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  1. Don't really know much about stuff like this but it looked rather amazing so thought I'd share.
  2. Nakor88

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    So at this point I'm wondering if this should be moved to off topic. I put this here originally because of that simple thing I saw on gamespot about Bethesda saying Fallout 4 was a success and their biggest at that. Then I went to find that bit where Pete Hines said what they quoted in the story. It seems that it is at least a 4 part interview, I haven't gotten to the 4th part yet, watching the 3rd atm. Over all I find it interesting to get some insight into an upper member of Bethesda and one of the big public faces of the company. Here is the 3rd part of the interview that comes after the one I linked above. If you want to the the 1st or any other parts I suggest looking on the youtube channel.
  3. Nakor88

    Game News

    Ended up finding the interview with Hines thought I would add that in.
  4. Nakor88

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  5. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2016/12/21/nightside-the-inventor-of-email/ Thought there might be some interest in this.
  6. https://www.gog.com/promo/20161201_winter_sale_gopher_collection and thus Gopher's internet fame grows. Dam nice of them to do that.
  7. So this game is having a free weekend from Dec 1st to the 4th. It doesn't seem like a bad game so thought I would share. Have a good weekend. http://store.steampowered.com/news/25977/
  8. On a unrelated side note to the point of it not even belonging here perhaps. If you can't as Shiro said play ow but like that type of game Here is a game in beta. http://store.steampowered.com/app/444090/
  9. So like the title says overwatch free weekend coming. If you have anyone you wanted to play the game with and they don't own it, here's your chance to have them check it out and to play with them. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20372506
  10. I hope you have a good time too Quarico. Grab all the fun you can. =)
  11. First I just want to say thank you to Morrandir for posting the Jim sterling one. I forgot to check him. =) As for review copies I personally like to watch a person I "trust" review a game. A professional game reviewer or semi pro or whatever. Someone who does it for a living. They will address things that I sometimes don't even think about, but end up actually mattering to me. As for player reviews I read those too. I take them with a grain of salt though. Some are on the payroll of some company and they are writing that review as a job. They go down a list of sites and products and just are told write positive reviews and have little bullet point lists or whatever that tell them things to make sure to mention. So I don't really trust those either. Now there are also plenty of player reviews that are totally legit and useful as well. As I said I read player reviews. Some of them are useless junk though. "Bad game 0/10" That isn't useful to me. That is garbage. You took 2 seconds of my life posting that and I want it back. I want useful info, why is the game bad, what was good about the game, is it a port, how good/bad is the port overall. Is the game better with keyboard and mouse or controller, is it well optimized, also what kind of system did you test it on, is it a system that is below min specs but your still on here bitching like a brat. Plus other stuff that once again I don't usually think about. I lack trust for the general public and random internet people. I'm not inclined to take random internet reviews at face value. Plus there are games, movies, music, that get shitty reviews and I think they are good/great. I also don't like to waste time scrolling through 10-50 reviews trying to get glimmers of info I could get from a video I can watch well relaxing and see the game play and what not. In the end though it all comes down to personal preference though. You can ignore reviews until release and just ask a friend. But that is getting a review as well. But yes as arrogant said you don't need any professional reviewers. You can do it all without them. Looking at game play and what not. I do that too, it's one of the reasons I like review copies. I can see the stuff from a source I trust before it's out. Then I can grab a pre-order bonus if I like that as well. I think that will be the next step as well, first they deny review copies and then they add bonuses that are...well more. Like here is a whole level. Plus I think mankind divided was going to have a bonus system based on how many people pre-ordered. So if say 1 million people did they'd make X amount and all those people would get this stuff here. But if only 500k did then they wouldn't get A and B but they'd get G or whatever. People flipped out at the company I think and they took down that deal. But it happened. It'll be back most likely. I think the pre-order bonuses will get better and better to try to entice more and more people to pre-order. If more and more companies also deny or hold off till right before it might change things quite a bit. Where it isn't just a few companies that do it but an industry standard. That even indie companies do it. Cause "Hey extra money." Anyways I'm rambling. Just my opinion(s.) Anyways thanks for reading all that if you did and have a good day.
  12. https://bethesda.net/en/article/42QH1pTNpKSYIcgKK2C4wW/bethesda-and-game-reviews So that is a new policy by Bethesda. I'm wondering how long it holds, and how it will effect games at large. If they can do it and get away with it, other companies, especially the big ones, won't be far behind me thinks. Personally I'll most likely pre-order the next elder scrolls...that's me though. If I was smarter than I am, I would not do that and would wait for a proper review from a source I trust. While I made this thread because I am curious about peoples opinions, I will say, if you feel strongly about this, Go post on Bethesda's forums about the policy, or send them an email. Hopefully after you replied here. If you just say something here, they won't see it, most likely nothing will change. If you don't like it don't buy and send them a message directly. Just my thoughts on it. Now here are Totalbiscuit's and Boogie's.
  13. I will say I am interested in gwent, also depending on how they changed the game from witcher 3, I would be willing to join this. Prizes are nice but it could be something like a title on the forum or something if @Philosophercat would approve that. Part of it is (in my mind) a community thing and a community prize seems good to me. Though it is nice to win a game or money or whatever you come up with. The top 3 getting titles on the forum or something might be nice, and provide a prize of some sort regardless of what can be gotten. While typing this my mind wandered as it usually does. Anyways it wandered to the idea of, if Gopher was really into this tourny idea he could ask CDR to give us keys, well give him keys to give out to people who sign up for the tourny. It could get all this going sooner. He'd probably have to do some vids on the tourney and what not though and I don't know if he would have any interest in that. Plus it could be better to wait till the game is finished and fully released, so there is the full experience. That idea about Gopher getting keys, if he was really into this idea, was me basically typing random ideas. The same as say talking out loud to see how it sounds when you say it. But yes I would wait and see how much of a response you get. Don't put all the work in planning this unless it looks like it'll be a turnout you like. I would say one of the hardest parts might be getting a date that will get everyone showing up and they can agree on. You'll have a bunch of people agreeing to come and then you'll get everything set and say ok it's on the 4th of whatever and suddenly over half are like, "yea, I won't be there. That date is no good for me." I like the idea and look forward to seeing it take shape. =) Thanks for being willing to do this.
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