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  1. yeah me too, the problem with repost is that those fist deal so much damage it is insane honestly, so if you fail the repost it is a problem XD
  2. honestly i think that vr needs to be used only in certain areas, not in everything you can. Honestly playing a fps without a real joystickgun is going to be hard... very hard..
  3. Congrats ! time for gopher merchandize !!!
  4. i've already activated the mic booster in the driver for the headfones and set it to maximum don't know what else it to do... looking in the sound settings but not finding a thing EDIT: looked on youtube for tutorials, if you are referring to the level and michrophone boost i don't have it, not sure why ( my headset is usb just to specify )
  5. thenk you @Jognt cleared a bit of info. I did a lot of testing and my problem is that setting the microphone to max i can hear it in shadowplay only if i set the audio level to 6/100 XD the fact is that this headset is load as hell, putting it to max is so powerfull that you can use is as a speaker from the other side of the room O.o
  6. this is indeed interesting xD how did it happen ? XD
  7. Hi everybody, got myself a pair of SADES-903 headset. The audio is awesome ( maybe basses too loud) and the mic sounds very nice, tryed chadowplay to register a bit and played a bit of Crysis 3 but the problem is that the audio of the game is WAAAAY higher than the one of the mic, resul i can not hear my voice. So how is this thing to set up ? i mean, i got this hearset to play with the minion if i decide to buy some online games, but how do i set it up ? Shadowplay capture the audio from the game and the mic together right ? because the purpose would be to register something like a youtube video right ? but what happens with teamspeak or something like that ? will the sound from the game be trasmitted ?
  8. well this is more than awesome, this way we get an even better skywind XD
  9. you think it is possible ? that would be even more awsome !!!
  10. maybe they redo skywind on the new version of the engine XD
  11. ahahahha i think the guys are joking xD I think this is a reaction to console developer rather than a reaction to console users. They fed us this BS that 30 fps is optimal and " cinematographic" when we all know it is a porr excuse for the console power. Also given the insistence of console fanatics that said it was better 30 fps, that over 30 fps the human eye can not see a difference ecc.ecc. PCgamers have grown tired of this and began calling console users paesant ecc. My point to this is that my opinion is that all of this is referred to console fan boys, who hear no reasons on the fact that 60 fps is better than 30 fps ( and it should damn be seeing as how much more we are paying XD)
  12. ahahahahah well Gopher is still stayin pretty "lore friendly" in FO4 XD he indeed allign well all fences ecc. but he does not use those strange mods to build palaces or skysrcaper ecc. XD
  13. ahahhaha true xD well it was done during the stream in 5 minutes XD also i'm crap with editing images XD
  14. As the title say : https://s32.postimg.org/adfp315ud/subscriber_scolding_gopher.jpg
  15. this is a nice way of thinking, i support the second tower XD
  16. wow didn't know this thing about slots, and it works also with aerondight ? awesome XD
  17. mmm honestly i think it depends only on habit. I used to play skyrim with a gt 540 or something like that, 30 fps on medium/low settings XD , after years of that compuer i used my ssavings to buy the computer you can see in my signature, so with a gtx 980m, and i started playing games maxed out at 60 fps. Now i notice if i drop at 50 fps and it really irritates me, but simply because i got spoiled by 60 fps( witch is better honestly, this is not debateble i think, it is like max settings is better than low settings).
  18. @OutandBack which mod do you use ? also your aerondight has 3 slots, it is a mod ?
  19. welcome to the forum !! It's nice to see people like you that really enjoy Gopher's videos.
  20. yeah exactly, and maybe after if it selles nicely ( does anybody know the price ?) they will port it to mobile.
  21. indeed it would be cool, well maybe they will after the new gwent game xD maybe they will expand it for mobile
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