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  1. I've been using Opera for the last couple of years and I love it, so you could try that as another alternative.
  2. High there, I *believe* I heard you pop into the Overwatch Teamspeak channel a little earlier, but I had my microphone off and was busy in-game, so I couldn't unmute to answer or welcome you (saw this username in the teamspeak logs, so I assume that was you). If so, feel free to add me on Battle.net if you're looking for people to play with sometimes.

    My Tag is Sup3rNo7a#1933

    Welcome to the community forums. ^_^

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      S'okay, I was just figuring out how TS worked or rather if I could get it to work.  Thanks, I'll add you; my tag is Badges11687.  I have to warn you that I'm not all that good, practice tho I may.

  3. Going on an Overwatch Add-spree. If you're in the Battle.net Friend Code thread, prepare to receive. ;D

  4. I never RP in such a way that I place myself "as" the character in question, nor do I try to put myself in their shoes as if "I" were the one experiencing what was happening. Now, that said, it is difficult to simply not allow your own personality or viewpoints bleed into the choices that you make while playing as a character, but the deepest I ever involve myself into RPing a character is trying to understand and make decisions based on how "that character" would feel or react to things. I don't try to imagine how "I" would react if I were that character or in their shoes, I try to imagine how "that character" would react in whatever situation that arises.
  5. Typically Good-ish choices in games that do that sort of thing, unless a specific character, situation or event just begs for a not-good answer as the response. The only time I specifically play as a bad character is if it's to experience a different or "the evil" ending, such as the older Bioware RPGs and similar.
  6. Kudos to everyone for the welcomes~! And yes, @Cryzeteur, that's fine, as - as you guessed - that's how it's meant to be pronounced anyway. I've been fairly light on the online-gaming aspect ever since Payday 2 went down the crapper (imo), but I've played a few games of Overwatch and really enjoy it so far (still green, though), so if anyone else plays that as well and wants to add me on Battle.net, feel free. My Tag is in my sig.
  7. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I couldn't disagree with most of the points in that article more.
  8. Dunno. To be honest, I could never even bring myself to play the game again after finishing the original version of it. Every time I thought about playing it again (because I actually loved the game to bits prior to the ending), I just always knew what was awaiting me at the end, so I never bothered with whatever updates they made to it the ending or any of the DLC (although I did read about it, and it didn't seem like that much of an improvement to me). But that's enough derailing (sorta?), I think. Can't get too much deeper into it anyway without potentially spoiling things for anyone who hasn't played it.
  9. ME3's ending killed my enjoyment of that series.
  10. Sup3rNo7a#1933 New to the game, so likely not as good yet as most others, but feel free to add me if you want.
  11. 'ello~! New to this forum, but not the community or Gopher as a whole. Fan of his vids for a while, and been a member of the GophersMinions Steam group and played mostly Payday 2 with some from the community for a while as well before that game turned to...well... Yeah.... Anywho, greetings again.
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