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    I don't know, it hasn't really grabbed me yet. Maybe I just haven't seen enough about it 'n maybe I need to stop resenting the delay it represents (in my mind) to Skyrim 6.
  2. Nice to meet you friend, and the pleasure is all mine. Been here for two years and love it a lot, despite the silent nature here right now or for awhile now LOL

  3. Okay, I wanna know how this goes, Sophieskyrim1984. It doesn't have to be a video or even everyday, but I wanna know how it's going, girl.
  4. This is turning out harder to respond to than I thought it would be. I do miss the activity on this site but mostly I think that the immediacy of discord is hard to fight. That said, I came here originally because a) there was a lot of information and b) there seemed to be a fair amount of folks who liked to play together. I haven't seen a lot of play in a long time and I don't know how to bring it back (this is almost a lie, but it would require me to do something). Cryzeteur has more than done his bit (you know that he points out the cookies and warns of low flying things to new folks) but no-one has thrown any rutabaga's in a while. Outside of wanting someone else to entertain me/us, what are we/you/I looking for? I seem to be looking for an informal roleplaying area; what are you looking for and can I help you get achieve it? OMG, I just realized I've probably never spoken to you before, welcome, and please, please if I'm not making any sense or..or..or..just anything that hasn't come off right, throw that empty wine bottle at me or maybe a pillow ... a pillow would be nice.
  5. Dangnabbit! I really really didn't want to wait to November for this game. I'm whinning, yes, I am and I know it. Rational has nothing to do with it.
  6. Thank you. Those are going to take awhile for me to read as I'm not a fast reader. You are the first person I've met that's agreed with me that numbers aren't natural. Really, you are. Admittedly, I haven't met a lot of folks outside of my immediate family. I'll likely start with the fiction first. Somehow, I've always felt that fiction tells more about a writer that not; but then I tend to read more fiction than non-fiction ☺️
  7. That's interesting and you make mods, too. Is your book in print? I spent most of my life working with numbers somehow; it always surprised me because numbers just aren't natural 🤪.
  8. It's a damn shame, tho. I'd been hoping for a co-op type game to play with one of my brothers 'n he already has this one.
  9. LOL, okay you have a few more years than I (but just a few) but I'll stop bragging about my age. May we all continue to live on our own for many more years. You've been very helpful here from what I've seen; it part of what made this forum comfortable for me. I've started a number of games but don't seem to have any staying power. I've been trying to get the hang of using a controller and it's harder than I thought it would be. My two finger typing isn't as fast as it use to be on a keyboard. I think one of my sisters has already had the Virus, she was really really sick the last few weeks of January. It would be interesting to get her tested. If it's not too inquisitive, what are you writing? Sit me in from of paper 'n my mind goes blank or I start doodling.
  10. Whew! and I thought it was me. I've always feared I was a "cooler" (as they say in Vegas). I think that all them young folks are use to more immediate interaction. I think I have 10 to 15 years on you guys and live with people who are higher risk then me. I find the longer the stay in place is in effect the less I have to say. I've been coming by more often but really haven't been gaming much.
  11. I love you guys. I never know what your saying but I love you. Really, I do. At some point, after I've slept awhile, it all makes sense. No, no, ignore that bottle of Pinot Noir on my desk, it has nothing to do with anything. Really; really - a word I learned awhile ago from someone, someplace.
  12. it may be old news by now but on last Sunday's stream Gopher said he removed them because of the type of comments they were attracting. Anyway, they remain on twitch for a bit if you want to see them, it's where I usually watch VODs if I miss a stream.
  13. Looks like a more than acceptable schedule, just take of yourself, too.
  14. In the stream, he said that the story is only in single player. Once they weren't dying it did become more interesting to watch.
  15. well, it was pretty - much prettier than the Forest, though that was nice looking and I much prefer wild animals to mutants for the most part. You know, it took me awhile to figure out it wasn't an updated Forest. I know it's in the title 'n all, but still somehow I missed it.
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