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  1. jeancly

    Hi there

    welcome to the forum !! nice name !
  2. it would be funny to have frostfall imo, he would be all, omg, omg i'm freezing ! FIRE, FIRE FIRE !!
  3. jeancly

    Forum Leaderboard

    omg 2 years necroposting !
  4. jeancly

    Fond Fairwell

    No worries ! ONCE A MINION ALWAYS A MINION ! have a good time !!!
  5. jeancly

    I would like to Decorate

    ehm... ingame name ? XD Also you should tag Ventic/fenrir or others.
  6. jeancly

    Tree of the Nine Worlds

    I approve this
  7. jeancly

    Dom's tour of Z_blackblue's FiveTowers

    %towers is incredible.... it is a crime gopher never visited them
  8. jeancly

    Lurk mode OFF (after 6 years! O_o )

    Welcome lurker !!!
  9. jeancly

    Made Some Gopher Hearthstone Cards

    Not playing heartstone but these looks amazing !
  10. he disabled his autoupdate, so he will wait
  11. mmmm true... i LOVED human revolution, and while mankind devided was cool for me i liked it way less. Honestly i will buy cyberpunk at reelease because it is CD project red.
  12. UNLESS they will do a " it will be released next month " move XD ( doubt it xD )
  13. hype ! FOR ABOUT A YEAR !
  14. that comment on the merchandise though XD