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  1. Gopher, Firstly, I love that you've finally decided to give the College a go. In the interest of making this as "magical" an experience as possible I have two suggestions (along with a patch for one of them). The first is Immersive College of Winterhold and please understand that I do know what the word "immersive" actually means. It makes some truly wonderful changes to the grounds, the routines of the wizards, and even restores several little quests that Bethesda left hints for but didn't tie up. I tried it once years ago back in Skyrim and it has been a constant part of my load order ever since. It includes a quest of its own but.. meh... the good bits won't require any adventuring. There is even a patch to make sure that it plays nice with the Legacy of the Dragonborn. I'd also like to suggest Enlightened College of Winterhold which adds and improves the lights for the college. I hope you check them out. I suspect you'd enjoy ICW quite a bit. In any case cheers and carry on. -SD
  2. Aye. I've gotten into the habit of just leaving one of his videos on while I'm doing other things. So he's often the voice in the other room keeping the house from feeling empty.
  3. Yeah man. I've also vicariously reveled in Jack's wholehearted celebration of drug and alcohol abuse. Gotta love Cass.
  4. Gopher, I'm a disabled veteran of the US Navy. I'm in my late forties and suffer from several conditions that make leaving the house difficult at best and painful at worst. I'm not saying this to elicit any pity which, frankly, I would likely find both tiresome and mildly offensive. I say it to describe how you've helped me. Over the past decade I've learned the meaning of the word isolation. A few years ago I turned around one day and realized that the only people I'd looked in the eyes and spoken to for the better part of the previous six months were delivery people. As you can imagine it was a mildly horrific moment combining all sorts of uncomfortable truths in a single, miserable experience. So what does this have to do with you? I've been a fan since I was looking for information on how to mod Fallout 3 and, by extension, Oblivion without making the universe unravel. I found your videos and just sort of stuck around. At the time you were just starting your play-through of Skyrim with Stiv. Since then I have followed you from the frigid peaks of northern Tamriel through the crumbling wasteland around Washington DC, the poisonous surface and terrifying depths of Moscow, the teeth chattering dark of Amnesia, the lonely blood soaked streets of London and back to Tamriel for both Richard and now Leonard. I have witnessed both Frank and Barry's reactions to the end of the world. In other words I've been a lurker in your forums and the occasional patreon for the better part of the last decade. So I think it can safely be said that I am a fan. Right. But why the gratitude? Well, because of that isolation I mentioned. I spend a lot of time alone. Your videos provide a-ah... how do I say this? I'm laughing and wish I could convey the reasoning behind it. The words I want to write are "stabilizing and grounding influence". Yeah. ;) Seriously though. For years you have been a steady part of my experience. You have provided chuckles, many shakes of the head and more than a few outright facepalms... and, as sad and humbling as it is to say... I think I'm saner because of it. So thanks, mate. A few years ago I used to buy you a couple beers a month to say thanks and good job. Now, because of deteriorating economic conditions in both my country and personal finances, the best I can do is tell you that, in addition to making a living, you are helping people. So carry on, brother. Carry on. - Scion Drakhar aka Whitelion1284 aka MM1 Heim of the USN.
  5. Greetings, Gopher and fellow minions. I would like to suggest a simple .ini edit that would have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic appeal of Leonard's night-time traipses through the snow. Right now, and thus far in the series, there are great patches of blue grey snow that contrast dramatically with the rest of your snow textures. This is caused by a combination of things but the root of and easy fix for the "problem" (I think it's hideous, personally) is a new snow shader added by the SE engine. Quite simply, it doesn't play well with either lighting mods or snow mods. The solution is simply to find or add "bEnableImprovedSnow=0" to the [Display] section of skyrimprefs.ini. This disables the new shader which then stops conflicting with everything else... and the effect is quite beautiful. If you are interested please see the images at the end of these links for comparison: http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l559/Whitelion1284/In the Snow Comparison 01.jpg http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l559/Whitelion1284/In the Snow Comparison 02.jpg http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l559/Whitelion1284/In the Snow Comparison 03.jpg They are a little early, at roughly 21:00, but since I use a dark nights mod I thought this was roughly the right time for a comparison. There aren't many that stand out but there are a few drifts about which, if I'd not disabled the shader, would stand out in stark and dramatic contrast to the fluffly white snow around them. I suspect it might make 'ice-with-depth' look better but can't say definitively one way or another. I can tell you that I am quite pleased with the result and would like to invite you to make your own comparison. Cheers
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