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  1. Now all he has to do is figure out how the damage falloff on the pistol and (especially) the shotgun works, and he'll be all set.
  2. He doesn't seem to have quite yet grasped the fact that the shotgun in this game only really works at point-blank range (as opposed to shotguns in games like Borderlands or Payday 2, which seem to have spoiled him on shotguns). He always takes long pot-shots with it for like... 2-5 damage, or at mid-range for like 8-9. If he used it the same way he uses the wrench (melee range, basically), he'd probably be able to take out some of the Phantoms he's been having to deal with a lot quicker and with less medical attention required afterwards. That said, he's doing well enough with the wrench in most cases. If he pays enough attention to the skills he has available, it might be a good idea for him to invest some Neuromods into the skills that boost his melee damage and stuff (Combat Focus would be a great choice as well).
  3. I do really hope he figures out that you can use the GLOO to climb up stuff. He's mentioned it once or twice in previous episodes but doesn't seem to bother trying it, and I'm fairly certain it's the only way into Fabrication (where he needs to go to reset the Neuromod license) unless he upgrades his Hacking skill to rank 4 (which I doubt he'll do unless he can find a mod to remove the minigame ).
  4. > Decides to upgrades the shotgun Me: Nice, finally. > Upgrades the *recoil* of all things Me:
  5. Gopher is NEVER going to find Josh Dalton. lol
  6. It's a shame he's seemingly writing off hacking because of his hatred of the minigames, too.
  7. YouTube BETHESDA : Money vs. Goodwill

    Bethesda REALLY needs to start taking a more "Garry's Mod" approach to this whole thing. Garry's Mod (originally a mod itself) has over a MILLION addons (mods) on the Steam Workshop, all of which are community made, 100% free, and available for download at the click of a button. Valve doesn't make a single penny off of any of those Garry's Mod addons, but they make/made a bloody fortune on sales of Garry's Mod itself as a sandbox for people to mod and create things for (from characters, to guns, to maps, and an entire library of game modes). It's the same basic idea with Bethesda's titles. They made, and are making, a ton of money off of continued sales of Skyrim/etc. because of how easily moddable they are, how (relatively) easy it is for people to create, share, and download mods to try out and enjoy.
  8. Prey - Tips & Tricks (So to speak)

    Speaking of getting high-leverage crates and stuff out of the way, you can use those little Recycler Charge grenade things near them and they'll suck them up and turn them into materials just like like anything else (can't remember if there's a skill for 'larger' objects or not, though).
  9. Prey - Tips & Tricks (So to speak)

    Early on a very useful one to get is Combat Focus. It slows time down and makes your actions cost less stamina, letting you get more whacks in with the Wrench (and more shots with guns I think, too?). It can be a big help early on when fighting Phantoms because of how much damage they can take before dying, and how much damage they can do with their energy blasts.
  10. I was really scratching my head over why he wouldn't just fix the electrical conduit. lol
  11. Music

    Freakin' get REKT, Mario! XD
  12. Quarico, if you see this, I know EXACTLY how you felt when THAT happened. Going the whole game without anything else like it occurring, and suddenly, BAM. It scared the living daylights out of me.
  13. The turrets really aren't capable of dealing with Phantoms by themselves, especially not on this difficulty. They get one-shotted by pretty much every variant of Phantom, so they usually only really work as supporting fire as long as the player is shooting it enough to keep it's attention away from the turret.
  14. It depends on how you want to play. If not to lure in enemies in general, it's really good a little later on when he starts running into Cystoids, because the bolts are a really cheap (and sometimes recoverable) way to deal with their Pods and to get them to blow up on each other without wasting pistol ammo. Also, I hope Gopher learns how to properly use this game's shotgun, because it'll definitely make fighting the Phantoms more manageable. Unfortunately, Payday 2 has spoiled Gopher on shotguns for other games I think, because the ones in Payday are actually relatively good at medium+ ranges. In most other games, that's just not the case. It's either up close and personal, or you're better off using something besides a shotgun. He also might seriously want to consider getting the "Combat Focus" skill, because that would DEFINITELY be a help to him in combat, especially on max difficulty.
  15. YouTube CREATION CLUB : The Fatal Flaw

    The thing about this model is, though, and its the reason the PS4 is the only chance the Creation Club actually has of working: This business model ONLY works in closed environments. This fails spectacularly on PC and even on Xbox One because the modding environment for Fallout/Skyrim on those platforms is very, very open. On the PS4, it's closed (or at least, extremely restrictive). The difference between PS4 Fallout and PC/Xbox Fallout is as night and day as the difference between Fallout and something like Overwatch (and most other games, frankly). There are NEVER going to be any mods for Overwatch. Why? Not because it's not technically possible (someone could do it if they really wanted to), but because Blizzard keeps it's environment completely closed off, and any real effort to bypass and mod it would likely just get you banned for trying to cheat. On PC/Xbox Fallout, mods can be created or downloaded, and then added on a whim with relatively little effort because Bethesda allows for it (largely because it's a single player game, so no real "cheating" is involved). I also think that's largely where the underlying fear of a "modpocolypse" comes from. All Bethesda really has to do is decide that they're not going to allow for open modding anymore, and push forward headstrong on this Creation Club microtransaction model, which will require them to close off the environment if they want to make any worthwhile money with this model.
  16. Yeah, it feels like they're setting the bar for this whole thing REALLY low ($5 just for some armor? $4 just for a gun?), and that's not a good thing to do, imo.
  17. Drinking the water does heal, just not as much as food (only 1 point, while food does 5), but that's already practically nothing. That what always annoys me in games like this, though. 5 HP is meaningless almost when your total health is 100 or more. It's like how food in Skyrim only heals for a few HP or Stamina, why even bother?
  18. The mimics make this game like a constant game of GMod Prop Hunt, except the props can actually kill you. lol
  19. Had an awesome view of the Eclipse a few minutes ago. Really cool sight. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    1. Merp17


      Same. Here in Southern California it was as if the Sun went from a 75W light bulb to a 60W light bulb.

  20. I hated that when I was watching a couple other LPs of this game, @Caloss2. I hated it when I first saw a developer do it with Halo 2 (and every game since), and it's one of the reasons I don't have any interest in picking up Destiny 2 when it comes out. It just.... feels WEIRD to not have the crosshair centered on the screen. I constantly found myself physically trying to look over and see beyond the bottom of my screen (as silly as that sounds) when playing Halo 2+ back in the day.
  21. I loved the intro sequence for this game. They way they did the opening credits during the helicopter ride was clever, and the music playing during it was awesome. I am actually disappointed that they didn't have any actual mirrors and stuff in this game, now that I think about it. The rendering aspect of it would be no different than when Gopher broke through the Looking Glass for the first time and made the game render both the cityscape and the lab, so it's obvious the game/engine was easily capable of it. So I don't see why they didn't include mirrors or any other actual reflective surfaces anywhere.
  22. Lol, I'm guessing the Protectron started attacking Gopher either because: 1) Gopher opened fire unprovoked (seems like something a Law Enforcement bot would stop), or 2) Either Gopher or Cait accidentally hit the bot while firing at the Gunners (turning it hostile).
  23. Ah, finally a Settlement location that actually gives you pretty much all of the area you hoped it would when you found out it was a Settlement location. lol
  24. Ah, the Borderlands 2 playthrough reference (Shade, Scarlett, Herbert). Really makes me miss the Borderlands streams with Quarico and the guys. Hope they can get together to pick that up again soon.
  25. Music

    Shawn Wasabi - OTTER POP (ft. Hollis)