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  1. I really hope thwre is not a time mehanics where if enough time passes you get attacked more and more. I really would love to see them build an empire on that island. A very small empire.
  2. I can't wait to be brutally murdered really also yeah those guys define type looks like klingons
  3. Well there is a mod that is removing the voice right ? And one that is removing all lines that are linked to Shawn. That is a beginning.
  4. Aahahah well you could just shoot her xD I mean... bethesda your is a no open world game, give more freedom, weird to say this... But Like dark souls ahha
  5. yeah... YT is surely at fault...( or responsible)
  6. Character info Name: HairCannon Jeancly NickName: LadderKeeper Gender: Male Nationality: Italian Voice: Italian Voice 9 Attitude: Intense Head Face: E Hair: Short Facial Hair: none Hair color: 25 Eye color: 19 Race: 0 Skin color: 1 Helmet: Reaper Hood D Upper face prop: Muzzle with glowing Visor Lower face Prop: Tac Masc ( if you can only put upper or lower prop put the upper prop) Body Main Armor Color: 42 Secondary Armor Color: 95 Armor Pattern: Wild Arms: 1 Torso: 0 Legs: 1 Weapon Weapon Color: 47 Weapon Pattern: Wild
  7. phantoms made of ferrofluid confirmed ! after all we know that the voltaic can produce electricity so it is sensible that it is in their biology ! Meaning the keep and change their shape with internal electricity ! And especially the Etheric damages you when he dies because it is toxic !
  8. Exclusive selfie with the bleeding out squad member !! Only for 9.99$!!!!!
  9. It looks like I was wrong and he did not forget about her xD well in my defence I thought her office was near morgan''s one.
  10. Ok i'm starting to have panic attacks hearing " leaves donation"
  11. Yeah, hopefully they will keep this " promise" i really hope. It makes me hope for the better though
  12. And bets are on about him being sidetracked and forget about Michaela XD
  13. looks like someone else is building a tree ..... BURN IT ! BURN IT ALLLLLL
  14. ahahahhaahah Thank you lert ^^
  15. Hi everybody, does anyone have a LOT of clay ( normal one to make bricks)to spare ? Needing a TON forGransys, thanks to donations we are quite of in terms of hardened clay, but normal clay is at critical levels XD If you do either contact the team ( Me, @Krikkeee @wikingwing ) or drop it in my chest ( /warp worldtree, look at the right near the portal) Thank you.
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