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  1. Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans

    Go full anime storyline and be a Bosmer with no fighting skills who wants go be the greatest and strongest Gladiator in all of Skyrim, with only his previously unknown, dormant supernatural powers to help make it possible, who collects a harem of female housecarls along the way who all want him while he remains completely oblivious or unreceptive to their affections himself. Actually, don't. I would actively avoid this playthrough like I've taken to avoiding most anime that do this (like, ****ing 90% of it at this point) if he went this route. lol
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  3. Music

  4. I wonder if the shadow walk ability would work for that. I can't see any reason why bloodflies would attack a shadow.
  5. PREY : Final Thoughts

    I hope the game did well enough for them to make a sequel, because the "take Alex's hand" ending REALLY screams for one. Like it's setting up a next game where you begin fighting back against (at least what appears to be) a Typhon infestation of Earth or something.
  6. Quick summary of this episode:
  7. Also, it's a shame that when he finally figures out what he's supposed to be looking for with the whole smuggling side-quest (the alarm panels), the one(s) he finds and hits 3 times isn't one of the ones that have loot hidden in them, meaning he's not likely to associate those red alarm panels correctly now. All he had to do was look to the left when he entered the Arboretum and fought those Military Operators, but unfortunately he broke the electrical panel on the opposite wall and had to repair it, pulling his attention away from one of the correct alarm panels (at the exact spot where he initially got the smuggling quest, fittingly enough).
  8. I've no doubt he took MUCH longer trying to figure out the combination of the Treasure Hunt code than it would have taken had he just tried numbers randomly to begin with, lol (pretty sure the code is random each time anyway). As for the prize, if he hadn't been so caught up in what the actual correct code was after he'd gotten it right he might have noticed the little notification that pops up above the heal bar each time you get a new fabrication plan and other loot.
  9. Aaaand this is where stuff really kicks off in this game, lol. Gopher's not going to have as much quiet time to think things over anymore with the Operator dispensers spitting out an endless supply of Military Operators. Well, the Typhon were shown to be aliens pretty early on, in one of the "first encounter" videos that he saw (which was timestamped like...50+ years or something prior to the current events of the game, iirc) where some dude got attacked by a Mimic while space-walking to perform maintenance on a moon satellite or something. At some point after that Talos 1 came to be what it is now in order to study the Typhon, and now under TranStar ownership for their use in Neuromod production (this is all based on stuff that Gopher has read/encountered, so I'm not spoiling anything). As for the source of the test subjects and "volunteers" for Neuromod production, it seems to be a little bit of both: Actual volunteers who wanted to have their skills recorded and passed down (such as the baseball player and the pianist), who came aboard Talos 1 to have their minds mapped for their skillsets; And then for the physical production of the Neuromods themselves, they used "volunteers" who were either criminals or some other form of dissidence who were brought to Talos 1 under false pretenses of getting a second chance (and perhaps some falsified records) to be used for Mimic/exotic material production.
  10. God, Nexus's new layout is awful. Why on earth do the 2 main "Hot Mods" tiles need to take up my entire ****ing screen by themselves? >.<

    And why does everything have to be designed to look like it belongs on a ****ing "mobile" device? These are mods for a PC game, not a damn mobile app. Design the damn website so it looks like it's supposed to be viewed on a PC. /rant

    1. Silverthorn1111


      And the title isn't even full and is instead cut with dotdotdot...

  11. No, the suit is pretty red. The Devs just screwed up describing it as brown & black, imo, when it is pretty clearly red in color. At least, it's much MORE red than it is brown. I REALLY just wish he wasn't so fixated on the idea that he was a Typhon. It really is just completely screwing with what should be his overall understanding of what is going on in the story. Also, yes, there is no reason at all for him to possibly consider sparing the cook. He killed Abby, for one, but also the cook himself who he is impersonating now (Will Mitchel), who - which Gopher seemed to overlook at the time - was ground up and packed into a box that read "suspicious meat" where he found the real cook's tracking bracelet in the freezer. The fake cook is an outright murderer and should be killed on sight.
  12. The 300 health and the shock resistance/absorption Neuromods is DEFINITELY what made that possible. He got zapped like 5-6 times, there's no way he survives those initial attempts without those little buffers. lol
  13. HE TOOK COMBAT FOCUS!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  14. It's amazing that the one thing he CAN"T seem to believe he is is that he could actually just be Morgan, with his memory lost. I mean, literally everyone treats him as if he is Morgan, the Operators all treat him like he's human, and the Turrets never detected Typhon material in their scans of him until after he started taking the Typhon-power Neuromods.
  15. I think I've convinced myself that Gopher has made a conscious decision (off camera, I assume) to simply not take the Combat Focus skill. It's the only thing I can think of, because on-camera at least, when he's browsing over the Neuromod skills he might want to take, he never even LOOKs at Combat Focus. He skims through almost every skill in every other tree, but I think I've only ever seen him actually click on Combat Focus maybe twice, and once was probably by accident. It's as if he's read it, thought about it off camera, and just decided it would probably make the combat (which he's started to get better at, especially thinks to Psychoshock) too easy for him, so he's just disregarding it. I could be wrong, but it's so annoying to me to see him browse skills and never even so much as LOOK at Combat Focus (again, not on-camera at least), so that's what I've chosen to believe. lol Also, that Typhon Lure he used when opening the Cargo Bay door DEFINITELY made a difference in that fight. With them all distracted/stupefied by the Lure, and the half-dozen turrets he had placed all with good LoS through the door, those turrets just rinsed through those Phantoms. I'm pretty sure that they were all dead by the time he threw the Recycler Charge, so kudos for that sequence.