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    reading and more reading, some gardening tho it's usually just pulling weeds. Overwatch is a new addition (addiction?) 'n Minecraft 'n of course Skyrim 'n Witcher 1, 2 & 3.
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  1. No, I'm not sure. I was making an assumption which could very well be wrong.
  2. Yesterday Gopher posted a link on Twitter for a stream by the artist drawing Richard (but actually Jack) .... her name is catstar101.
  3. Anime piracy may be considered legit ?

    hmmmm... makes me wonder, does anything get into public domain anymore? I think that's likely a different topic, though; one that circles back around to copyright issues which seem endless these days.
  4. Anime piracy may be considered legit ?

    I agree, unfortunately. As I mentioned, none of my personal boycotts have had any positive results. It is dependent on the number of people willing to boycott and the only thing I've seen that has garnered enough to be effective are a few TV show cancellations. It doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s worth doing, it's all I really can do. I think all of those are questions the industry (whichever one I'm boycotting) should ask - when I've cancelled subscriptions, most ask me why, and I tell them.
  5. I love this - I'm gonna put it on my own coffee mug. Well, maybe just as icing on the cake I'm gonna make 'n eat all by myself with sisters go on their next trip. On the serious side, it does make me sad that Gopher has to clarify this so often. And it makes me wish I was better at giving positive feedback on the YT channel
  6. I agree, entirely delightful
  7. Anime piracy may be considered legit ?

    Yes, boycotting means you don't subscribe at all and yes, that means you do without. It does not automatically mean you have to resort to piracy or is anime (or whatever is being pirated) something that we are innately entitled to?
  8. Anime piracy may be considered legit ?

    I going to start by saying I don't watch or read anime nor am I much of a debater. Overall, I'd find his piracy argument more believable if he was following his own advice. I just couldn't get past that and, for me; it made the rest of the video seem like a rationalization. I would boycott before pirating - not that my personal boycotts have ever achieved anything <shaking a fist at Comcast>. It'll be interesting to see what others think.
  9. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Well, good luck with the move - new stuff 'n places are always kind of exciting, tiring, but exciting.
  10. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    shoot, I missed it. RL has been interfering lately. How'd you do?
  11. Extended PC use and sleep issues

    Interesting, thanks for the link.
  12. short response, since I can't delete it all together. The voices are what make this LP hard for me to watch. I think they're very true to life.
  13. Recipe Box

    I'm going to try this one, would be easy during the week
  14. Recipe Box

    Horrible, terrible things, I would imagine. Hot peppers only come into this house when my brothers visit and they consider jalapenos too mild and generally bring their own. For those of who live here, it would put us in the ER.
  15. Recipe Box

    <sigh> I'm teaching myself how to cook, now that I have time for it 'n made a lovely carrot 'n ginger soup last night. Lovely, it was; I just wish someone had told me that chopping many carrots into tiny pieces would turn your fingernails orange.