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  1. No, the suit is pretty red. The Devs just screwed up describing it as brown & black, imo, when it is pretty clearly red in color. At least, it's much MORE red than it is brown. I REALLY just wish he wasn't so fixated on the idea that he was a Typhon. It really is just completely screwing with what should be his overall understanding of what is going on in the story. Also, yes, there is no reason at all for him to possibly consider sparing the cook. He killed Abby, for one, but also the cook himself who he is impersonating now (Will Mitchel), who - which Gopher seemed to overlook at the time - was ground up and packed into a box that read "suspicious meat" where he found the real cook's tracking bracelet in the freezer. The fake cook is an outright murderer and should be killed on sight.
  2. The 300 health and the shock resistance/absorption Neuromods is DEFINITELY what made that possible. He got zapped like 5-6 times, there's no way he survives those initial attempts without those little buffers. lol
  3. It's amazing that the one thing he CAN"T seem to believe he is is that he could actually just be Morgan, with his memory lost. I mean, literally everyone treats him as if he is Morgan, the Operators all treat him like he's human, and the Turrets never detected Typhon material in their scans of him until after he started taking the Typhon-power Neuromods.
  4. I think I've convinced myself that Gopher has made a conscious decision (off camera, I assume) to simply not take the Combat Focus skill. It's the only thing I can think of, because on-camera at least, when he's browsing over the Neuromod skills he might want to take, he never even LOOKs at Combat Focus. He skims through almost every skill in every other tree, but I think I've only ever seen him actually click on Combat Focus maybe twice, and once was probably by accident. It's as if he's read it, thought about it off camera, and just decided it would probably make the combat (which he's started to get better at, especially thinks to Psychoshock) too easy for him, so he's just disregarding it. I could be wrong, but it's so annoying to me to see him browse skills and never even so much as LOOK at Combat Focus (again, not on-camera at least), so that's what I've chosen to believe. lol Also, that Typhon Lure he used when opening the Cargo Bay door DEFINITELY made a difference in that fight. With them all distracted/stupefied by the Lure, and the half-dozen turrets he had placed all with good LoS through the door, those turrets just rinsed through those Phantoms. I'm pretty sure that they were all dead by the time he threw the Recycler Charge, so kudos for that sequence.
  5. Glad he managed to not turn the survivors on him by mimicking where someone could see it. I don't know exactly which of his Typhon powers are okay to use around people and which ones are not, but he was right in assuming that they would not react....kindly to seeing Morgan transform. Spoilers, maybe?:
  6. It's a shame that he's forgotten what he learned about the Cystoids and their Nests when he was in the G.U.T.S., which is that you can literally throw anything that you can pick up at them (or even just shoot the foam Boltcaster bolts at them) and they'll chase after it and explode themselves. He's wasting so much of his Psi energy (and subsequently, his Psi Hypos) on them by using that Kinetic Blast ability (which is also one of the most expensive Psi abilities) to try to kill them for absolutely no reason.
  7. The only problem with using a boycott (and especially "only" a boycott) to show your disapproval of a service is that it doesn't actually DO anything. The only thing a boycott does to a company is show a general lack of interest, but it doesn't say WHAT that lack of interest is (ie: is it the product being delivered by the service, or the service itself?). If I were to boycott Youtube, for example, because of their crappy ad practices towards video-game content creators, my lack of viewership on Youtube videos doesn't tell Youtube anything. Am I not watching because I'm boycotting their service? Or am I not watching because there's no content I want to watch? Etc. However, if I were to boycott Youtube, but at the same time watch *such-and-such* videos elsewhere (Twitch, Vidme, etc.), then that tells Youtube that the problem isn't with the content provided, but with the provider itself or the way it's being provided. With piracy, specifically anime piracy in this case, boycotting legit paid services doesn't tell the provider anything about why I'm not watching. Am I not watching because the anime available is crap? Or am I not watching because I think they're service is poor quality or too expensive? Well, if I'm not watching the available anime on their service, but I AM watching it elsewhere (be it pirated or via a different legit service), then that tells them that the problem isn't with a lack of interest in the content, but a general sense of dislike for the service. That's the way I look at it at least. I haven't really watched much anime other than what is shown on TV (Adult Swim/Cartoon Network here in the US) for a few years now.
  8. I really, really, really wish he would stop trying to use the EMP charges like they're regular grenades. He's done this same tactic in like 3 or 4 other episodes where he just lobs half of his supply of them at something, and then is completely flabbergasted that they didn't do a single point of actual damage to his target. >.<
  9. I miss him using VATS when he's using the revolver... Hint: "It's high noon..."
  10. Because that would make for a very boring game if the first Technopath you ran into mind controlled you and you spent the rest of the game lumbering around like a zombie. =P
  11. I wonder how many people, on their second playthroughs of the game, just straight up shoot the cook in the face with a shotgun the second they get the chance? lol
  12. Part of me wishes he wasn't playing on Nightmare difficulty because of the Yellow Tulip fight in this episode. That little Phantom ambush that happens when you activate the playback of Danielle's song is great fun fighting to that music. I love that song, too.
