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  1. I know, right? Like how it says "Scan Complete - <Insert Unlocked Ability Here>" everytime he completes a scan.
  2. Fair point. Just seems odd that he wouldn't wait until the playthrough was posted all the way to put out the review video. Viewers would get a more comprehensive idea of what all Gopher's talking about in the review, and Gopher himself would be able talk about more in the review video itself without having to worry about spoilers. Not a big deal either way. Just a thought.
  3. When I said in a previous episode thread that Gopher would NEVER be able to find Josh Dalton, I didn't think he'd have trouble finding him on the computer Crew lists, too. I was hoping Gopher would go back upstairs after the Nightmare thing ended to see if it just vanished or if it like...expired and left a corpse or something. Not sure what happens really if you just evade them like that. He's also found a really strong combo with the Psychoshock + Q-Beam setup, imo.
  4. Am I the only one confused why Gopher is putting these reviews out before the Let's Plays are finished?
  5. Ehh, I think the combat in this game is fine. Gopher was only have trouble during this boss fight because he was panicking a little too much, and forgetting to use his Focus charges. There were several stretches during this fight where he was just blocking and dodging repeatedly for no reason when the boss wasn't even doing any attack animations, when all he really needed to do dodge backwards and backpedal a little ways, or use one of his Focus charges (it looks like you can build up 3, based on the 3 marks I saw on the indicator on Senua's belt) to give himself a moment to calm down, and he would have only lost maybe... 2 of those fights. He seems to let a minor misstep or two in timing his blocks get to him as well, as if he thinks getting anything other than a perfect block is bad. There seems to be 3 levels of blocks based on your timing, with a success being a full parry (where the enemy gets knocked back and stunned), a neutral outcome being just a successful block (Senua gets knocked down, but doesn't seem to take damage), and then just a failed attempt. The neutral outcome it what it looked like he was getting each time he blocked the boss's leaping attack (which as he alluded to himself, I don't think was actually parry-able), but Gopher always seemed to assume he was doomed after those block attempts, which snowballed his panic. I think in the back of his mind he is letting that warning the game gave him about perma-death affect his play. He 'failed' like 5 or 6 times in this fight and I didn't see any noticeable difference in the corruption on Senua's arm at all, so I have to imagine the threshold for that perma-failure is either pretty high, or it's not actually real.
  6. I'm glad he found a way to disable that stupid chromatic aberration effect. I was never feeling nausea while watching this so far, but there was something that just seemed to keep making my eyes and/or head hurt a little bit after awhile, and now that he's pointed it out it was obviously that. I really wish developers would stop putting that awful effect in games.
  7. The part in this video where he's looking through the archway and can't tell that it's the bright glowing crow symbol things that are changing/disappearing. It honestly makes me think (like I said in one of he Prey video threads) that he's sitting too close to his monitor or something. The tunnel-visioning during that little section of the video was off the charts, lol. I'm also not quite sure what to make of this game yet either. It's...interesting, but the voices kinda got old pretty quick, especially when they say the really obviously dumb things they do like Gopher pointed out at one point in this video. It was creepy at first, but that also wore off pretty quickly overall, and the massive warning screen at the start of it seems way over-blown. I haven't seen anything so far in this series that's any worse than what was in the Oblivion realms in TES4, and the voices are more annoying at this point that creepy/scary. It also feels extremely linear. Every time Senua approaches a locked door, she's told by the voices to "Find another way through", and while this isn't new in games at all, in this it's almost literally an issue of just continuing to walk down the path that you already were. The voices play it up as if there's some secret hidden pathway around that you need to find in order to continue that no one has every found before, when it reality it's just the giant doorway 20 feet from where you're already standing.
  8. I think the bottom line is, PC people just want Bethesda to stop updating the PC version of Skyrim SE. Period. There's almost nothing that Bethesda could/would add to the PC version of Skyrim at this point that PC players would actually want that modders can't, or haven't already added themselves. Bethesda can do whatever they want to with the console versions (and yes, they *can* with the PC version as well, but that's not the point) because SKSE64 cannot function on the consoles anyway. There's nothing to break by updating the game on consoles, and yes, the CC actually can have stuff to offer console players (especially PS4). But on PC, the updates to the game and the CC itself don't really add anything worthwhile, and in the context of SKSE all the updates do is cause problems. All PC people want is for them to just leave the PC version alone. They did an amazingly wonderful thing by updating and re-releasing Skyrim to officially support and utilize 64-bit Windows and subsequent hardware, if they're not going to fix bugs or make things easier for modders (like basically making SKSE part of the base game, or making it so that SKSE wasn't even needed or something), I imagine most would prefer they just leave it alone.
  9. Because it's still awesome.
  10. My misunderstanding, then. The way Gopher described it made it seem like the files were simply being restored (such as from a backup) rather than being redownloaded. Nevermind, then.
