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  1. So for the longest time (after the 1.5 patch went live to be specific), I've had this problem with Fallout 4, where my mods would be installed, plugins activated post-Launcher, .inis adjusted, everything (per Gopher's instructions). However, when i go into the game, the mods simply aren't working. No CTD, no "files missing", nothing. They just don't show up in-game. I've looked around everywhere on sub-reddits, looking back on Gopher's tutorials, going to the Bethesda forums, and none of the fixes are working. It's gotten to the point i don't want to play the game because the experience I've set up for myself, (and the work of those dedicated mod authors that i so dearly want to enjoy), is no longer there. I use LOOT, F4SE version 0.1.14, and NMM, I've tried re-installing the game (with my abhorrent 600kb/s internet speed), re-validating, re-installing NMM and all my mods, and nothing has been resolved. I am pleading for the contributions of anyone with a remote idea of what could help me. Thank you Minions. (additionally, the the new survival mode mechanics, and secret data file manager in the launcher aren't working for me either) Specs: load order.txt Fallout 4 version: 1.5.307 AMD A10-5800k APU, Geforce GTX 660, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 16GB RAM
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