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  1. Well,unfortunately I couldn't get these HUD mods to work,so I guess I will just be playing without the minimap.I installed some other mods and they work fine.I want to thank everyone for their suggestions and for being friendly. I will definitely hang around,you people seem great
  2. 1.I am manualy installing the mods. 2.I have the disc version,but it uses GOG. 3.Nope,I wrote above exactly how and what I did,in correct order. 4.I didn't try to verify game in gog,but I will. 5.I'll look into that and delte the files,thank you very much for your help.I'm actually really surprised how friendly people are here.
  3. Yes,I saw that he wrote there is a better version of immersiveHUD called Friendly HUD and I tried to install it but when I do I get this error: Error [content0]game\gameplay\ability\abilitymanagertypes.ws(19): Cannot find structure 'SBlockedAbility' to import
  4. Hello everyone!I finally got around to starting my first playthrough of Witcher 3.First thing after changing all the in game options to my liking I started modding the game.I installed couple of mods:ShortHairGeralt,GILL_FD and BetterIcons.After I installed those mods,I maked sure they were working and they were,without any problems.Then I wanted to install a mod by Gopher called immersive HUD,I followed all the instructions and I couldn't get it to work.Each time I would start the game I would get a script compiling error and the game wouldn't start.I googled the problem in hope of finding a
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