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  1. owwww yeah. preordering this and waiting like a madman
  2. jeancly


    Welcome satyr ! Remember we also have a discord server if you want to join ! It should be on the main page of the server !
  3. jeancly

    VAMPYR #1 : Newborn

    this game is looking interesting, can't wait to see how it develops.
  4. the problem with that is that the game would require you to have some kind of backstory, and it would make the system class based, let's say magic, if you start as an archer you WILL NOT be able to learn magic later, it would not make sense. It's a tradeoff, one is believable, the other more flexible and let you learn and do what you want.
  5. jeancly

    Hi there

    welcome to the forum !! nice name !
  6. it would be funny to have frostfall imo, he would be all, omg, omg i'm freezing ! FIRE, FIRE FIRE !!
  7. jeancly

    Forum Leaderboard

    omg 2 years necroposting !
  8. jeancly

    Fond Fairwell

    No worries ! ONCE A MINION ALWAYS A MINION ! have a good time !!!
  9. jeancly

    I would like to Decorate

    ehm... ingame name ? XD Also you should tag Ventic/fenrir or others.
  10. jeancly

    Tree of the Nine Worlds

    I approve this
  11. jeancly

    Dom's tour of Z_blackblue's FiveTowers

    %towers is incredible.... it is a crime gopher never visited them
  12. jeancly

    Lurk mode OFF (after 6 years! O_o )

    Welcome lurker !!!
  13. jeancly

    Made Some Gopher Hearthstone Cards

    Not playing heartstone but these looks amazing !
  14. he disabled his autoupdate, so he will wait