  13. I feel like that's going to be a part of it, too. Barry never seemed like the type who would be out there risking his life if he actually felt like he was risking his life. He always seemed to have the attitude of something like... "I don't know what the fuss is about, all these <insert baddie here> you guys are always on about are push-overs. You guys must really suck." And if Barry suddenly starts having a difficult time with combat because Gopher doesn't want his playthrough to be just a cakewalk (which, in fairness, is understandable), I don't feel like Barry would have the same "Wow, you guys all suck at this whole post-apocalypse thing." attitude towards everything. lol
  14. I'm a little worried that Gopher's desire to do an "immersive" Let's Play for Barry is going to hurt a little bit of the charm that he had as a stream character. He only did it as a stream, and only did it using VATS, because of the mechanical issues he was having using and aiming with a controller. And while it may have been relatively easy because of VATS, the bit of clunkiness that came with him struggling slightly with the controller, and also trying to interact with the Twitch chat off-and-on, made it okay that Barry was fairly OP in combat because he was slightly clumsy otherwise. Barry's playthrough was never really geared towards being an "immersive" experience like Frank's is/was, but Gopher's trying to turn it into one and I'm not sure it'll work that well and still feel like Barry. This is not to say he shouldn't do it if that is what he'd prefer to do (plus it's probably easier for him to record a regular Let's Play like he's more used to than to try and stream it), and I'm going to watch it regardless. I'm just curious to see how the transition goes.
  15. Sorry, I guess. Didn't really consider those things spoilers since the smuggling thing was explained when he picked it up (he just wasn't paying attention), and map thing felt kinda self-explanatory since the maps belonged to the D&D characters.
  16. That feeling when you notice and realize that the "ground" he's walking on is literally just mushed-together corpses...
  17. Am I the only one slightly disappointed that he won't be streaming this one?
  18. The only thing I was confused by was why Gopher wasn't using his Psychoscope to fight the Poltergeist. Despite what the description says, that thing can track them just fine (evidenced by him scanning it 5 seconds earlier), yet as soon as the scan was done he turned the scope off and left himself fighting it blind. lol
  19. I feel like the problem with these hacking systems is that they need to pick one or the other: either require skill points to hack higher level things, or add a minigame that gets harder to complete if the difficulty of the lock is harder. But not both. Honestly, lockpicking in Skyrim has it right. Every lock can be unlocked with enough patience regardless of your skill-point commitment or the difficulty of the lock. The only thing that makes it hard is the precision necessary to find the sweet spot. The hacking minigames in Prey and Fallout (and the lockpicking in fallout) do it wrong because not only do you need skill-point commitments to even attempt the unlock/hack, you also need to complete a minigame. They should just pick one or the other, either make it skill-point-based or minigame-based, not both.
  20. When Gopher started to mention considering installing something to help him with the Hacking minigame, I was hoping he was going to say "mod". lol
  21. True that the virtual "items" don't have any lasting value (unless something like Steam Marketplace is involved, but things still rarely hold value either way, so still a fair point), but in most cases there are ways to earn those digital items for free as well, without having to pay anything. That was never the case with the physical card games. You only ever got cards from buying packs, or buying/trading them individually online/from friends/at conventions, there was no real way to earn or "craft" them for free just by playing the game like there is for the digital loot items (the grind may sometimes be absurd, which is a whole other issue, but still). I wholeheartedly agree that they should NEVER be in single-player games, though.
  22. That's not really any different from real-life card games, though (such as yugioh, pokemon, or magic). You buy packs from the store (lootboxes) and are stuck with whatever random cards happen to be inside. That doesn't mean it's a good practice still, but for card games like Gwent especially it's nothing new at all.
  23. Frankly, only if they provide actual in-game buffs/benefits. I don't necessarily LIKE the practice of lootboxes in general, but as long as the items involved are purely cosmetic (such as the ones in Overwatch, since he used theirs in his thumbnail image), then I'm fine with lootbox systems so long as there ARE ways to earn/unlock them without being forced to pay (especially in non-Free2Play games, again, like Overwatch). It's like when Payday 2 introduced their Safes and Drills system. I wouldn't have necessarily been happy about it, but it was the fact that they included in-game buffs that drove me away from the game (that and the weapon re-balance in general ruining the feel of the gunplay for me, but yeah).
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