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  1. All of it, the whole soundtrack. It's a freakin' masterpiece, and so is the game. I know it's unlikely, but I'd really love for Gopher to play this all the way through (though it'd be best on console, since the PC port has...issues).
  2. In celebration of Kingdom Hearts 3:
  3. Finished my 1st playthrough of Tales of Berseria. New favorite game, hands down.

  4. I felt the same as Chay watching this. I thought that worm thing was just the armsie they had killed earlier physics-glitching out and causing it's ragdoll to stretch and warp all over the place for some reason. I like the basic concept of it as an enemy, but I think it would have made a better fit logically if it was made up of a large group of the baby-mutant things (or maybe slightly larger/grown up versions of them?) somehow Megazord-ing/Voltron-ing together into a larger creature (they sorta seem like Hunters from Halo, if anyone knows/remembers that enemy, a sort of alien worm-colony amalgamation). And the fact that it can literally fly and cause so much damage to structures is absurd and borderline game-breaking to me. I know if I was playing and one of these things spawned and destroyed a bunch of stuff I had built (given how resource-heavy, time consuming, and frustratingly awkward the building system is), I would be furious. Borderline instant-uninstall for me if I didn't have a recent save to fall back on.
  5. Rest in peace, Stan Lee. You will be missed. v_v

  6. Even if controllers are becoming more and more popular, that's still no excuse for not having support for custom keybindings. Even on consoles people use different control schemes and button layouts, even for the same games, so being able to rebind the controls to whatever you need/want them to be should be standard fair by now, regardless of whether you're preferred peripheral is a controller or a mouse/keyboard.
  7. Seems to me like a simpler solution would be just give a 24-hour ban (perhaps an escalating one as well) on anyone who would have otherwise have been tagged a "murderer" by the game's current solution. And before anyone starts worrying about false positives or unfair bans that might occur, remember how much time it takes to kill anyone who isn't fighting back in the current solution. No one is getting labeled a "murderer" in these cases by accident, so perpetrators would be deserving of what they get. The only problem would be dealing with people who don't actually kill and just annoy/harass, but that could be dealt with by an in-game report system and competent Bethesda moderators to look into harassment claims (for public servers, I imagine private server admins could just ban whoever they want).
  8. Honestly the most interesting thing to me is the real-time VATS that they have implemented, and only because that feels like it might be a nice option or a change for them to have in the next "real" Fallout game for VATS users (having the time slow down like normal now, or letting it be in real time). Outside of that, the game just looks like weird crossover between Borderlands and Fortnite, set in the Fallout universe.
  9. I laughed so hard when the Hunter said "You are actually planning on fighting me today, aren't you? Etc, etc. The suspense is killing me."
  10. If you have the Steam Cloud services enabled then you might be able to recover your save data from that. When I re-installed Payday 2 to give it another try a little while back (after Gopher and them gave it another try), I was able to recover my save data and progress for that game via the Steam Cloud.
  11. Yeah, a chest sensor or maybe a belt censor would be a great way to solve the orientation problem Gopher was talking about. As to the video itself and his using the left and right renders, I liked it, personally. I don't have the motion sickness that others do, so that's not a worry for me, but I appreciated him having both eye-views shown. I do wish there was some way to merge the two views into one image, though, even if it was just crudely overlapping one eye's view with the other, though that would likely leave a somewhat noticeable seem. Even if it came out as a 4x3 video rather than a 16x9 aspect ratio, though, it would be better than the split view imo.
  12. I've never really understood the point in making mods ESM files. Other than ensuring that they come before everything else in the load order, is there any actual technical benefit to them being ESM files over ESP files?
  13. Aye, Master locks are tough (as they should be), but at least they're doable, even without any Lockpick skill investment. I did always understand Gopher's dislike of having to do the minigame mechanic for hacking/lockpicking in Fallout 4 because not only did you need enough perks to even attempt it, but you also needed to play the minigame on top of that. In Skyrim, you can attempt to pick any lock at any time, even if you somehow gave yourself 0 points (instead of the base 15, I think) in lockpicking, it would just be more difficult. Unless there's a mod that also applies a perk investment requirement to pick locks like in Fallout, the only way to avoid the minigame that I'm aware of is to use a mod that just makes it easy (no need to fiddle with angle of the pick, just turn it and it's unlocked), but at that point you might as well install a mod that just unlocks every door/chest in the game by default, or gives you a master key or something that instantly opens every lock in the game.
  14. I'd be amazed if TK Dodge doesn't get installed and tested during this stream.
  15. I feel like he would break less lockpicks if he spent more time paying attention during the picking and less time complaining about the mechanic. I never even bother taking any perks in the Lockpick tree when I play Skyrim because it's just so easy to do. I've only broken 1 pick so far I think in my current playthrough, and that's with having picked several apprentice locks and a couple of experts.
  16. Disable auto-updates in Steam (make it so it's update only on launch), and any time you see that Steam wants to update Skyrim, go to the game folders and make a copy of the Skyrim.exe. That way you can re-apply the previous one to keep playing until SKSE64 updates.
  17. Torches are infinite for other NPCs as far as I know, they only burn out for the player after 4 minutes if held for the entire duration (you can see in SSEEdit the duration for torches is 240 seconds). Unequipping the torch at any time resets the timer, so you get a fresh 4 minutes when you re-equip it. That could account for people rarely noticing/having issue with torches burning out because they just don't keep them equipped for long enough at a time.
  18. @Gopher Clearly Lenny just needs to show how skilled a thief he is by swiping a torch from a guard's hands without him even noticing it's gone. Also, I'd recommend installing an "infinite torch" mod, or similar to make them last longer. Torches only last 4 minutes in the vanilla game, and I've no doubt it'd be really frustrating for you to finally find a torch only to have it go out before you even finish Lenny's monologuing his joy at finally finding a torch (funny, but long-term very frustrating).
  19. The issues they were having with the stairs and stuff is exactly why they should have extended the 2nd floor out across the entire house when they were making it (and then just opening it back up with the hole cutter). Nothing wants to line up right because they didn't build up evenly. lol
  20. I was giving NAT a try myself until the stream, and I have since switched to Obsidian myself (although a new one called Aequinoctium is making a strong case) and like it a lot better than NAT. NAT was neat and had some neat features, but it basically got rid of the godrays/volumetric lighting that SSE has, and I didn't like that.
  21. It's a shame that the coin seems to have to hit the ground and bounce before it'll actually start flipping end-over-end, but for all I know that might not have even been possible.
  22. Wish I could get this "soulgem torch" idea I'm trying to make to work. :/

  23. I'm surprised there isn't a key you can press/hold while laying out the "floor plan" to enforce 90* angles for the corners. Seems like a fairly simple no-brainer feature that should be there to me.
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