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  1. Master Cire

    Website content usage

  2. I was wondering when Gopher was going to notice Henry was barefoot in the rain.
  3. That gaming set up for that apartment is impressive. Making the best out of small space is impressive considering he's from NY.
  4. Master Cire

    The Raft #1 : Floating Simulator 2018

    Can Chay set himself on fire in this game too?
  5. It's funny that he posted this when I commented on the Save Stations thread a day before.
  6. Master Cire

    Minionland's 2nd Anniversary: plans and information

    I can't believe it's been already 2 years since the Minionland server grand opening.
  7. Master Cire

    Zelda DoW

    I remember all three of those videos. Lol, I loved those live streams. And Goat simulator.
  8. Master Cire

    Zelda DoW

    I love how drunk he had to be just to start that game.
  9. I know. I just know he would break a controller if he played Metroid on a console with the save stations. Just thinking about it makes me laugh cause he would have to explain why he broke his kids Nintendo controller.
  10. Master Cire

    Zelda DoW

    However, anything can happen over time. Since Gopher round up playing Hatoful Boyfriend out of nowhere. That was his introduction to anime. lol.
  11. Master Cire

    Zelda DoW

    I don't think Gopher is into Zelda puzzles. His kids might be, but Gopher is a gentleman with required tastes in PC gaming. He mainly got the Xbox one so he could work out his mods with Xbox players.
  12. Thank goodness Gopher isn't a Nintendo gamer. He would flip a desk with the Metroid save stations.
  13. Master Cire

    Lex Arcana

    Thank you for the heads up. Looks really promising.
  14. I do this with all the Horror Let's Plays all the time.
  15. Master Cire

    Gopher's FALLOUT 4 Plans

    Gopher is a perfectionist when it comes to immersion in building settlements. He loses track of time in his tight schedule.