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    reading and more reading, some gardening tho it's usually just pulling weeds. Overwatch is a new addition (addiction?) 'n Minecraft 'n of course Skyrim 'n Witcher 1, 2 & 3.
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  1. PATREON : Christmas Hangout

    dang, now you got me wondering how donations 'n currency conversion rates work .....
  2. PATREON : Christmas Hangout

    pretty sure it's $1, Jeancly ...... or whatever passes for that in Italy (?)
  3. PATREON : Christmas Hangout

    that's correct, Beuwolf. Norway would be 9 hours ahead of CA; not that I'm a patron or anything .... Have fun y'all.
  4. SidAlpha did a YT video a few hours ago that says Patreon reversed the fee change.
  5. well, I'll be a mo .....something or other. I'll have to try and get beyond the Red Rocket someday. I never saw any LPs for Fallout from the beginning; seemed to have started all of 'em with one DLC or another.
  6. There's an overlap between Elder Scrolls 'n Fallout lore? Really? I had absolutely no idea.
  7. Minionland Feature Builds

    That is an extremely bad combo ... end of year work rush was enough to make me dread holidays. Good luck to you 'n take care of yourself first 'n foremost. The work always seems to get done with or without you. At least that was my experience.
  8. Minionland Feature Builds

    I think that's a grand idea. I'd watch.
  9. It's a sad day today .....

  10. NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    settlement building with BARRY? LOL, thanks I needed a laugh this morning. How likely do you think that is? Now if Barry could delegate it to the Operators and then give a tour when it's done, maybe, just maybe. More seriously, though, I would love to see Barry wander around an operating Nuka World.
  11. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    That's a shame, that is.
  12. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I hope you succeeded
  13. [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Here we go for xBadges: Character info Name: Badges (no last name); Nickname “Mouse” Gender: Female Nationality: United States Voice: American English 5 Attitude: Laid Back Head Face: A Hair: Dirty Braid Hair color: 25 Eye color: 7 Race: 0 Skin color: 0 Helmet: none Upper face prop: Half-framed Glasses Lower face Prop: Cigar The rest doesn't matter ......
  14. No, I'm not sure. I was making an assumption which could very well be wrong.
  15. Yesterday Gopher posted a link on Twitter for a stream by the artist drawing Richard (but actually Jack) .... her name is catstar101.