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  1. As I was watching this, I REALLY didn't understand why they didn't just extend the floor all the way out so that it covered the larger living area below as well. Then, if they wanted to open it up so that it had a vaulted ceiling, to use the hole-cutter to do so like they did for the opening for the stairs. It would have probably saved them a lot of headache getting the walls and now roofs placed properly.
  2. I had forgotten about the urn-smashing quiest, so when I saw the title I thought he was randomly going to find a nice outfit for himself in some dungeon urn. lol
  3. Pretty sure it was: ELFX + Exteriors + Enhancer for all-around lighting; and Obsidian Weathers for weather.
  4. I just used that as an example of damage. I haven't tested DA vs Giant Club myself.
  5. In fairness, Death Alternative does induce a Bleedout state first (down-to-one-knee) before the actual Blackout occurs, giving your character at least a chance to recover before being fully defeated, but a lot of it is customizable in the MCM menu and can be tweaked to peoples own preferred settings. It is possible to still be killed even with DA installed if your settings allow for it, such as if an enemy hits you with a particularly powerful attack (lets say, a Giant slamming his club into you could still insta-kill you, if your settings allow for it). There are a couple bugs, as others have stated, so if he ultimately chose to not use the mod because of that then I'd completely understand. I just wish (hope?) he at least gave it a solid look before dismissing it like he did during the modding stream when it was first brought up (where he immediately refused it when Quarico mentioned it thinking it was a "Dark Souls" type of supernatural respawn-and-recover-your-stuff mod).
  6. I liked the way Vivid Weather's looked well enough, but it felt like it was just CONSTANTLY raining for me with that mod installed, so I decided to switch to NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel, and the actual weather balance feels a lot better with that mod to me. However, I did have to edit NAT myself because I didn't like the interior lighting that NAT included, and I didn't like how NAT basically seemed to get rid of SSE's volumetric lighting/godrays, so I deleted the changes that NAT made to interiors and to volumetric lighting. As a plus, NAT also has in-game settings that you can change via spells (no MCM menu) similar to Vivid Weathers, so that's another possibility.
  7. This was partly why I was hoping he would look into using Death Alternative. Instead of simply loading a save upon being defeated and using supernatural "premonitions" as his reason for knowing what's about to happen and why he's doing things again, he would have instead woken up either right back outside the Ratway, having been robbed and dumped/left for dead by the baddie, or at a nearby Inn or something having been found and rescued by someone (possibly with some of his stuff now missing, of course).
  8. The one I use (and tweaked slightly for personal preference) ONLY effects the values for the player-character's various movement speeds. I know there's one called just "Immersive Movement" that seems harsher than the one I use, but for me it makes things feel better. It doesn't really affect combat at all other than maybe making it harder to escape/chase something down without sprinting, and it shouldn't really have any effect/interaction with other mods unless they also change movement speeds.
  9. There's 2 mods I think Gopher should install: 1) No NPC Greetings - Makes it so that NPCs have to be a lot closer to you before they'll start their random radiant interactions with you (helps prevent roaming NPCs from talking over other NPCs as they walk by you). 2) Immersive Movement Speed - Makes the character walk faster (instead of the snails pace the PC walks by default) so you can more closely match NPC walking speeds, and slightly slows down the running/jogging speed so you don't constantly outrun NPCs that are already running themselves (though Gopher could probably tweak these values himself as well) unless you sprint.
  10. The actual Nexus download version of that mod doesn't work anymore. You need to be using the one provided in the comments section, and it needs to be installed as instructed (ie, manually).
  11. He's using the SSE Fixes 'fix' that was provided in that mods comment section. He mentioned it during one of the modding streams, if I'm not mistaken (someone correct me if I am).
  12. I was originally waiting on Vortex to begin working on modding Skyrim SE again now that SKSE64 and such have been arriving, looking forward to seeing what Vortex would be like in comparison to NMM and MO seeing as how Tannin was developing it (I was one of those hoping it would be more similar to MO than NMM). Seeing that Vortex more-or-less works the same way NMM does, though, it kinds puts me off of wanting to use it. As Gopher mentioned in this video, the features that MO has for simply and on-the-fly being able to change what mods files take priority over others, for example, are just things I prefer having. So for the time being at the very least, Vortex isn't something that really interests me for the purposes of modding SSE. I look forward to seeing where Vortex goes, though, and if maybe some of those great MO features (like the visualization) can be added some day.
