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  1. Hahaah is it more complicated to make it work on females ? Or is that Gopher does not care about female's as he does not play them ?( it sounds so wrong lol )
  2. I doubt it is the same person. Castar is the responsible for the chibi stiv ecc
  3. OMG hahaahahahahah i'm laughtinglike a maniac ahahahahaa it is awesome ! XD
  4. well ok then XD Personally i'm more on the " i would pay no problem for a good service that provides me for the thing i want, but otherwise i will simply find other ways" reason why i pay for games, since i can buy them individually i will pay for them.
  5. yeah i get this, the problem is that you can not do this with anime. you can not pay for the single anime. you can not pay the studio who made the anime. If you want to watch boku no hero accademia, for example, you have to subscribe to crunchiroll even if you are not interested in anything else.
  6. ok but again, game of thrones is not ONLY on hbo, sky has it too ecc. they pay it surely to hbo to transmit it, but they also have it. Some anime instead are 100% not on other platforms, which is bad.
  7. @Cryzeteur there are some shows which are exclusives, like boku no hero academia for crunchiroll, little which accademia for amazon i think ? and others. Untill there are exclusives on different sites it means they are not actually competition, they force you to subscribe to different things to see what you want to watch. It is wrong. I totally support what the guy says
  8. He is a Youtuber who speaks of anime, it is pretty much his "job", he can not pirate anime. It would be like Gopher pirating games and showing footage of a pirated game. Not safe, not smart. ? What do you mean? how do you even boycott Amazon, crunchiroll, and Netflix ? Personally, the only way to "boycott" them is not subscribing at all, meaning you pirate such anime you would have watched there. Well yeah, that's the point, but if people keep on subscribing to incomplete and uncompetitive streaming services nobody will finance you to build a streaming service when there are either way other sites with exclusives, the main problem is exclusives. If a site appeared with ALL the anime, and it was even a little more expensive you can be sure that like 80/90% of the actual paying customers would switch to that.
  9. honestly the question: why you are good at payday and suck at prey answers itself. One is a stream and one is a let's play, from there the logical consequences are pretty obvious.
  10. I found this video on Youtube. It makes a lot of good and interesting points, especially the one about exclusives.What is your opinion ? What do you think is the best way to manage this ? ( pls watch the whole video before commenting )
  11. ah well that of course, me the same, i'm used with my mouse, if i had to change it i would need to get used to it all over again.
  12. well, aside the lifting and the pivot it is pretty normal, simply a different position for the buttons, the tilting ( if it works) would be pretty easy to setup
  13. THIS, exactly, they could have done so much more..
  14. Ok, I'm usually VERY skeptical towards these kinds of experiments, but this looks very very interesting ( aside from the insane price it will surely have). So, analyzing per points: 1) power desktop user: wtf? gamers, creators or power desktop users? what does it even mean? 2) Tilt: very interesting concept, love it on the cover department, I always find annoying to have to use Q and E to tilt from cover, and also in games like Wolfenstein where you have to hold a button to do it, it feels weird, this would be amazing for it, you simple sun into cover, and then tilt your mouse.The problem that comes to mind is if you can easily move the mouse when it is in the tilted position to aim. If yes ( simulating with my mouse does not work nicely as I have to put strength on tilting it, but if there is a support it may work nicely) then it would indeed be amazing. 3) Lifting: so yes.... this one sounds bs to me... I mean... cool I guess? but do you really want to play all along keeping our arm ( or even only the wrist ) elevated? that's hardcore muscle training there. 4) Triggers: Ok these sounds interesting, looks like it could work both with a palm grip and with a claw grip, the question always remains about the practicality, if you don't keep on accidentally triggering them when using the mouse normally. if that is not an issue I can see this being a very cool thing. 5) Fingertip buttons: same as above, if they are not in the way of normal mouse button 1 and 2 clicking then it could work nicely. 6)Pivot: ok... this one I'm not sure... if it works effortlessly as showed in the video this could indeed be insanely good for fps and such, to the point of being a cheaty advantage XD But I found it hard to get used to... after all we all have different pivot habits, I for example only move my wrist with the mouse, so if the mouse is pointing left it means that I'm watching left, if it is pointing up I am watching right. 7) Press with different strength: Ok, this one looks very interesting indeed, in a car game you could use that for accelerator and brakes, in the witcher as shown you could use the same button for light and fast attacks, making it 1) way faster to play 2) freeing a key for something else. If it is easy to do and the different stages are easily recognizable then this is something I would really love. Conclusions: If this delivers, and it works as they said, and it is affordable XD this could be indeed an incredible mouse EDIT: ok noticed the site, 230 dollars, yikes!
  15. and this again shows how it is half-assed Bethesda... and yes, I know I'm always complaining about this XD, but would it really have been unreasonable if you wanted to free the traders and nukaworld ? using the minutemen ? i mean they are the closest thing to a righteous army in the game.
  16. Done, will trust immediatly, also welcome to the forum XD
  17. you sure are dedicated outland, good job !
  18. i know absolutely nothing on the subject XD not really my field, interesting stuff though
  19. are you telling me i'm a mouse ?!?!?!??! i'm going to puncjfbsaofdgeo. ok yeah, interesting paper. using this thingy outland posted, yellowy screen is yellowy, does this help ? no idea,will see
  20. how dare you attack us like that ! Also your english and your opinion sucks ! ok this aside, i use discord XD that's all, very rarely i join a voice channel and if i do i use discord usually, that's probably why ts is empty
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