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  1. I'm using MS Edge. There is simple slider in advanced options to disable Flash. So it won't open upload file window until I enable Flash. It's strange because upload header working correctly.
  2. Hi there My name is Exo Pesta. I have started to watch Gophers YouTube channel back in Fallout 3 days And watched Skyrim all episodes 5 times already without skipping anything
  3. Hello guys, I've joined only few moments ago and first of all tried to upload my profile picture. Do you know that profile picture upload feature made on flash technology and Flash is really unsafe these days? First of all I thought that didn't work at all, but then I turned on flash and uploaded. I really suggest that forum admins change this feature (o any other feature made on flash) to something else, because lot's of people have turned off flash at all, because it's used only for ads and things like that these days.... :)
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