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  1. Lol, I'm guessing the Protectron started attacking Gopher either because: 1) Gopher opened fire unprovoked (seems like something a Law Enforcement bot would stop), or 2) Either Gopher or Cait accidentally hit the bot while firing at the Gunners (turning it hostile).
  2. Ah, finally a Settlement location that actually gives you pretty much all of the area you hoped it would when you found out it was a Settlement location. lol
  3. Ah, the Borderlands 2 playthrough reference (Shade, Scarlett, Herbert). Really makes me miss the Borderlands streams with Quarico and the guys. Hope they can get together to pick that up again soon.
  4. Music

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj2eUpt3MVE Shawn Wasabi - OTTER POP (ft. Hollis)
  5. Am I the only person disappointed that the Cannery guy/place actually turned out to be bad? It would have been so much more neat and refreshing for it to have been a legit place for once. Leave out the final room and I can just imagine Gopher coming back out of the basement through the chained door to the guy going: "H-hey! What were you doing in the basement! I told you it was dangerous down there!", etc. lol
  6. How does one change themes on the Forum now? I can't find the option anywhere (need dark! DX ).

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    2. Merp17


      Yeah its hurting my eyes and is very distracting, I hope it is fixed soon or else I will probably stay on the site a lot less then I usually do.

    3. unnamedguy21


      I think we'll need some help over here. @3ventic, maybe a bit of a hint, eh. Because my retinas are mangled enough already, I don't need this as well.

    4. TiDinzeo


      I think the dark theme for the forum isn't working with the current version.  Personally, I prefer the dark theme as well so hope it gets sorted out soon.

  7. Is it just me, or are his Explosive 10mm Pistol and his 7.62 AK Rifle the only weapons Gopher has that are actually worth a damn? The Combat Shotgun just seems like garbage all around, and his Lever Action doesn't seem do enough damage per shot to even be worth carrying around either. lol
  8. Monitors what to look for?

    4K is a higher resolution compared to 1440p. 1440 is like the in-between resolution between 1080 and 4K. A 4K monitor would only really be worth it, imo, if you have a GPU that can take advantage of it (and if the games in question can take advantage of it), so if you have that it might be worthwhile. Otherwise it's likely not worth it over a regular 1080 monitor unless the 4K purchase is being made with the intent to "future proof" yourself for new games/GPUs down the line because things now would just be getting upscaled to fit the 4K monitor.
  9. Yeah, Gopher's the first thing I thought of when I saw that story the other day. He might want to consider omitting that song from his intro's for the near future, unfortunately.
  10. I've always just wished Gopher would stop insisting on trying to maintain immersion when something that is so blatantly a bug (or something else that's obviously not supposed to happen) happens like that. He should just do something to fix it (whether he acknowledges it in-video or not, or simply cuts it out like he does on rare occasions when he needs to restart the game) instead of forcing himself to live with the potential in-game consequences or trying to find an "immersion-friendly" solution (such as hacking Curie) that might have other consequences. I mean, it's one thing if Gopher makes a decision that backfires and he has to live with it, it's another if a companion powerslams and ally because of stupid zoning behavior and gets a whole faction angry at him. Imagine if Cait had powerslammed one of the Vault 81 guards and gotten the whole vault pissed at him, for example. Given how he usually deals with these sorts of things, he'd have probably just rolled with it and ended up genocid-ing the entire vault, lol.
  11. Thank you Steam Cloud. My old Payday 2 save data was still there, so I don't have to start from scratch. lol

  12. Why is it whenever Gopher uses a shotgun it feels to me like he might as well be spitting at the baddies? If I saw the stats right, his new shotgun here does over 200 damage and I can all but guarantee that if he had been shooting the same guys with his combat rifle (which only does 100-something damage) he would have been doing more damage than his shotgun was. lol
  13. Payday 2 Giveaway by Overkill

    So apparently Overkill are giving away 5 million copies of the base Payday 2 game on Steam right now. Just need to go to the store page and claim it for your account. http://store.steampowered.com/news/29973/ If you were ever curious about the game, now's the time to grab it, I guess. lol
  14. YouTube OUTLAST 2 (#1) : So It Begins

    Yeah, can't say I've heard too many good things about this game (not just content-wise, although that too), so I'll probably be skipping this one myself.
  15. Skyrim and Steam.

    You don't need the shop/store page to re-install games on Steam, just need to select the game in question in your Library and click the Install button.