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  1. I've been meaning to buy a new mug. And this is the solution.
  2. Its been awhile. I hope the community has been alright, and everyone having a nice summer, or Australian winter.

    1. KittyLordMeow-Meows
    2. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      And looting like a little Gopher?

  3. I hope Gopher does a play through. I like his immersive survival horror let's plays. He always ends with a chilling cliff hanger.
  4. How did Gopher fail to save that settlement?
  5. lets play

    I always loved mystery/survival horror games that Gopher plays around down period for his long let's plays. I hope he gets a chance to play more.
  6. Has anybody made a recent touring video lately. I'm curious to see all the new projects.
  7. I keep having these strange dreams where I'm in a Adventurers 101 class instructed by Gopher, and there's a lot of times Gopher is distracted by going off topic in class. He's also going through everyone's bookbags like its free loot. Is this normal?

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    2. Cryzeteur


      Usually I watch the vids and reply to everything early in the morning.... or at least as early as I can. Late at night I play Sudoku and watch Startrek or play Skyrim or Fallout.

      I need to set up my playstation better so I can play Kingdom Hearts... not that game has given me some really strange dreams...

    3. Shiroi_gaijin


      So...which part is the strange part?  That seems perfectly normal to me.

    4. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      I can totally envision Gopher to be like a college professor/Indiana Jones type of person in real life.

  8. Curse you, YouTube!
  9. Is there a mod that fixes that crazy power setup for certain areas in the vault?
  10. Reading this post in the animate theme was quite a challenge without highlighting everything.
  11. It's been awhile for settlement builder. I hope Gopher makes good use for what he can do with all that space in the vault.
  12. Time for Gopher to go to Poland again.
  13. I learned so much. Gopher likes Indian food.
  14. Man, that really was a tough decision. Talk about between a rock and a hard place.
  15. I see Cogsworth is still in good spirits.