  11. Wait, I'm confused. Gopher didn't spend the first 5 minutes of the game trying to figure out what key did what, or die 3 times to the boss trying to figure out what the combat controls were. Who is this and what did they do with Gopher?
  12. The 2nd mod he talked about that replaces the large CC content files with empty files doesn't make any sense. THAT specific part of it does, but the part where simply disabling it in NMM restores them to their actual large-file-size CC content selves doesn't. The only way that could possibly work is if that data is still on your computer's hard drive somewhere, meaning it shouldn't actually be freeing up any space. It may free it up from your F4 installation folder, but for that data to be restored it would still have to exist on the hard drive (similar to Windows' basic Recycle Bin, where files go when you delete them manually), unless it's being redownloaded again, but he didn't mention that. Am I wrong?
  13. Hopefully he invests some Neuromods into Combat Focus and Conditioning/Toughness (if not the sneaking) like he mentioned considering at the start of the episode. It really would help in situations like he found himself in when those two Phantoms appeared and he ended up panic-fighting the second one, lol. I am sad that he's pretty much writing-off the Hacking skill. Hopefully he installed that mod that trivializes the minigame at some point, cause it's disappointing to see him bypass locked safes and stuff (like the safe in the Security room) and not seem to even check if he has the skill level necessary to Hack into it. Spoilers for my next comment.
  14. The only problem there is, he did that in Fabrication a couple episodes ago and got almost nothing out of it (meaning he's unlikely to ever do it again for resource gathering purposes, not enough return on the effort put into gathering it all up). I am surprised that he has been pretty much straight up ignoring the entire "Security" skills tree. There's several really good and really useful abilities there, specifically Combat Focus, Conditioning/Toughness, and (especially given how he's been playing) Sneak Attack. That would be an investment of about 8 Neuromods to get the first 1-2 tiers of those skills, and it'd be a big help to him, imo. Combat Focus alone would give him a lot more room to think and react at the start of an engagement or in a moment of panic, and the +50 HP from Toughness would go a long way with how much damage things are doing to him.
  15. Actually, the way he left the safe there made it seem like he simply decided not to hack into it and to put it off until later. I think he thought he was getting in there when he wasn't supposed to be able to, and was afraid of breaking something by getting things he wasn't supposed to yet.
  16. Sometimes it feels like Gopher is sitting too close to a screen that's too big, like if you go to see a movie and get "stuck" with having to sit in the front few rows of seats. lol
  17. Now all he has to do is figure out how the damage falloff on the pistol and (especially) the shotgun works, and he'll be all set.
  18. He doesn't seem to have quite yet grasped the fact that the shotgun in this game only really works at point-blank range (as opposed to shotguns in games like Borderlands or Payday 2, which seem to have spoiled him on shotguns). He always takes long pot-shots with it for like... 2-5 damage, or at mid-range for like 8-9. If he used it the same way he uses the wrench (melee range, basically), he'd probably be able to take out some of the Phantoms he's been having to deal with a lot quicker and with less medical attention required afterwards. That said, he's doing well enough with the wrench in most cases. If he pays enough attention to the skills he has available, it might be a good idea for him to invest some Neuromods into the skills that boost his melee damage and stuff (Combat Focus would be a great choice as well).
  19. I do really hope he figures out that you can use the GLOO to climb up stuff. He's mentioned it once or twice in previous episodes but doesn't seem to bother trying it, and I'm fairly certain it's the only way into Fabrication (where he needs to go to reset the Neuromod license) unless he upgrades his Hacking skill to rank 4 (which I doubt he'll do unless he can find a mod to remove the minigame ).
  20. > Decides to upgrades the shotgun Me: Nice, finally. > Upgrades the *recoil* of all things Me:
  21. It's a shame he's seemingly writing off hacking because of his hatred of the minigames, too.
  22. Bethesda REALLY needs to start taking a more "Garry's Mod" approach to this whole thing. Garry's Mod (originally a mod itself) has over a MILLION addons (mods) on the Steam Workshop, all of which are community made, 100% free, and available for download at the click of a button. Valve doesn't make a single penny off of any of those Garry's Mod addons, but they make/made a bloody fortune on sales of Garry's Mod itself as a sandbox for people to mod and create things for (from characters, to guns, to maps, and an entire library of game modes). It's the same basic idea with Bethesda's titles. They made, and are making, a ton of money off of continued sales of Skyrim/etc. because of how easily moddable they are, how (relatively) easy it is for people to create, share, and download mods to try out and enjoy.
  23. Speaking of getting high-leverage crates and stuff out of the way, you can use those little Recycler Charge grenade things near them and they'll suck them up and turn them into materials just like like anything else (can't remember if there's a skill for 'larger' objects or not, though).
  24. Early on a very useful one to get is Combat Focus. It slows time down and makes your actions cost less stamina, letting you get more whacks in with the Wrench (and more shots with guns I think, too?). It can be a big help early on when fighting Phantoms because of how much damage they can take before dying, and how much damage they can do with their energy blasts.
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