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  1. I love the subtlety of the art quest, how humans are blindly painting monsters as evil that needs to be eradicated, unnatural beings that are perceived as invaders. It makes me wonder if creatures such as nekkers have always been aggressive towards humans. It's very plausible that the native races (humans, elves, dwarfs etc.) assumed they were naturally aggressive as they first appeared during the conjunction and triggering some form of perpetual cycle of hostility. The same cycle exists between humans and non-humans, which I'd say further builds on that theory. What if the lore in the game is the one-sided human perspective, we always assume lore in video games consists of facts mainly. But last I checked, Dandelion isn't the most reliable historian. I get this vibe during multiple quests in this game, and Geralt is always in the middle of it. It always makes me uncertain that whatever path he could possibly take is an attempt to solve a hidden problem or if it really is just Geralt making his coin off the misery in the world, with no special regard to long-term consequences of his actions as an unnatural force of willpower.
  2. Yup but you can also use it without one.
  3. Paypal, iDeal. Two common ways to make recurring payments without needing a credit card.
  4. I'm surprised there are no payment methods other than credit card. If there were, I'd have gotten prime as soon as I heard it went global. Now I will have to wait a bit longer.
  5. And just to clarify, it is not a total ban, once you @ mention GopherBot in the #welcome channel, you'll have full access to the channels like you're used to.
  6. Tirius is correct, we didn't do this for any other reason other than spam bot prevention. We tried to come up with the least intrusive way for you guys to prevent masses of bots flooding the channels. I hope this clears things up.
  7. Food and youtube, great combination. Welcome !
  8. Cryostasis enabled... wake me up when it's here
  9. Just going to leave this here.
  10. Personality type: “The Mediator” (INFP-A) Individual traits: Introverted – 72%, Intuitive – 67%, Feeling – 67%, Prospecting – 69%, Assertive – 80%. Role: Diplomat Strategy: Confident Individualism This is my result from Other tests always gave me ISTJ, and I never felt fully satisfied with that result, like the glove would barely fit. INFP-A is really me on the other hand. It was such a weird (read: scary) feeling reading through a precise description of me on a public web page without ever talking to anyone responsible for its existence. And to be honest it feels kinda scary revealing what's under the hood. But I guess that is psychology for you. While has good type descriptions, I'd argue offers slightly more relevant information. Personalityjunkie's Functional Stack section is especially helpful in determining whether someone's personality type prediction is accurate or not. It cemented the result as being accurate in my eyes. The MBTI system is fascinating and since I discovered my own personality I've been learning about all the other types. Suddenly getting to know someone is a wholly different experience, as traits are not + and -, but I, E, S, N, etc.
  11. Thumbs up, good video and good microphone.
  12. The process of adding SSE to every eligible user is taking slower than expected. So it should be in your library by tomorrow.
  13. There are always a few bad apples in the bunch. But that's what the Block feature is for. It's a fun game with a lot of depth, should be well worth your money if you are familiar with online FPS games. If you are in doubt you can wait, they have done a free weekend on consoles fairly recently, so maybe they will do one for PC as well.
  14. My main character. Pretty seasoned wastelander, gotta look the part.