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  1. Been digging around for a few days - and I've found that in general, even without mods, I cannot have "bInvalidateOlderFiles=1" set in the custom.ini file. I was wondering if anyone here has any information/advice on the matter.
  2. Going live right now with Path of Exile with my team Feel free to stop by: http://Twitch.tv/EssenceOfZen/
  3. For the longest I've always loved tinkering with the bots in the FO games! And now we're finally getting the chance to work on and create the custom fit of our own! I'm also curious as to how they're going to explain the Machanist -- is this just a crazy guy inspired by the stories and fantasy of the mechanist - or is this actually THE mechanist that inspired the guy even further in the future via FO3? Not to mention to see what mods will come from this DLC via the GECK whenever it releases!
  4. The time zone is Est meaning GMT/UTC -5 And thank you for the welcoming -- I just finished streaming XCOM2 on commander for the first time and nearly raged my ass off o.O -- gonna go check out Gopher's experience in a bit and compare the outcome lol.
  5. Hey guys! I lurk the community from time to time but been busy lately. However, I will be streaming XCOM 2 and Path of Exile regularly, so if you're up for stopping by on fridays and sundays either 3:30pm est or around 6:30pm est then feel free (will update once a schedule is made) http://twitch.tv/EssenceOfZen/
  6. sweet Hope you guys won't mind a sorta kinda noob (not a gaming noob, just don't spend money on the game nor am I a total nut about stats lol)
  7. So I remembered that someone in the latest stream was talking about WarFrame xD I played awhile ago - was nothing fancy - but would be interested with gaming with others again So if free and feel like gaming (and possibly won't mind being streamed every now and then), I'm gamed Steam name is: ZenOoakmi I'm hard to miss as I'm the only ZenOokami on the net apparently x3
  8. Welcome Hope to see you around ^-^
  9. Ah, alright =o Thanks for the info P.Cat
  10. It went down and I've checked back 3 times over the course of 2 days and it hasn't been up. Did something happen?
  11. So I literally have to log in 4 or 5 times to actually log in. The first 4 times either just loads then does nothing or sends me to the specific log in page then eventually signs me in. Granted I never get a "incorrect information" message and I'm positive I'm inputting the right credentials every time.
  12. While everyone plays Witcher III... I guess I'll just be here editing videos and what not /sad

  13. ‚ÄčThank you I'm really digging the new forum as well - a lot more fluid and responsive
  14. Hello! I'm Zane "ZenOokami" Blalock from Essence of Zen!, I was on the old forums and site, but when college ramped up, kinda had to focus on that while you guys all moved to the new site and forums (this one). Anyways, I'm in school for Computer Science with a focus in hardware engineering, so I program and solder, even made my own Arduino clone and did some basic Digital Logic designs: I'm currently working on some Java projects, and a chrome Extension project. I'm also an artist here's a few pieces :3 In terms of gaming, I love games like the TES series, FO series, Starbound, Minecraft (heavily modded of course), and simple mindless games like WarFrame and Far Cry. I'm also a YouTuber in a group called Essence of Zen that utilizes tutorials, tech coverage, entertainment with things like gaming shows and discussions on media such as movies, cartoons and anime! Ironically I was inspired to increase quality due to Gopher so it's been quite the journey. I will be lurking on the forum as I usually do, as well as in the streams since it's now summer so I have more time to do so - when I'm not coding, filming, recording, editing, drawing, building, etc. lol Hope to have future interactions with you all and possible some gaming with you peeps as well. Also I've been tending to the Google+ community, it's not that active but just letting you all know that people still post there every now and then lol. Hope I provided quite the entertaining introduction ^-^ -ZenOokami
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