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  1. ahahahaha this is a nice way of teaching XD
  2. yeah.. and this is the reason the voiced protagonist need to be dropped and a new system dialogue with more choices ( with the whole bloody sentence) put in act
  3. you should say love aerondight, the last 4 hits were 100% damage+100% critical rate XD
  4. well not so usefull for me this patch as i've already finished blood and wine, but it is always nice to see a developer who release patches XD
  5. ahahaha indeed XD damn i remember the books series of skyrim XD still waiting for the library XD
  6. yeah it's a pity indeed, but i don't think so. The skellige deck is only for Toussaint i think.
  7. yeah it would be cool indeed, but is is nice that cerys is special in her own way XD
  8. wut ? guys what are you saying ? it is totally different !
  9. yup @JustTheBast today in the weekly vault mod there where other settlement mod he tryed, i'm actually waiting for him to make another series of settlement building video where he goes and fix all the settlement making them more beautiful with mods XD PS: #com'nbethesdajust...thelittlepersonaltouchesit'samazingthedifferenceitmakes
  10. this power armor is AWESOME ! hahaah it should really have a perk for unlimited air, clear vision and faster movemente underwater
  11. don't know where it is but i'm sure the is one xD
  12. welcome to the community !! joined myself some days ago ! You will like it here, but beware the ruta bag or something like that XD
  13. maybe i'm confused with the post where someone linked the beta for the game, before gopher's video. @Apocalypso don't think so
  14. maybe it exixsts XD i never heard of it though xD anybody ? XD
  15. jeancly

    They know.

    And this is the main problem imo, the best point in bethesda games imo is the replay value.
  16. i've come to understand that @Jasch is the master tecnician in the forum, so trust him XD
  17. sounds sensible to me, but never had this kind of problem as i always anticipated such big update by "vanillizing" my game before. Let's wait for someone else XD
  18. interesting, then it is not like my hypothesis considered.
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