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  1. How did Gopher fail to save that settlement?
  2. lets play

    I always loved mystery/survival horror games that Gopher plays around down period for his long let's plays. I hope he gets a chance to play more.
  3. Has anybody made a recent touring video lately. I'm curious to see all the new projects.
  4. I keep having these strange dreams where I'm in a Adventurers 101 class instructed by Gopher, and there's a lot of times Gopher is distracted by going off topic in class. He's also going through everyone's bookbags like its free loot. Is this normal?

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    2. Cryzeteur


      Usually I watch the vids and reply to everything early in the morning.... or at least as early as I can. Late at night I play Sudoku and watch Startrek or play Skyrim or Fallout.

      I need to set up my playstation better so I can play Kingdom Hearts... not that game has given me some really strange dreams...

    3. Shiroi_gaijin


      So...which part is the strange part?  That seems perfectly normal to me.

    4. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      I can totally envision Gopher to be like a college professor/Indiana Jones type of person in real life.

  5. Curse you, YouTube!
  6. Is there a mod that fixes that crazy power setup for certain areas in the vault?
  7. Reading this post in the animate theme was quite a challenge without highlighting everything.
  8. It's been awhile for settlement builder. I hope Gopher makes good use for what he can do with all that space in the vault.
  9. Time for Gopher to go to Poland again.
  10. I learned so much. Gopher likes Indian food.
  11. Man, that really was a tough decision. Talk about between a rock and a hard place.
  12. I see Cogsworth is still in good spirits.
  13. One day, We're going to see Ming get distracted by catching dragonflies just to prolong the ineverable.
  14. I just got Oblivion. Hopefully I'll enjoy it like I did Skyrim.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering about this, since I was rewatching the Alien let's play. That was like the only female role he played if you don't count the livestreams miscellaneous games. Like the princess simulator, and pigeon boyfriend game.