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    Sup3rNo7a got a reaction from Badges in <sniffle> RIP Minecraft - cruelly taken from me by last nights Win10 update. I'   
    Time to upgrade back to Windows 7, then. 
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    Sup3rNo7a reacted to Quarico in The Title of yesterday's stream: Borderlands 2 #8 : Quarcio + Ladders = <_<;;;;   
    Please don't remind me...
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    Sup3rNo7a reacted to Badges in High there, I *believe* I heard you pop into the Overwatch Teamspeak channel a little   
    S'okay, I was just figuring out how TS worked or rather if I could get it to work.  Thanks, I'll add you; my tag is Badges11687.  I have to warn you that I'm not all that good, practice tho I may.
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