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    reading and more reading, some gardening tho it's usually just pulling weeds. Overwatch is a new addition (addiction?) 'n Minecraft 'n Guns of Icarus. Might as well list Skyrim 'n Witcher 1, 2 & 3.
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  1. True, but I've never gotten the feeling that he'd lie to us - he'd say nothing and/or turn the conversation. Yes, it does tend to support the predominant sentiment towards Bethesda which I don't seem to share. I was a little surprised at how hesitant I was to point the comment out. I'll have to work some on my non-existent debate skills
  2. In the YT comments for the video, Gopher said there wasn't anyone there that he could ask/speak to about it, just PR representatives who had little knowledge of the game (that's not a direct quote, just my faulty summation of his response to someone asking a similar question).
  3. I'd be happier if it was a trip to Bethesda to give advice on how to make the the Creation Club work well. Console users need this, I really believe they do. Errrr ... well, maybe not all of them do, but my brother really needs it.
  4. is that load order right? Doesn't Skyrim need to be first? then the DLC in order of release? I'm really not very good at this gaming stuff so I could be off base. I also don't have Skyrim or Skyrim SE loaded on my PC to check (thank you Win10 Creators update). Did Skyrim SE change that?
  5. However, it does put a completely new light on some of his merchandise
  6. I seem to recall Gopher mentioning in the last stream that he didn't want 2 Bethesda games running at the same time anymore. Settlement building would be enjoyable but it's sounding like maybe not. Guess time will tell .....
  7. So .... I just noticed a Skyrim skeleton race mod (several in fact) on Nexus.  Now I really want someone to LP Bill's search for Stiv.  Please?

  8. Thanks, Gopher. I enjoyed every minute of the series. I'll miss it, too; things feel a little off balance knowing there won't be more in a day or so.
  9. Gave me a chuckle that did. I think there's a reason we enjoy watching Gopher. No insult intended but I think we're all (not so secret) hoarders.
  10. I'm very much looking forward to that as well.
  11. Well, the only thing I can agree with was that it was too dark to watch, at least for me. Usually when the videos are too dark, I can watch them on TV rather than my PC and the lighting is better.. Not this one.
  12. Hello!

    yes, Welcome to the forum! Sit awhile, have some cheese 'n....well, I've seem to have finished the wine, but, have some cheese while I fetch another bottle...
  13. E3 2017 Looking forward to this.

    I'm looking forward to that as well, tho, I'd likely be content with any VR gameplay. I so want that, I do, I really do.
  14. <sniffle> RIP Minecraft - cruelly taken from me by last nights Win10 update.  I'll miss you and Minionland.  <lays a wreath on the grave and departs to check the survival of other games>

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    2. Badges


      It's had an fps impact on all my games, just Minecraft is the worst.  I think they're trying to force me to use the Win10 edition.  

    3. Sup3rNo7a


      Time to upgrade back to Windows 7, then. :rolleyes:

    4. Badges


      LOL, just last week I dug out the old computer with Win7 on it

  15. Can't link to Gopher's Minecraft Server, Any ideas?

    I'm sorry to hear that I'm going to be in the same boat at some point since I'm retired as well. One day my former IT department will realize they're still funding my internet connection - which is nice, but it's going to be a shock when they get around to dropping me.