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  1. true XD but once i've seen a playthough i doubt i will want to play it XD and i want to see gopher play it soooo too bad XD
  2. i've never played it, was waiting to buy it eventually, maybe, well will watch his let's play
  3. Eastern Trade Alliance & Empire of Rynoira

    The Wold Tree as a impartial force will keep on lookin at the others powers in minionland.
  4. 100 days! or I need a life.

    It is actually a sect. This is the dirty secret of the world tree council. A single council man i's actually 6 persons, this way when there is a meeting and enemies feel safe 5 others shovel masters cut their throats
  5. 100 days! or I need a life.

    Great!! The best thing is not regretting any of it, also I imagine the best days where as a member of the World Tree Council !.... yeah... ok I will go in my corner.
  6. Hello!

    not me, never, exams are always on the hunt.
  7. Hello!

    for a moment i thought holly rejoined XD
  8. the pain... the capital is just there...
  9. Yea... You fond weapons and such everywhere but believable things are no were to be seen. I want to find a 200 years old yogurt ! IMMERSIOOOOOON
  10. Indeed... I trust cdpr to make it awesome. . Let's hope... Especially since it qorld be a terrible blown to the company and I love them
  11. Yeah ok this confirms xD laziness, because there is no reason for you to be able to remove trees but not remove a wooden broken down houses. I mean, if you could not remove the containers I could understand, but those broke houses are a nono. This is simply laziness from Bethesda.
  12. and here we get another go at bethesda's laziness... whats up with those unscrappable trashed houses...
  13. yeah the forum is having problems... @3ventic is there a way to put videos and images ? since the forum update it has not been possible