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  1. Really? I've never gone down the criminal path myself. Well, only skirted it. I've often wondered about jail breaks.
  2. Badges

    Patreon Summer Update (INDEX)

    Indeed it was not
  3. Ever a disappointment to my hopes to become Carla ……. tho, I have always appreciated your efforts
  4. Badges

    skyrim do people still play the oldrim

    I love it. That's almost my first several hundred hours in Skyrim.
  5. I need a "me, too" button
  6. That's a shame; hope it doesn't happen to this play through. Now that we can see it, the museum is a bit intimidating.
  7. Badges

    Server Update

    Yes, thanks @Rodzyn. It really is appreciated.
  8. I can't think of anything short enough that doesn't involve pigeons …. or was it boyfriends with hats?
  9. I don't think I ever saw orange squares; purple yes but not orange.. I agree though, the tweaks do look nice but still dark. It'll be interesting to see how Gopher finally approaches it. I liked the night vision, it was perfect for me. I just can't come up with a good justification for it. Unless Lenny is somehow related to one of those NPCs that can find you in the dark no matter what.
  10. Nekolix, I love it; but doesn't he just need to tell Inigo to buy a horse and give him the money for it? Cryzeteur, there are days when you have no faith
  11. uhmmmm... not that I"ll be able to update my console in this lifetime, but what is 14nm tech? a link would be fine since I don't really want to derail the conversation.
  12. And the trees. Agreed, I may never go to Solitude again . Gopher, thank you for the time and effort you've put into this. I’ll certainly enjoy it. Seriously. Really, really.
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    E3 2018

    ..."Teasing Multiple Games"? Please, please, please, not mobile games that was my initial reaction on seeing the video title (which I haven't watched yet)
  14. Badges

    Increased perk points

    Have you noticed if he's turned off the synergy perks/points from his follower? It's something I would always forget to turn off in AFT.
  15. It's so bizarre .... someone I never heard of has followed me on twitch.  I have no idea why; there's nothing there - absolutely nothing.  Can't quite decide if I'm freaked out; mostly it just feels weird :huh:

    1. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      I feel the same way with my youtube. I only uploaded 2 videos just for the spite of it all.

    2. ShawnBoucher


      Imagine how Gopher feels all sorts of people he has never heard (and a few he probably wishes he hadnt) follow him. ;P