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  1. I think Gopher loves the Metro lore, and the ranger hardcore mode to make up with the linear story.
  2. Question: Has anybody besides Gopher played the tabletop game?
  3. He attends to come here on occasion to discuss events like MinionLand, and other topics when he has time to post. He tries his best to communicate, but his workload is quite tight lately. He has to shuffle with reading youtube comments, twitter, discord, patreon, twitch, editing videos, the modding community, and still have time to interact with his own family. It's just a blessing to just see him online over here. I got to give him credit to prioritizing his life for his fans, and family. Not everybody can multitask as he can with his busy schedule.
  4. One of the few live streams where I was present. I miss interacting with everybody and chatting with Gopher at the same time. He didn't buy my overseer wanting to die and take over vault 76 story just like he planned earlier awhile Gopher stepped away to get something to eat and drink.
  5. Gopher really does love survival horror, Chay burning himself. and settlement building
  6. Put that on a T-Shirt. Welcome to the community.
  7. I'm not sure, I assume making up lore as they go. I know there are several different myths about vampires like whether or not they can see themselves in mirrors or going over a body of water. I've never heard of this in all the lore I've read before until now.
  8. One may never know with this game. I'm with Gopher on this if you're undead, you shouldn't see persons still beating heart. That's like a living undead contradiction
  9. I swear this game tries everything it can do to prevent you from obtaining the too good ending.
  10. I have no clue since I haven't played this myself to explore all outcomes. To me, it seems like the final nail in the head for Gopher's undead morality in this population.
  11. Kinda like the Sean Hampton episode of turning him. It made it seem like Johnthan forced it against his will. Gopher was trying to go back after that, but it was too late.
  12. If I remember right the surgery option was part of getting on her good side. He wanted her to continue her operations, just wanted to stop the blackmail part. After choosing those options, It ended up blowing up in his face, plus the aftermath of her turning into a Skal.
  13. Sorry, I meant the surgery option for the nurse. How would gopher know how an actual surgeon does in the situation where the guy was dying. That option didn't give Gopher enough time to think that through for the Nurse to hate Jonathan, and choose to stop blackmail as well. Gopher's intentions are good, but the repercussions were not. I still love how every choice you make matters, but not the way that you would expect.
  14. I think Gopher is morally conflicted trying to do the right thing by being more honest since people are aware of vampires are real in this world after making his mistake with the Nurse that was blackmailing.
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