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  1. lol OK so i deiced to play a evil sarcastic character so i'm choosing the institute and raider of nuka world never did a evil play through
  2. hey guys i'v started a new character on fallout 4 been a long time since i played my character is siding with minutemen but you can join one one three major faction but i don't know who join my first play was railroad but i never join the brotherhood or institute before really would like some input on the topic thanks.
  3. ok thanks for the reply i will just try to ignore it
  4. hey guys iv been having a prob with fallout 4 with blocky texture as seen the short vid i took with fraps dont really know how to explain the prob my spec r listen in on video same prob on skyrim se when looking at woodn fences and im playing high preset as well on both games.
  5. thanks for the reply it seems to be fix my an windows update sorry taking so long reply been busy with work again sorry
  6. ok i will try to message Microsoft about it thx
  7. hey guys i'm having stutter issue with my Xbox one controller when turning my character right to left i am on PC my spec gt x 1060 GB wind force edition oc it came oc. 16 gb ram ddr3 windows pro 64. 600watt psu. tried some ini files changes didn't work driver r all updated. this happens for fallout 4 and borderlands 2 it did happen for oldrim but somehow it stop, i uninstall fallout 4 and reinstall it twice any help would be appreciated. and now i now people are gonna say play keyboard and mouse but i like playing these game a controller thanks.
  8. lol ok just wondering gonna start a new play through on oldrim
  9. OK thanks guys im glad im the only one with huge amount play with skyrim lol, think im might start skyrim se or do you guys recommend any quest mods ? thanks again
  10. hey guys just wondering how many people are playing oldrim i have 900 hours over past 6 years i have own it lol .
  11. ok now i know playing on pc with mouse and keyboard is better then playing with controller, but i like to play some single player games with controller. on the og skyrim when i panned my character left to right it stutters but the movement is fine. also when using skyui opening the inventory seem to 3 seconds slow for some reason would like some help please and thank you;
  12. ok thanks gonna test those two mods out with ks dragons and deadly combat moods lol waiting for deadly dragons to come on se
  13. so is there any good mods like skyre that change the difficultly of the game.
  14. so i should stay with vanillia skyrim or is there a mod like skyre out for se that your recommend
  15. hey people i was just wondering about skyrim since skse64 is now out for skyrim se, but i want to do a play through with mod like skyre.been thinking about it for awhile now, i know the special edition is more stable and performs better then og skyrim, just wanting opinion on the matter thanks
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