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  1. Yeah, can't say I've heard too many good things about this game (not just content-wise, although that too), so I'll probably be skipping this one myself.
  2. You don't need the shop/store page to re-install games on Steam, just need to select the game in question in your Library and click the Install button.
  3. 45:55+ > Obsesses over the fact the wall pieces clip and "interfere with the mechanism" ever so slightly on the inside of the vault door where it's not visible. > Completely ignores the fact that the floor piece clips and "interferes" with the roller slots for the vault door.
  4. And that crash at the end is why I'm the type of person who would save after pretty much every other piece that I got placed where I wanted it.
  5. I wonder how many of the settlers are now trapped behind walls or other weird places from when Gopher accidentally grabbed the entire vault structure. lol
  6. It would make sense that there was a random enemy that "got lost" during the attack. It would certainly explain what literally the entire population of the settlement kept staring at after Gopher thought he'd cleared out the attackers. lol
  7. I rather like the square ceiling lights he was trying. They seem a lot easier to place and don't clip or float in any weird ways, and I at least think they look pretty good too.
  8. Agreed. If you're there, the attack should go on as it does now. If you're not, it should just be a behind-the-scenes comparison between your Settlement's Defense number vs. whatever number the game wants to give the Attackers (based on certain factors like food/water, population, etc.). Heck, it shouldn't even be a message saying that the settlement "is under attack" if you're not there for it. It should just say "was attacked", with the outcome already decided. Then you can head back home and check/repair the damage if you want to (or the settlers themselves can repair it over a period of time).
  9. Anyone else tried the new Uprising game mode for Overwatch yet? It's pretty fun. ^_^

  10. The most maddening thing watching these Settlement Building sections is how braindead Bethesda seemed to be when setting the allowances and restrictions for what pieces are allowed to snap to which other ones, and when. The fact that wall pieces can't ALL snap to other wall pieces (for example), regardless of any "obstructions" there might be is so silly. Same with the pillar pieces Gopher was having trouble with. Why make everything so damn restrictive? Just allow the different vertices to attach to the other pieces vertices, and let the player decide whether it "fits" or not, or if they're okay with any clipping that might occur or not. >.<
  11. So, which Settler do we think will auto-assign themselves to Gopher's new Overseer Bed, whom he will then subsequentially never be able to rid himself of?
  12. Andromeda would be a good one to do an LP for if he were so inclined to do so, due specifically to the fact that it does take place completely separately from the original trilogy.
  13. Pretty much this for me, too. The difference being that it more "killed" it for me rather than merely "souring" it. Up until the last 5-10 minutes of the game (including the ending cutscene(s)) it was far and away my favorite of the series. The gameplay felt great, the choice-driven storylines that they decided to include/wrap up felt well done (the Geth/Quarians, the characters that died, etc.), I loved the way it made you feel like you were really rallying the galaxy to help construct the Crucible and make a stand against the Reapers, and I was just overall really enjoying the game and the experience of it all. Never touched it again after that. The ending just killed any interest I had in it playing it - or the rest of the series - again, because I knew what was waiting for me at the end.
  14. Is it just me or did the framerate in this episode sorta start to tank and become jittery at around the halfway point?
  15. Commenting here rather than on Youtube because I don't do Youtube Comment Sections (even have browser extension specifically to hide them): As someone who doesn't have any problem with watching VR gameplay (no sickness/discomfort, not bothered by the slight camera jitter, etc), I've quite enjoyed Episode 1 so far and am looking forward to continuing on with the rest of this particular LP series. The only mild annoyance for me is the "black bar" issue which limits the viewers sight a little bit compared to Gopher's in-game, but I'm a little confused by that issue because I've watched several other VR Let's Play's by other people and for some reason don't seem to notice them having the same issue. I have to wonder if it's because Gopher uses Oculus and most of the other people I've seen play VR (ex. Jacksepticeye, Achievement Hunter, etc.) appear to be using the HTC Vive or something similarly "not Oculus". Like, maybe it's an old limitation of the Occulus VR system that Gopher purchased (isn't it one of the earlier Oculus headsets?). Unless I'm simply mistaken - which I could be, and those other LPer's were just able to effectively mask the "black bar" issue somehow. I just can't help but think that if Gopher wanted to do Resident Evil VII in VR (which I personally would be very interested in seeing) that he would be better off doing it with a different VR headset, like the Vive or even Playstation VR (although I know he didn't get the PS4 because the Fallout 4 mods for that fell through).
  16. Overwatch, plz. Getting duplicate items is bad enough already without getting two of the same thing from the same loot box. D:

    1. Quarico


      Wow. I complain all the time about duplicates, often getting four in a loot box, but I've never had two of the same in one box. My sympathies. :(

  17. I'd kinda like to see him try out Surgeon Simulator: VR. It controls a lot better in VR than with a mouse/keyboard, and the environment is pretty funny to interact with at times.
  18. The Title of yesterday's stream:

    Borderlands 2 #8 : Quarcio + Ladders = <3


    1. Quarico


      Please don't remind me... :P


  19. I'm assuming the extra Fusion Core Gopher added (he added all 4 instead of just 3) is what killed them. Gave the ride a little too much "umph". lol And the insect sound is the long high-pitched cricket-like buzzing/whirring noise that occurs periodically (seems to be like every 20-30 seconds) whenever he's outside of the Nuka-World grounds proper.
  20. Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. v_v

  21. I *MAY* have solved my issue by spawning in a new instance of Adrianne (using her BaseID and player.placeatme) rather than attempting to resurrecting the dead one (using her RefID and resurrect or recycleactor). I left Whiterun for a while after doing this (when to Ivarstead, High Hrothgar and Riftan), and when I came back the new one was still around. I keep an eye on her for a while longer, of course, but for now that may have solved my problem.
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