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  1. I heard 3 people in Novigrad talk about some fucked up shit once. It was a townsman, a witch hunter and some random bloke. The townsman was asking when they get the next batch of freaks because he really likes raping them, especially women with 3 tits. It was... interesting. lol
  2. You can make dialogue if you are really really determined, but you can't exactly check for states like that in the main quest, nor can you make the characters have voices. It would be nice, though. Have to agree there.
  3. I can't help but play anything else than my slightly psychotic self... That basically means that people I like stay alive and ones I don't like I murder in the most gruesome ways I can while wallowing in the absolute enjoyment of their abject fear and their resounding echoes of woe. Yeah, I kill peeps if they are assholes to me. lol
  4. Wouldn't be bad, to be honest. I'd probably join.
  5. What @Arjy Yu said. There is some dissonance in the lore between the short stories and the novels too. Not terribly much, but things like this: In the short stories, witchers can't see in the dark and need a potion for it. In the novels they can. That sort of thing.
  6. @OutandBack Yep, the mechanic the guy in the video described. The "look at foe while in combat mode". You don't just look at them, you attack in their direction, no matter where you are looking. It picks you a target based on where your character and camera is facing, etc. and you always attack that target. Manual is if you attack in the direction of your camera all the time.
  7. @OutandBack Yeah you don't get it. Just look at the video. I'm playing with mouse and keyboard. Look at how I turn my attacks. You attack in the direction you look at and you can change your attack distance with the press of a button. Click here to watch this small segment. Should help you understand what I'm talking about. It's from my mod's review. You'll understand after.
  8. @OutandBack Probably not if you don't use a mod to get full XP for all quests. Maybe even upscale them.
  9. @OutandBack Only the fire one is the same and it just gives me too much joy. lol I love the Combustion runeword. Guessing you use a mod for it then, normal aim style is the soft lock which is exactly what I turned off in the video. You don't fight manually if you have that on. You can also disable the combat stance, it's not hard. My mod has an option for it under the controls section too.
  10. Do any of you who still play it use mods that disables the automatic targeting in the game? Or do you know it can be disabled? Just kinda interested in your thoughts on the playstyle. Here's a video on it. It's actually a tutorial (a shitty one lol) on how to play with no soft lock. Excuse the stutter, the recording didn't turn out all that well. OBS didn't want me to record and sodomized the footage.
  11. 100 since Blood and Wine. You can modify it with mods, though.
  12. Welcome to the community @Kithilin, good to see some more Witcher players around. Not many of us here. lol Hope you'll enjoy the games, they are great. I played through Witcher 1 twice, through Witcher 2 about 7 times (it has amazing replay value) and 3 times through Witcher 3. I'm running my 4th playthrough on Witcher 3 with my mod now, planning to do all expansions (haven't played Blood and Wine yet). It's REALLY fun, though.
  13. @OutandBack Well I won't really be posting here now, it was just a beta thing to let you guys play it and see if you like it. It's up on the Nexus now, proper. Follow it there and download it too while you're at it. lol
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