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  1. Hi, I decided to do a large build, inspired by those before me doing more than I have so far (World Tree does not count as I merely assisted in fleshing it out not design / initial build).n This is in. the very SE corner of the map X14999 Z 14999. Yes another large tree...bases loosely on the Norse Mythology - a Large multi branched Tree with platforms for the Worlds....I have started & had some much appreciated assistance from Shawn & Brinicio & Generic Overlord & Xanthir and WikingWing for the redstone repair / reworking. If anyone else would like to assist I would be more that willing to accept sugestions / build assitance etc. I have plenty of partially started sub builds & some ideas but open to more. Part builds needing completion - A) Tunnel from teh SE corner Slipstream to tree base - only a lit rock tunnel at present needs work to make it presentable. b) Lights around the top of the pyramid walls need completing c) Ground level entrance through the wall & into a third root needs constructing d) Minionland platform mostly done but needs some additons (Midgard Level) e) Arboria level done & trees placed but needs lighting & a little building added (Alfheim Level) f) Bone boat sailing out of Ice Portal (Helheim) done but could be better g) Double spawner (Spider & Cave Spider) done by Brinicio & Generic Overlord) h) Trunks of tree slowly rising up to 160 on one as main trunk being split then branches added so the other Worlds will be added over time. Any assistance offers go to the Crossroads Waterfront district, the Eternal Respawners Guild office to apply. Good building to all Draesham. (aka Oh my goodness what have I started...#Blame Jeancly)
  2. I have spare Stone in the SE Corner with portal access so If you need to raid my stocks let me know & I can give you trust there :)
  3. I usually wall them in on the Nether ways after they annoy me for a while, sometimes with a sign or a window....
  4. I would remind all parties that we hold allegiance to the Dark Lord first and foremost. Any petty disagreements between his minions are likely to be looked on with distaste and he is known for his smiting of minor nusiances..........you have been warned / reminded......take heed before all that is there are your smoking bones & ash......
  5. One point everyone seems to be forgetting is that Gopher has the final word - he is providing the server & kindly letting us use it - so if he does not want builds removed etc that's the way it is regardless of anyone else's views, he provides the server he makes the rules. I don't know what his view point is but the Admins are most likely to know of any of us so we have to be guided by them. He may not want spawn changed, Crossroads torn down & rebuilt we don't know so saying "we need to agree" is incorrect - Gopher needs to decide & we have to accept it. Just a reminder and something that does not seem to have been raised before. Bluntly he pays for the server.....his rules....our choice to stay or go.
  6. Re Tirius comment on the Minion Stew Basement - the World Tree has a communal warehouse set up for that very reason an area for people to drop off excess stuff & people to pick up what they need - no charge or "pawn" status simply a free exchange area for Minion use & as the World tree has a Warp point ....... in general - lets face it the revamp of Crossroads has been discussed for months now & never happens & never will due to the old builds issue & access rights etc It would be better / easier / more workable to decide on a new area for the central Zone & start again rather than this closed loop of " Let's redo Crossroads - How - access issues - Oh dear- Let's redo Crossroads". TBH - it was not really planned initially as the initial influx to the server was a little unexpected & the admins were not really prepared for the number of people building (not blaming admins by the way just stating that the initial demand for server acces was overwhelming & no way anyone could control it). So Crossroads was an initial idea that spiralled out of control and I doubt it can really be salvaged, plus too many of us do things without consultation as we think it is a good idea (me included) and as there is no real framework in place.... Sorry if this is mostly negative but reality bites - we need to move on from Crossroads is the place & start anew.
  7. Dropped some rails, powered rails, redstone torches & blocks off at MTC for you
  8. I have already claimed part of a southern Ice Spike Biome to protect it - X1018 z-146 not a large area just part of it
  9. I object to the removal of the old rails, build new by all means but leave the old system - too many people have links to it and i for one use it a lot!
  10. Did try & visit the other day but the main portal was off
  11. That's good then, just a topic I had not seen discussed & glad to know it is not an option
  12. So the proposed upgrade...votes for & against a full server renewal to enjoy 1.11/2 to its fullest?
  13. erm yes it is, the entrance i signposted World Tree, think it is just after the Yggdrasil Isle exit
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