still need to be made packed ice needs to be replaced with normal ice add rails The (far) North line: until today there has been no work on this line, but this has changed and suddenly became high priority because there are a lot of problems with this line apparently there are frequent ghast attacks way to big entrances to portals/ other branches that make the boats fly off of the SS. The SS can only have 1 block gaps in its guard-rails or otherwise the boats will fly off. I have placed temporary slabs in those entrances to make the SS work like it should. Only when you add some other guardrails that work and fit the design of your entrance can you remove those temporary slabs. way to many stop blocks, Warning: stop blocks are actually not really allowed on any other place than the begin and end of the SS (or under special circumstances approved by the MoT) and will be added by MoT-staff. Any other non approved stop block will be removed and replaced with normal ice. Entrances are supposed to be marked with redstone torches giving player more than enough time to slow down when needed. Thanks, Krikkeee (MoT nether SS cusodian)
  10. If you are going to make it actually functional, you could possibly use pistons with coloured blocks for the houses and hotels?
  11. True, to be fair I think the "dice" itself is one of the easier things, making that dice accessible and visible to every player playing the game would be a whole lot more difficult (especially with the size of the in-game board). And then you are not even speaking about managing/ controlling where people are on the board when/ if they need to pay and how many they would need to pay, the chance cards... It would be incredibly cool to have a completely functioning monopoly game in MC, but it will also be very difficult to realize and in the end the question is if people are actually going to use it (like you said).
  12. This seems like a possible way of doing that, it might cause some lag when the redstone "clock" is running but apparently this lag is caused by lighting updates (if you have to believe certain people on the server) so lighting up everything would stop this? Might be for mc 1.4.6 but I just tested it in 1.12 and it still works.
  13. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    Don't know if you have seen it but yesterday we where discussing firework dispensers in the discord. Some people seemed to prefer mixing firework dispensers with vertical TNT cannons to make it louder. Is there still room for something like this?
  14. Update: The Transport and the Community section are done Transport: Since there where only 4 advancements left in this tree, I have merged it with the introduction tree, reducing the amount of tabs in the advancement screen. removed: Nether SS and Nether Rails --> these seem rather useless extra's after you have fully discovered the Nether HUB. PUNT_Horse --> merged with Nether HUB Horse owner --> you can only check for tamed animals, not for given/ bought animals through the ZHorse plugin, and there already is a vanilla advancement for taming all animals so this seems unnecessary. Community: added these things to it: Creeper farm and witch farm --> need coördinates/ directions, since I don't now for sure where these are myself, thanks to Daalio for pointing me in the right direction ender ender map art pads MTC Possible additions Slime farm --> don't know if this is really necessary, there is one at the worldtree so it's basically already included removed: Cimi (doesn't seem to really be maintained anymore)
  15. Wow oke I completely forgot about this tread. And you are correct, I suppose I didn't think about that when I made this.