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  1. I find that kind of escalation is typical of most remodeling endeavors, at least in my home
  2. yes, do publish it. I'd like to see it not that I've installed FO4 yet. Maybe you just need something simpler to renew your modding spirit. I'd still like Trashcan Carla (I think that's her name) in Minecraft ... donkeys 'n llamas just aren't the same . Mostly joking so no obligation, really, cause I don't know what I'm talkin' about when it comes to mods 'n different platforms 'n things.
  3. I think you should do more in Skyrim before heading off to Solstheim ... seeing as how someone already told you, yes, it does take you to a completely new map. And get well!
  4. okay - here's a few shots - no resource pack, no shaders - only optifine 'n forge. I usually see a fairly wide swing anytime I go to xroads; less so at spawn. It doesn't happen to such an extreme on my home plot but I'm almost the only one out there other than creepers and the occasional visitor to the underwater temples. I have no idea what this tells you but hope it helps.
  5. that's all quite impressive, Gdpud! Tho, isn't that jeep gonna wreak havoc on the ecology in that dune area? . Just teasing - I think I've lived in the Calif Bay Area too long..... Welcome to the forum side
  6. So sad, it seems YouTube will no longer be available on my Smart TV.  Apparently, it's not smart enough .....

    1. Merp17


      I still have a Tube TV with a built in VCR.

  7. Can they be euthanized when that happens? Oh wait, this isn't Ming and I suppose it would have a negative effect on the community, wouldn't it?
  8. I enjoyed watching this stream; I turn a bit green with envy but I do enjoy them. I'm likely in the minority but I'm having fewer 'n fewer issues with watching VR. I think the streaming/recording is improving.
  9. only be eclipsed by the excitement in his voice at the Gwent game ..... It made me smile as well.
  10. Well I'll be ... it IS a biome specific texture.... I went searching for a farm pig, found one in horse country 'n by the time I got it home it was a boar (which was a trial in itself). Guess I'll build a home in the right biome for my pig farm - just as soon as I'm done tweaking my current abode. 'n skilfrat is right, ya'll are a veritable font of amazing!
  11. Yeah, I just watched the video you posted on discord, it's much bigger than I thought. Good luck with the search.
  12. Okay, let's see if I can do this .... First is from the water ..... Second is from the top towards the plains Third is on the way back down to me dinghy looking towards the ocean (I just liked the shot)... Wow, I learned something new tofay .....
  13. not sure how much land you need but there's a cliff 'n ocean 'n plains near me ..... x=4620 z=7200 (the snapshot was too big to attach) 'n not that you can't find your own spot. If you like it, just promise me I won't end up in the slums.....
  14. No, it isn't; it's an area in Germany - at least according to Wikipedia. I had to google it the 1st time it came up in a video 'cause I thought it was a misspelling myself.
  15. Thanks @Bob_Bungle. I'll double check the version but I don't make any changes to the texture pack between my SP and Minionland. I thought I had gone thru all the texture files, including the alternate textures but I'll check again; could be I missed something. Actually looking inside these files is something new to me. Those pictures look really nice, @Silverthorn1111 and I always wondered where those villagers came from in some of your other photos. I've not tried Chroma Hills but anything with shaders just about bring my game to a crawl (old computer). Changing to Conquest has actually helped quite a bit. I've been trying to replace the moon phases in it though and I'm not having much luck. It something I've never tried before 'n I must be missing a step somewhere. It works fine for a while but then odd little glitches show up - nothing to do but keep trying, eh?