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    Too many to list in anything resembling a concise manner. Cooking and games (tabletop and video games) are at the top of the list though.
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  1. If it's to be a building competition, how about a speed build one. You get an example to study and all the materials you need (and some you don't) and you have say ten minutes to build a copy with the materials provided with judging criteria being completeness (for anyone who doesn't finish), accuracy and speed (assuming anyone finishes). Another potential is to announce a theme then let people bring their own materials and build at time within a given time limit (20 min is common). Either way, you get sign-ups in advance for a few days (say from the 5th through the 10th) so you know how ma
  2. I think the timing was a much bigger issue than anything. We opened in early October, right after the start of the school year here in the US. After the initial "it's impossible to get on" groundswell of people rushing in during the opening days there was a predictable falloff of about half the server. Now it's the point in the year where any of us in accounting, retail or food service are at our busiest because of X-mas shopping season (my workplace is now balls deep busy and will stay that way until around May) and wrapping out accounts to get ready for tax season while at the same time c
  3. Damn, yet another person who makes me feel inept when it comes to aesthetic builds. I'm too much of a (modded) tech head to really concentrate on aesthetic building fully, but I really do appreciate them. I love how this looks and once past the upcoming (US) holiday will have to come visit.
  4. Whitelisting is a bigger problem for those who'd like to join on the server but aren't an issue than it is a stop for people who would be an issue. Back when I was running servers I just always had it set up where newly joined people started in adventure mode and the only way to get set to survival (for players) or creative (for staff) was to either join a faction or get an admin or mod to change your mode. I'm not sure if that is still possible, but it causes less problems in the long run.
  5. I'll just here give my greetings to my southern neighbors in Portside. I visited a few days back (before this thread existed) and love what yer doing, feel free to stop up by Clan Direwolf Keep sometime, though I'm going to only be on occasionally for the foreseeable future (due to it being the busy season at work until around Mothers' Day and the fact that the DW20 modpack has now dropped and I'll be going hard down that rabbit hole for a while).
  6. OK, so after some quick checking of the state of the FNR, in order to smooth the transition, you'd need to move the majority of the road down 4 blocks to match the main highway network, or raise the start of the FNR by 4 blocks and add stairs between it and the Highway Network. You'd further need to move the start of the FNR east by 8 blocks to match the x-coords of the main body of the FNR, then talk to Mathchri as his Nether portal and claim around that portal is directly in the way (which is probably why the current build just bypasses it). That is all moderately problematic, but not insu
  7. I can't speak much for most of this, living in the complete opposite direction, not intending to roll through Wither anything with my latency and mainly going south to trade, but the dog and pony problem is absurd... and that's before PUNTS showed up.
  8. To be fair, I was only aiming to have a reliable and easy walk to the Highway and wasn't even thinking of making it viable to run rail or matching of the existing highway network when I was building. My main concern at this date is that several people have connecting portals to the Far North Road now, and a smooth flat run would require significant shifting of the built portals close to the road and changing of peoples connecting tunnels (the road is largely at a different y-level than the main highway network), so you, Ezryal and myself are hardly the only people to discuss that with. I'll
  9. I'm at nearly the north border (portal is at -9981z). I built the Far North Road which goes from my claim's nether portal south to the terminus of the red line from spawn. Ezryal has been slowly upgrading it to match the style of the main Nether Highway as a dark green line. If ya wanna visit, follow red from spawn, hang a right then a left onto the dark green and follow all the way to where the path ends. I'm the second to last portal.
  10. Because of how he transitioned his SSP world into being our SMP world coupled with how the hardline fanboys act every time he streams from the server, it is by definition impossible now for Gopher to properly experience the end game. He's not soloed the Dragon as one would have to do in SSP, he's not going to have the same experience gathering wither skulls, he's not going to have the chance to make the mistakes most of us made the first time we fought the Wither (especially those of us who fought it before info was on the wiki about it's mechanics). If he personally wants to build a be
  11. How does Ambrawr's horse keep ending up there...
  12. I'm going to be putting a book regarding this up at the notice board soon, but I figure I may as well put it here first since I won't be on the server for at least the next nine to ten hours. I'm building surface "wagon" roads, three wide cobble stairs and granite with dark oak slab bridges, to connect the rural central north region. If you live roughly north of -8000z and between -2000x west and 2000x east and would like this road network to be connected to your claim please contact me (preferably by /mail or /msg, though in this thread or by PM here also work) to coordinate where y
  13. I applaud anyone actually playing like this. Personally I will not do so on a server, especially when that server is 1/4 rotation of our planet away from me (I get enough odd latency spikes on servers within 100 miles of me). I've died more to latency than to avoidable in game risk as is. My favorite, though, is death by creeper while making a last hit rush only for the packet with my attack to clearly not have arrived until after it exploded, so I see the creeper die then hear the explosion and get the death screen all while my minimap shows only this one mob. Now in SSP, Hardcore mod
  14. So tonight I'm sitting here eating and watching the VoD of Gopher touring yer place, and I remember that I had another browser open in a separate workspace with design ideas from when I last posted in this thread... How would you feel about a design of a book pierced by an arrow against a background of a starfield (single white panes in a blue main background)?
  15. Thanksgiving is a hard sell just because we are international. The US contingent of us may have some interest, but Canadian Thanksgiving is past and it's not a thing in other countries under that name and specific cultural tradition. With both X-mas and New Year being on the weekend this year, however, I suspect there'll be tons of interest in both.
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