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  1. I hope he does a few mods for settlement builder. Poor Gopher was going crazy building vault 88.
  2. So is Gopher done with the vanilla experience?
  3. The wood chopping scene reminded me of the scene from Airplane where everyone was trying to calm down a hysterical woman.
  4. "Just because I'm having a bad time of the month, Does not mean I should take it out on other people.". I was like Damn, Richard really is a librarian, not a gentleman.
  5. Did we lose the dark background theme for the forum?

    1. ShawnBoucher


      It apparently did not like the forum update we had recently. 

    2. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      That's depressing. I liked the dark theme cause usually I'm on here late at night. Its easier on my eyes than the light theme at night.

    3. ShawnBoucher


      yeah night or day this white feels like im staring directly into the sun :) 

  6. I love all these pop culture references in the titles of these episodes.
  7. I like to believe Frank learned Norwegian through engineering contracts pre-war.
  8. Does anybody want to donate or create a Gopher coat of arms based on his characters to hang on his wall or door next?
  9. YouTube Is this really a good idea?

    I can't wait for more adventures of Richard breaking his neck trying to find books, and Kharjo's whereabouts.
  10. I've been meaning to buy a new mug. And this is the solution.
  11. Its been awhile. I hope the community has been alright, and everyone having a nice summer, or Australian winter.

    1. KittyLordMeow-Meows
    2. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      And looting like a little Gopher?

  12. PREY 5/5/17 anyone excited for this game?

    I hope Gopher does a play through. I like his immersive survival horror let's plays. He always ends with a chilling cliff hanger.
  13. How did Gopher fail to save that settlement?
  14. lets play Games for Gopher?

    I always loved mystery/survival horror games that Gopher plays around down period for his long let's plays. I hope he gets a chance to play more.