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  1. Hello every Moderator. My Minecraft can't load, so could you save my claims? I would love keep them (Anyone know a fix for the new Minecraft launcher?) NB! Forget that. I fixed it
  2. Hello everybody. I'm building a hotel, for players that don't have a claim. It's going to look like two towers on each side of a valley with a bridge between them, one of them are going to have a hand of Saruman and the other tower are going to have a Eye of Sauron. Under and a bit behind the bridge is going to be the main building, I want it to have something with Harry Potter. My name on the server is TheDragonsbattle please send me a mail in-game, if you want to help or have any tips. Im going to post a picture of how the project looks right now.
  3. Is it possible to get a spot on the noticeboard at the crossroads? I need to inform new players about the boarding hotel.
  4. How do i change my name on the forum? My name is different on this forum then on the Minecraft server.
  5. Why not say, perhaps 17 or 18 ingots for a horse and a saddle.
  6. Is is it possible to get a "Reccomended shaders" as a post on the noticeboard on the crossroads? So "old" players can put up, so that new players might see some suggestions, if they haven't played with shaders before.
  7. If the stream means the video on YouTube #Prelude : Server Setup Ramble it's not weird that i didn't know, because i am watching it now. Nice! I need to change my skin on Minecraft
  8. So the only thing i need to do is to click the Quote button Like this
  9. Currently reading Conn Iggulden's "Wolf of the Plains" It's nearly a biography about Djengis Khan. This is the start of a trilogy. Iggulden has also written about Julius Ceaser, maybe a good book (I have it but havn't read it.) Hope this is a good recomendation, tell me when/if you have bought it. (Sorry for bad English).
  10. thank you very much for those welcomes (fra deg også svenske) I think i will enjoy my stay here and i love cookies and hot cocoa PS/Edit: How do you Quote someone?
  11. Thanks. Thats a very good point
  12. Hi. I just wanted to say Hi. I am very new to this forum (and forums in general). Sorry if my English is not perfect, i am from the beautiful land of Norway
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