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  1. Is creating a favorite youtube comment on a Gopher video allowed?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      okay, Just checking. I didn't know if that would stray off the topic of the Gopher vids community. 

    3. OutandBack


      I'd say try it. See if other join in. If it's about Gopher or his minions I think it is fair game. Just remember family friendly.

    4. Cryzeteur


      I can't wait to see what Master Cire posts... :)

  2. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    Has it already been a year? Time flies when you craft.
  3. Gopher actually taught me a lot about Lich history. I would love How do you say Lich? hoodie.
  4. I hope we see Richard and Kharjo's library in the future.
  5. I haven't played the game yet, but is Gopher using his neuromods wisely?
  6. It was my first thought reading that video title.
  7. Gopher just can't even like teenage girls.
  8. I think the mimics are the best thing against Gopher, since it preys on his weakness; Loot!
  9. When Richard told Kharjo to never change was like Kairi telling Sora to never change in Kingdom Hearts to me for some reason.
  10. I've been kinda behind with watching the live stream playthrough. Did they ever try letting the stream seen by Quarico's PoV?
  11. Gopher and the video game Half Life???

    You would think Gopher being a PC modder would at least tried playing Half Life. I don't know, he has said that he has several games that he owns, or even gifted to him from fans that's still never been touched.
  12. And dub the adventure, Two Khajiits, and a Werewolf walk into a pub....
  13. I wouldn't mind the extra companion. Double the hilarity, double the feline escapades.
  14. Gopher and lockpicking

    Maybe Gopher should persuade the lock to open.