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  1. And this goes back to the ticket to rename nt title from " royal architect " to " royal pain in the ass"
  2. all over gopher's house, stacked one over the other
  3. Go home bunyan, you are philosophizing xD
  4. that could be cool, but one needs to be perfect and immaculate honestly XD
  5. indeed... damn let's hope i will be able to run it on high... or it is a nono already ? wtf.
  6. the pain... my gtx 1070 will be obsolete in 2019 O.o
  7. awesome, 8 of those ? it's going to be a looooong project XD I: well i would place it at the end of a nether way as i said, make a huge reverse pyramid till debrock with a smooth base and then build it up. the reverse huge base all made out of grass. Edit, sorry XD
  8. Would be cool silver but thereally is the slipstream down there, also I think it will be bigger than the tree. As an answer to someone, indeed it will hammer the performance to carve it out, as the tree is a massive complex system of shadows and such. Persobally I want it east of the tree high fiving the tree ( or pointing at it even better xD). On a more serious note, the place should be in the overwork Imo. First of all minionland is actually the overworld, the nether and end are actually more like an extra to me. Second I think it should be in a mostly empty area, I agree that it being close to spawn would be very cool but not sure where to could be placed... maybe near naf place? Looking at it? If it will not be filled with torches inside it won't have performance issues, what needs to be avoided the most is that. A simple big stone construction will be very performance friendly given how java works. For the love of god DO NOT build it near the throne room. Yup i'm a salty person and the rivalry between shady Glen and the throne i's well known to all, but really it got enough love from gopher, another thing there would be annoying. Said all this I suggest : 1) in the overwork 2) near gophers house ( near naff naff) if possible 3) if not possible then far away in all nice place, maybe easy to reach like the main portals at the 4 nether ways ( if not with something already build there 4) claim a huge area so that nobody can build near it, being it so important it would be wrong it people could claim around it and build huge things. It would be silly. 5)do not make it empty or so. If possible literally 0 torches so that we can look at it with shades with 0 performance loss. 6) if you want a way up then a single tunnel 1 wide straight up with a glowstone at the bottom and a ladder all the way to the head is enough. This will reduce performance issue to the extreme.
  9. 2019 ? wth... too faaaaaar
  10. I actually kids focused on the main story because HOLY S**T IT IS SO GOOD ! Can't wait for gopher to reach the end.
  11. indeed, i played it but i did not explore nearly even close as Gopher. it is insane
  12. Simply word, power point ecc, yesterday we looked and it seems like 4 gb of ram will be enough for her, minimum 250 gb of storage, not too heavy. These are the main points