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  1. 100% Believable !!! guaranteed way to make 10282 Dollars a day! With this simple method, you won't have to work anymore!
  2. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    i think too. Also releasing TES6 would stop any possible new skyrim game like they are doing.
  3. I really hope thwre is not a time mehanics where if enough time passes you get attacked more and more. I really would love to see them build an empire on that island. A very small empire.
  4. I can't wait to be brutally murdered really also yeah those guys define type looks like klingons
  5. NUKA WORLD #19 : The Finale

    Well there is a mod that is removing the voice right ? And one that is removing all lines that are linked to Shawn. That is a beginning.
  6. Aahahah well you could just shoot her xD I mean... bethesda your is a no open world game, give more freedom, weird to say this... But Like dark souls ahha
  7. Vidme might be dieing

    yeah... YT is surely at fault...( or responsible)
  8. [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Character info Name: BlueJeans Jeancly Gender: Hair Cannon( Hekazu this is for you)( Male Gopher xD) Nationality: Italian Voice: Italian Voice 9 Attitude: Intense Head Face: E Hair: Short Facial Hair: none Hair color: 25 Eye color: 19 Race: 0 Skin color: 1 Helmet: Reaper Hood D Upper face prop: Muzzle with glowing Visor Lower face Prop: Tac Masc ( if you can only put upper or lower prop put the upper prop) Body Main Armor Color: 42 Secondary Armor Color: 95 Armor Pattern: Wild Arms: 1 Torso: 0 Legs: 1 Weapon Weapon Color: 47 Weapon Pattern: Wild
  9. Dear EA : Pink is the new Black

    ahahahahaah i could see this coming XD
  10. phantoms made of ferrofluid confirmed ! after all we know that the voltaic can produce electricity so it is sensible that it is in their biology ! Meaning the keep and change their shape with internal electricity ! And especially the Etheric damages you when he dies because it is toxic !
  11. Exclusive selfie with the bleeding out squad member !! Only for 9.99$!!!!!
  12. i actually think that he has an insane amount of mods xD
  13. Minionland Feature Builds

    So true !