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  1. that's a pretty good way of putting it, definitely going to use it from now on, thank you. i tend to use "excellent team work skills and proficient in problem solving exercises"
  2. Just wondering if anybody has a more creative and atleast slightly professional way of saying "my hobbies include spending many hours playing games online with friends and random strangers" any suggestions greatly appreciated
  3. thats nothing to worry about, practice makes perfect and everyone here is very supportive and helpful
  4. well you sir have come to the right place, all are welcome here as long as they're friendly, even us fellow lurkers i need to visit that topic, i assume tangents are allowed and encouraged?
  5. no worries it happens
  6. anybody online right now that can ok me for the minions server? poked xelphos on TS but nothing yet, yes i know hes probably busy but im attempting to capitalize on a brief burst of feeling social nevermind its all been sorted now, thankyou everyone for your time
  7. did anyone else basically get an email warning from paypal that theres about to be a steam sale?
  8. Thanks for the TS link, hopefully itll be fairly low key, may need all the luck though so thank you
  9. thanks, is there a link for the TS?
  10. Thanks, im looking forward to it, if its anything like my time on the lore and roleplay sections bethesda forums i'll be ok and not at all weirded out i didnt think this through did I?
  11. Hey everyone, thought id introduce myself seen i finally got around to creating an account (part laziness, part not being very social) I play mostly overwatch right now but some fallout 4 a witcher 3. not really sure what to say on here, knew i should have done more lurking on this part of the forum first haha, i guess if you want to know anything just ask away
  12. LazyTitan#214933 new here looking for some friendly people to play overwatch with