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  1. That is something very badass to tell to your son once you get rescued... unless your son is the one of this game, in this case you won't tell him. Nope.
  2. High elf, loves nords culture, wears heavy armor and a huge sword out of respect for them, but sucks at fighting so is a thief
  3. jeancly


    Welcome to the forum ! Enjoy yourself ! Don't trust shady figures handing you cookies! And have fun !
  4. like the idea, another good plugin would one to make Gopher umbumpable. Let me Explain, while making everyone invisible he would still be pushed by others, if there was a plugin that made him totally unmovable by others, together with the "make everyone else invisible " it would really look to him like he was alone with the owner of the place.
  5. Dauntless sounds interesting; very, they kinda list everything when monster hunter world was announced though. .. People where looking at it as a second monster hunter. Now that the game is releasing I really don't know if they will succeed. I'm stuck with warframe though, thank you anyway
  6. @r3dr460ni withdraw sorry, not finding my access things anymore and not into gwent at all anymore XD 5 days is too little to get into it again xD
  7. Looks like I have to add chay to my list... oh well
  8. Welcome to the forum ! enjoy !
  9. what is the minimum patreon fee ? might join just to be there tomorrow XD
  10. @Gopher You need to read this, Build a zipline next time ! MOAR WOOD
  11. you mean that they could do a zipline from the forest to the island to carry logs ?
  12. That is really cool. Loved the ending, so wait, the point is this:
  13. 100% Believable !!! guaranteed way to make 10282 Dollars a day! With this simple method, you won't have to work anymore!
  14. i think too. Also releasing TES6 would stop any possible new skyrim game like they are doing.
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