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  1. yeah i know XD i ment that it is the old one and not the new one he was given.
  2. you did a stream ? I missed it dammit. Either way bunyan you are early for easter
  3. omg is that the old trustmaster ?
  4. Well I suppose that it is because they where murdered by a killer and not during a fight
  5. mine will arrive in 2 weeks minimum :/
  6. The World Tree shall always protect the free people of Minionland PS: 1250 posts, minion mage wooooo
  7. that one, i use it as my main steel weapon
  8. richard as a companion for whom though ? Wait a sec ! Idea for Gopher next gamplay of skyrim ! He plays a Kajiit that wants to go somewhere cold and his voiced follower richard complains that he wants to go somewhere warm
  9. I had the cat master silver sword, and risked it knowing that i could have recreated it. I on't remember what i won actually,if it is a steel sword with some blue in it , it may be my main now, not sure. Either way that merchant was a soab , way stroger than any other player i've ever met, waaay stronger than the one guy in the final.
  10. damn it would be cool indeed.
  11. damn it seems we all miss jack, his charisma is something frank can not come even close, even with all those points in it
  12. indeed XD i suggest you to ally yourself with the World Tree against the tyranny of the slave maker NT
  13. Because if you are not roleplaying you are doing it wrong