  13. There's a few different "difficulty" settings that you can choose from to impact how much of the survival aspect you want to deal with (eating/drinking/etc), but food/water isn't an issue at all once you get some of the upgrades and/or a farm going. There are O2 tanks and limited air for the character as well, but they're also upgradeable to the point where it won't be much of an issue. Also bases and your vehicles have unlimited air as long as they have power (which also isn't hard to maintain). I think Gopher would really enjoy this game, and the exploration and storyline are such that I think it would make a pretty good Let's Play series for him, too. It's such a cool game, imo.
  14. Go full anime storyline and be a Bosmer with no fighting skills who wants go be the greatest and strongest Gladiator in all of Skyrim, with only his previously unknown, dormant supernatural powers to help make it possible, who collects a harem of female housecarls along the way who all want him while he remains completely oblivious or unreceptive to their affections himself. Actually, don't. I would actively avoid this playthrough like I've taken to avoiding most anime that do this (like, ****ing 90% of it at this point) if he went this route. lol
  15. I wonder if the shadow walk ability would work for that. I can't see any reason why bloodflies would attack a shadow.
  16. I hope the game did well enough for them to make a sequel, because the "take Alex's hand" ending REALLY screams for one. Like it's setting up a next game where you begin fighting back against (at least what appears to be) a Typhon infestation of Earth or something.
  17. Also, it's a shame that when he finally figures out what he's supposed to be looking for with the whole smuggling side-quest (the alarm panels), the one(s) he finds and hits 3 times isn't one of the ones that have loot hidden in them, meaning he's not likely to associate those red alarm panels correctly now. All he had to do was look to the left when he entered the Arboretum and fought those Military Operators, but unfortunately he broke the electrical panel on the opposite wall and had to repair it, pulling his attention away from one of the correct alarm panels (at the exact spot where he initially got the smuggling quest, fittingly enough).
  18. I've no doubt he took MUCH longer trying to figure out the combination of the Treasure Hunt code than it would have taken had he just tried numbers randomly to begin with, lol (pretty sure the code is random each time anyway). As for the prize, if he hadn't been so caught up in what the actual correct code was after he'd gotten it right he might have noticed the little notification that pops up above the heal bar each time you get a new fabrication plan and other loot.
  19. Aaaand this is where stuff really kicks off in this game, lol. Gopher's not going to have as much quiet time to think things over anymore with the Operator dispensers spitting out an endless supply of Military Operators. Well, the Typhon were shown to be aliens pretty early on, in one of the "first encounter" videos that he saw (which was timestamped like...50+ years or something prior to the current events of the game, iirc) where some dude got attacked by a Mimic while space-walking to perform maintenance on a moon satellite or something. At some point after that Talos 1 came to be what it is now in order to study the Typhon, and now under TranStar ownership for their use in Neuromod production (this is all based on stuff that Gopher has read/encountered, so I'm not spoiling anything). As for the source of the test subjects and "volunteers" for Neuromod production, it seems to be a little bit of both: Actual volunteers who wanted to have their skills recorded and passed down (such as the baseball player and the pianist), who came aboard Talos 1 to have their minds mapped for their skillsets; And then for the physical production of the Neuromods themselves, they used "volunteers" who were either criminals or some other form of dissidence who were brought to Talos 1 under false pretenses of getting a second chance (and perhaps some falsified records) to be used for Mimic/exotic material production.
  20. God, Nexus's new layout is awful. Why on earth do the 2 main "Hot Mods" tiles need to take up my entire ****ing screen by themselves? >.<

    And why does everything have to be designed to look like it belongs on a ****ing "mobile" device? These are mods for a PC game, not a damn mobile app. Design the damn website so it looks like it's supposed to be viewed on a PC. /rant

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