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  1. As it stands we can't set up a twitch raffle for patrons and we don't know of any simple alternatives, i.e. something that doesn't force every patron to jump through additional hoops, like having to make a discord account and linking their patreon account to it (not feasible during a livestream).
  2. Best part: the video is under 30 seconds. Who is this guy and what did he did he do to the old Gopher!
  3. All Raffle Winners Valensestaria Jimmydeans Matw65 Lordofallfrogs Shaysinclair Ellanjellan Narga_89 Caloss2 Crusier_prinz_eugen Nailcake Thomas_ct Surfacehealer63 Grizzinfarl Xbadges Calirohe Jeancly Crazytok Jakitaseal Moonsongstress Jaybytez Larry995 Lumaan Crystalpalace Antiquatedflipphone Taulurium Carringtont Inxane_ Windlancenightcaller Eliorim
  4. Winners who haven't posted soldier details yet 08 Jul Taulurium
  5. Links to soldier details (winners only) Clicking the name takes you to the right post. 19 Nov Caloss2 Jimmydeans Surfacehealer63 Matw65 Valensestaria Lordofallfrogs Ellanjellan Crusier_prinz_eugen Narga_89 Nailcake Grizzinfarl 03 Dec Jeancly Xbadges Calirohe Crazytok 17 Dec Jakitaseal 14 Jan Lumaan Jaybytez Larry995 29 Apr Crystalpalace 08 Jul Antiquatedflipphone 09 Jul Carringtont Inxane_ 07 Oct Windlancenightcal
  6. Salutations Minions! This thread is the official place for twitch raffle winners to post their soldier details. How to become a soldier Be subscribed on https://www.twitch.tv/gophergaming. During the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen livestreams, there will be subscriber-only raffles. Take part in them. You can only enter once per raffle (spamming !raffle is pointless). Are you a lucky winner? A soldier will be named after you. Did you win the raffle? Here's how to post your soldier details Create a post in this thread specifying your Twitch Username and a manual
  7. It's true. CDProjekt may be seen as the saviour of PC gaming but not all their promises ringed true in the end. And in the end, they too are pushing their own platform (GOG) to make as much money as possible. Yet I think it comes down to the following: - Bethesda makes no effort to fix the bad choices they made with game design (think UI, controls, things like that). CDPR actually patched in a complete UI overhaul, added a bunch of optional control tweaks (OK, they never added customizeable controller input so that's a pretty big thumbs down). CDPR tried and made some decent changes. Beth
  8. So I've had two nights of sleep to think about what Bethesda did with Creation Club. I still don't see how and why this is possibly going to work for them, or for the modders who are looking to get paid for their work. Nobody is going to benefit. Not only has Bethesda lost me as a fan, which is unimportant to anyone but myself, but they damaged their public image once again, by spreading lies about what content will be on the platform and by charging 4 times the value for said content. Sure, they need their 75% (guesstimated) cut to cover expenses on their side, while still leaving enough for
  9. Both are impressive high-end monitors. Major differences: - The X27 will no doubt be twice the price of the Z271UV, 144Hz 4k monitors are the stuff dreams are made of in 2017. - TN panels are cheap to manufacture and have very low response times, have a small viewing angle of 70-80 degrees (colours will warp horribly if you look at your monitor when you look at it from above, below or sides). Whereas IPS panels have a viewing angle of 170-180 degrees, seem to allow for more accurate colours, deeper blacks and brighter whites. - Z271UV uses a curved screen. This is tricky because
  10. I love the subtlety of the art quest, how humans are blindly painting monsters as evil that needs to be eradicated, unnatural beings that are perceived as invaders. It makes me wonder if creatures such as nekkers have always been aggressive towards humans. It's very plausible that the native races (humans, elves, dwarfs etc.) assumed they were naturally aggressive as they first appeared during the conjunction and triggering some form of perpetual cycle of hostility. The same cycle exists between humans and non-humans, which I'd say further builds on that theory. What if the lore in the ga
  11. Paypal, iDeal. Two common ways to make recurring payments without needing a credit card.
  12. I'm surprised there are no payment methods other than credit card. If there were, I'd have gotten prime as soon as I heard it went global. Now I will have to wait a bit longer.
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