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  1. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Completed Diamond City, Villager updates in progress. Vault 404 new entrance, lower levels in progress.
  2. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    Project Oasis (FO3) has been completed! Close up of Harold. Shot of one of the 6 Wood Farms at Oasis. And of course this wouldn't be complete without Harold's beating heart.
  3. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    These are all awesome shots! Can’t wait to see what else gets posted here!
  4. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    When Mayor Gopher lets his fans in.
  5. A new settlement needs your...

    @Gopher a new settlement needs your cake! So after discussion with a few members, it was agreed upon to create a new thread to bring awareness to the New Minion Commonwealth. Some of you are aware that I have finally completed my Diamond City project. For those of you that aren't aware, it's done!... well almost... I'm currently filling it with villagers as it will be the lands trading area. Regardless you can still come and visit and enjoy the surroundings, Especially for those of you that are Fallout fans. Currently to complete this, I'm working further on the public iron farm (new institute) to get the breeder in action. It doesn't compare to Ovaji's but youre welcome to the iron if youre in the area. In my personal storage area, the Super Duper Mart, you'll find a small area near the front of the store where you're welcome to a few random items. Although halfway done (on the inside), to compete with all the towers that went up during the early days, you'll find the Mass Fusion Tower where you can get new views and a great elytra jumping point. But there's a lot of other places to explore and find that belong to the New Minion Commonwealth. And there's plenty more to come too. Post your lands below if you think its something you'd want Gopher and others to visit.
  6. Server Update

    This is good to know and also all valid points. I agree with you. It seems like updating may also include a 1 time charge if no other alternative plugins are found. I don't think gopher would mind though it it meant updating the server. Who knows, maybe that would bring him around more often?
  7. Server Update

    Paid plugins? No kidding. You’re probably right because I didn’t see any paid plugins. Were the paid ones at least updated? Also what sites are you searching on? I’ve mostly stuck to the ones that also provide the server downloads like bukkit or spigot.
  8. Server Update

    Lol very good point Shawn, not sure how missed that myself. Thanks for adding that in.
  9. Server Update

    I'm assuming that the command blocks would only be available by admins as im sure making those available to players would open all sorts of can-o-worms. but yeah, finding other mods/plugins that do the same things as some that are not currently updated would probably be one option instead of waiting for the updates.
  10. Server Update

    You’re not wrong. Half that list is in need of an update. Some plugins I couldn’t even find as well, granted that I was running out of time to search for them. And again, that’s if we are on a bukkit server of some form. I don’t think plugins translated well across server types but my knowledge on that is limited. considering that 1.13 is a thing with 1.14 trailing behind it. I’m not sure where modders stand with updating their plugins for which version. some plugins were also labeled as version 1.11+ Which this small detail I did not include in the list But does this mean it’s compatible with versions beyond 1.11? Theres a lot to look for and consider.
  11. Server Update

    Hi everyone! I thought I would start this thread because like many of you, I too was also curious about this issue and it seems to be a conversation we all have every now and again. Like many of you, I too am hoping to one day see the server updated. Please be aware that it isn't just a simple flick of a switch. There are currently 29 plugins that the server works with, it may not seem like it but all you have to do it type in /plugins into the chat to produce this information. Because the server we all love is using so many plugins that we all need and appreciate, it makes it harder to perform a MC version update. The plugins have to be up to date as well. There may be a few that were coded a certain way that will cross versioning but keep in mind this is rare. For the most part and as a general rule, all plugins should be up to date to match the MC version in order to reduce any possible errors or glitches. Lastly, I'm not 100% what our server type is, it could be bukkit, spigot, etc. Either way I don't remember seeing this information anywhere or maybe I just missed it. This may make the information below inaccurate. Regardless of this fact, I did a little research of my own and compiled a list of the plugins with there most current available version. I know we all have an interest in this. Maybe by all of us contributing to this cause, we could find solutions to the things holding us back. Maybe some of you have connections with modders that would be able to update some of these mods? Either way, you can see there's quiet a number of them holding us back from upgrading. Maybe we can help the Admins out in these small ways.
  12. Diorama Drama!

    I like this idea. May have to think of a methed of doing this though. Maybe map art too?
  13. Minion Land Tours

    I love this thread and would have to agree with everyone. @Gopher I think before you jump into creating a new name, perhaps just test what logging in unannounced would be like. Instead of streaming minionland, maybe at least record it so you have footage to play with. I would agree with Shawn that the announcement of you streaming minionland is what causes the crowds. I think you’ll find that the regular every day group (while loving your presence) would give you more of the environment and gameplay you are looking for. I personally would love to see you experience the server for what it is and everything within it. I want to see you really push you’re creativity on here. There’s much you’re missing out on and need to explore!
  14. Lets see your awesome screen captures!

    It's not complete just yet but I couldn't not post these as I'm getting closer and closer to completion. I'm feeling really good about how this is turning out after feeling the slow dragging work pace big builds like this cause. After a few more days of grinding this place out, I think we'll be able to call it officially done and open to minionland. Fenway Park, aka Fallout 4's Diamond City.
  15. Minionland Feature Builds

    Missed out on the theme park event? Check out the video tour here!