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  1. Robedon

    Fallout 4!

    ​I was close but I suppose the 1st of Nov would have been 1101 where as the 10th is the 1110, well I was on the right track.
  2. Robedon

    Fallout 4!

    Hopefully the Voice is a control mechanism for companions and lets go pal is 'follow' would be interesting
  3. Ah minecraft another game on the when I get time ill buy it never mind play it list.
  4. Ah but how much was the rest of the rugby team?
  5. Robedon

    Fallout 4!

    Waiting to see if it's for the 1st November see if Bethesda go for 111 like the vault.
  6. Currently in the lake district with dodgy Internet connection and can still feel the hype lol
  7. Whiskies at the ready people.
  8. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot has got to be my No.1 (yes I know ) though Coffee and Navy Rum aren't far behind.
  9. Probably not... but you never know.
  10. hopefully it does live even I can find twenty mins to pile more misery on poor Edin haha
  11. Going to be lurking around a bit more again guys hopefully the grim reaper has finished stalking the wife and I. Won't bore you all with the details but you should start hearing a smattering of sarcasm from my corner of the net again. ;)
  12. Hope you all had a good day, see you all in the new year.
  13. I've even dropped from the top 25 steam time list :rolleyes:
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