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  1. I'm not understanding much about this game. I want to like this game, after all it's Rutger AND Gopher. I should like it but it mostly feels like a bad trip.
  2. So torches are suppose to burn out? Seriously? I've lost torches, but I don't think one's ever burned out on me. I usually pick up the torch on the way out of Helgen and never think of them again unless I need to give one to a follower. Huh, I wonder what mod it is; obviously one I've used since I began playing.
  3. I think it's so cute that the island is being called Gopher Island. Really, it just makes me chuckle for some reason.
  4. Blasphemy, that is
  5. games

    so many games I haven't played ... so so many .....
  6. What a let down this must be for the mod team. It damn hard to put a like on the video but thanks for letting us know, Gopher.
  7. .......and it just became another game I'll never play. Sorta sad, that is.
  8. I'm not sure Gopher would - there are not many (errr ... any) permissions given on the Oldrim mod page. It does look like the mod author is slowly, slowly, very slowly working on updating his mods to SSE but I didn't see the Thieves Guild Requirements mod being discussed. It does sound like one of the mods that just makes so much sense once you think about it. I haven't seen anything else that does the same thing either.
  9. Nor should you; however, thank you for everything you've done - in case I have not said so before. You and all the minionland minions.
  10. PATREON : Christmas Hangout

    dang, now you got me wondering how donations 'n currency conversion rates work .....
  11. PATREON : Christmas Hangout

    pretty sure it's $1, Jeancly ...... or whatever passes for that in Italy (?)
  12. PATREON : Christmas Hangout

    that's correct, Beuwolf. Norway would be 9 hours ahead of CA; not that I'm a patron or anything .... Have fun y'all.
  13. SidAlpha did a YT video a few hours ago that says Patreon reversed the fee change.
  14. well, I'll be a mo .....something or other. I'll have to try and get beyond the Red Rocket someday. I never saw any LPs for Fallout from the beginning; seemed to have started all of 'em with one DLC or another.
  15. There's an overlap between Elder Scrolls 'n Fallout lore? Really? I had absolutely no idea.