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  1. Thank you Steam Cloud. My old Payday 2 save data was still there, so I don't have to start from scratch. lol

  2. Why is it whenever Gopher uses a shotgun it feels to me like he might as well be spitting at the baddies? If I saw the stats right, his new shotgun here does over 200 damage and I can all but guarantee that if he had been shooting the same guys with his combat rifle (which only does 100-something damage) he would have been doing more damage than his shotgun was. lol
  3. So apparently Overkill are giving away 5 million copies of the base Payday 2 game on Steam right now. Just need to go to the store page and claim it for your account. If you were ever curious about the game, now's the time to grab it, I guess. lol
  4. YouTube

    Yeah, can't say I've heard too many good things about this game (not just content-wise, although that too), so I'll probably be skipping this one myself.
  5. You don't need the shop/store page to re-install games on Steam, just need to select the game in question in your Library and click the Install button.
  6. 45:55+ > Obsesses over the fact the wall pieces clip and "interfere with the mechanism" ever so slightly on the inside of the vault door where it's not visible. > Completely ignores the fact that the floor piece clips and "interferes" with the roller slots for the vault door.
  7. And that crash at the end is why I'm the type of person who would save after pretty much every other piece that I got placed where I wanted it.
  8. I wonder how many of the settlers are now trapped behind walls or other weird places from when Gopher accidentally grabbed the entire vault structure. lol
  9. It would make sense that there was a random enemy that "got lost" during the attack. It would certainly explain what literally the entire population of the settlement kept staring at after Gopher thought he'd cleared out the attackers. lol
  10. And so began "The Great Re-Design of Vault 88".
  11. I rather like the square ceiling lights he was trying. They seem a lot easier to place and don't clip or float in any weird ways, and I at least think they look pretty good too.
  12. Agreed. If you're there, the attack should go on as it does now. If you're not, it should just be a behind-the-scenes comparison between your Settlement's Defense number vs. whatever number the game wants to give the Attackers (based on certain factors like food/water, population, etc.). Heck, it shouldn't even be a message saying that the settlement "is under attack" if you're not there for it. It should just say "was attacked", with the outcome already decided. Then you can head back home and check/repair the damage if you want to (or the settlers themselves can repair it over a period of time).
  13. Anyone else tried the new Uprising game mode for Overwatch yet? It's pretty fun. ^_^