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  1. deleted text

  2. ya'll read/sound like you think you're making sense … let's see if I'm even in the same book (we'll worry about the page later)… Rage 2, right? Someday I'll be an actual gamer for real... someday.
  3. I'm SO glad the website is back. It was one of those things I didn't realize I'd miss until it was gone.  Thanks be to whomever that you got it back, Gopher.  And you have every right to be proud of it.

  4. so Metro Exodus is out? am I to assume that we've lost Gopher? I am so far behind the times.
  5. could be bad mechanics though some of us are forever fated to be foot soldiers. I don't care what game it is, I can not shoot/swing a sword/axe/mace/what-have-you on a horse. It's just not possible.
  6. horse blankets ARE important! I would'a gone back for my horse; it's a crying shame they don't let you lead a horse not asking that type of question in front of a spouse was …. discreet, I thought. the garland thing, well, that was avoidance, but I have faith there's a plan. Gopher always has a plan, somewhere, usually
  7. It is such a delight to read about someone having fun in a game - any game. Thanks, OutandBack, I enjoyed that.
  8. Really? I've never gone down the criminal path myself. Well, only skirted it. I've often wondered about jail breaks.
  9. Ever a disappointment to my hopes to become Carla ……. tho, I have always appreciated your efforts
  10. I love it. That's almost my first several hundred hours in Skyrim.
  11. That's a shame; hope it doesn't happen to this play through. Now that we can see it, the museum is a bit intimidating.
  12. Badges

    Server Update

    Yes, thanks @Rodzyn. It really is appreciated.
  13. I can't think of anything short enough that doesn't involve pigeons …. or was it boyfriends with hats?
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