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  1. Thanks for the input guys, i was talking to a number of people yesterday, i'll line up the new findings and explanations below: - i think i should have added that this event is not bound to happen soon, i am sure that gopher wants to fight the wither on his own terms first, that is absolutly fine, the event could take place any time between now and 16.12.50 for all i care. I made the post mostly to see if this could even be accomplished and because i know myself, meaning i would forget it otherwise ^^ - NT you are right, when the idea first came to mind i thought of the throneroom fo
  2. Hello, the idea for this event popped up arround Halloween, but was discarded several times. This post will offer a flavor text, the setup and possible rules for this possible event. More than that, it serves as a means to draw attention to this idea, to invite feedback and to measure the interest and wether or not it is feasable to realize it. The following is flavor text, if you do not care for such a thing, or are more interested in mechanical information skip this bit. Flavor text: In the beginning the was only the Dark Lord and the Ender Dragon. The Dark Lord was
  3. Hard to press "like" on such a sad announcement. I think it's a shame, how ever demand and supply dictate...yadayadayada. Thank you how ever! For sticking arround and for still pushing initiatives for minionland!
  4. I support nesa, give that woman an inn. We were building one, but than university and ESO happened... She would be a great choice, as she allready is interested in running an inn. Yay!
  5. Run you fool! You will be made into mulch for her humongous tree xD
  6. I have been struggeling to post this, but i stand behind this and i think that we should not underestimate the impact this behavior on the server has had and still has. Senpai notice me: -when the first Server streams started we had this kind of behavior for the "first" time. People spamming gopher in game and twitch to tell them how great they are, how he needs to visit them, that they just want to help (while crowding him, hashing for compliments of their skins, gear and/or gifts). - people struggeling against each other for the closest possible claim to gopher, so he can see
  7. Cheeeeeeerub Darkfire escaped from the basement, again. He is terrorizing the villagers!
  8. With regards to jldoner xD this man will offer you the Porsche of the horse variety. I actually got a horse from him. Susan and i almost died 5 mins later because we were so fast i did not see the ravine infront of us until we were half way down. Don't fret though Susan is a tough beasty and still very much alive. I allready have 2 horses and 2 PUNTs in claim list, but i travel a lot between north and west and could take a few more PUNTs for these lanes. With regards to the "not found on this Server" thingy: Jldoner and i encountered this today, my horse (standing in front of m
  9. I get the hermit thing, at least to a degree, i mean our colony is way far out, at the same time i enjoy my neighbours way too much to be a hermit. I think we were very lucky that all bar one are great neighbours and supporters. The single one that insisted on silence will come arround, he will run out of walls to put in my face, at some point Well enjoy the peace while it lasts, better get used to removing wanted posters XD map art found it's way on our server.
  10. So thats why you guys took down the map! You want to relocate and hide. That wont work! We will find you and wall you in with thank you signs! Submit. Resistance is futile.
  11. That is a nice idea, once i am back on i start building thank you park banks
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