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  1. how did you know it ! before you got raffled !
  2. This is a great moment minions. Did to ready your red shirts ?
  3. I propose a mod where Jack meets kharjo.... 100% lore-friendly
  4. Had to look up when this day is since it really is not that much of an important thing here in Italy XD I'm available if you guys want to stay at the world tree, for projects i've no idea... we can kill some withers in the canopy like when the tree was inaugurated?
  5. not so much for the first one but for the third ? kinda unless you have more than a gtx 1070 XD I can barely max it out and keep 60 fps with my 1070. And it is a game from 2013
  6. indeed.. it is a SHA,ME. I would pay blood for a cool new crysis.
  7. Ah, i didn't write my suggestion here, what about the Crysis trilogy? it is short, has an awesome story , OUTSTANDING graphics, and it is dirty cheap.
  8. indeed but at least gwent is free. So honestly it is pretty legit imo. Microtransactions on full price game are never legit imo. Never
  9. yeah lol. No but really... pls do not screw this up.... they have an insanely good reputation right now, if they deal it right they can make a ton of money. if they screw it up with microtransactions and such the backlash could be teerible bringing to horrible sales
  10. exactly, i totally get the desire to make money as indeed they need to create a " insurance ". But for the love of god don't destroy your godly good pr... don't mess with bs like microtransactions and such....
  11. On this I have to agree with you. Let's hope the quality stays high
  12. no time sadly, he is too busy
  13. Exactly. I will probably play it alone. The multilyer should be in like an option. It should not matter at all iv you want single player ( they say)
  14. it will be single player, but it will have some sort of multiplayer integrated it seems, maybe like dark souls ? or coop ?
  15. Bullets costs less than doors
  16. Possibly it will work like dark soul ? Where to can receive help from a friend or something ? No idea... Damn i hope they do not screw this up. I'm not interested in multilayer at all
  17. True. Simply i'm really afraid about it. There has been a LOT of complaints.
  18. Indeed... First of all i'M not that much into grindy game anymore. Second i"m really uneasy at spending 60 on a game nowadays. Finally i'm really not up to spend 60 on a game where I could be banned. No thank you.
  19. It's nice to see these things. I will wait for monster hunter world on pc. Will make the friking guild ( if there is the option XD ( and if the game is 60 fps, if it is 30 then bye bye )
  20. I've not played any action games since the original trilogy, but DAMN I HATE this rpg thing about the weapons. The cool thing about ac was the "realism". You stab someone, he is dead. You shoot someone in the head. He is dead. Now you can make someone head like a quiver if his level is too high. Bs
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