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    remove mods not archive

    I installed all the mods that I wanted. Tried to load witcher3 and 2 things happened 1) A "redengine3" icon appeared instead of the usual start up stuff. 2) Eventually a lot of can't start error lines came up. So I disabled & removed all the mod folders but the not archive folders like you taught me so I could reinstall them 1 at a time. Problem is I can't find where the archive files are. Can anyone tell me where to look for my archive files are?
  2. sacredblacksmith

    remove mods not archive

  3. sacredblacksmith


    I've downloaded and started using vortex beta as my mod manager last night. shut down, went to bed / work and now i want continue downloading & modding witcher 3 from your mods you show me. my ? is. how do I open vortex again after closing down? I've opened nexus but I can't seem to find where I open the vortex manager other than re-downloading the mod from nexus. The vortex desk top short cut also just opens to the same page as if you opened nexus & search vortex. when you taught me to use loot the short cut, it opened to my mods list. what am I doing wrong please help.
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    thankyou. all good now
  5. sacredblacksmith

    Forum loot verses vortex

    i haven't play fallout 4 for awhile and when i reinstalled the game my mod gun is missing. as always i came sniffing around here & realised there's no loot. that's fine. i have 3 ?'s 1} do i uninstall loot 2} will i need to download all my mods again in vortex 3}should i uninstall loot before installing vortex please can any help me? as i stated before a long time ago i just play games { no i still haven't learn to type & i still take forever type this} thankyou ]
  6. sacredblacksmith

    The February/March Races (big project, so expect delays)

    i'm very sorry to hear about your mother & i hope they ( doctors ) can get her temp down & all ends well for you. try looking on the bright side & keep yours & hers spirits up because it could be worse like me. i'm already past the point where the doctors can help when i was diagnosed ( terminal is the term doctors used for me ) good luck & forget the racetrack ( what ever that is ) life is the most important thing not games or posessions or anything else everybody who is not in your boat may think & i hope your mother doesn't join me in my boat for a very very very long time.
  7. sacredblacksmith

    fix endorsement mistake

    does anyone know how to change endorsement mistakes because i got the endorsement pop up when i went into nexus now that i've taken the castle in fo4 again. i wanted to check if i'm supposed to do the armory quest 1st before i get the mod that fixes the walls. when i looked at mod gopher vids shows me in the vault. i didn't get it already because the mod said only after i take castle? / armory? i remember something about doors being blocked or something like that so i didn't do it with all the other mods i got for this modded play through i'm doing & any way i accidently clicked not to endorse on some i really like ( my .50 gattling rifle is great ) . also does anyone know why you can't endorse some mods because when i click on thumbs up hand the thumbs up hand went away leaving only the crossed thumbs up hand? thank you
  8. sacredblacksmith

    Website fo4 home page

    thank you.
  9. sacredblacksmith

    Website fo4 home page

    i typed in " fo4 wandering traders " looking to find if anybody knew where to find the wandering trade stall you can place in settlement after loading mods 'homemaker & tinas appocalapse ' when to my surprise at the top of the page [ jumps you near the bottom of page ] you find a fo4 mod vid titled " spreading love & artillery " episode 49. i was surprised because when you click on mod vids for fo4 you get 2 choices ' clinic & vault ' . clinic has 4 eps & vault has 42 when you scroll down so how do i get to watch vids from 43 to 49 & any others beyond 49 when i can't scroll past 42 ?. how do i also remove my question if i've found the answer to my posted question myself while waiting for some help [ i've found the answer to my tinas question ] ?.
  10. sacredblacksmith

    Forum tinas cookies

    does anyone know how to turn off tinas glowing loot / dismember ? because 1] i don't go around collecting all the loot from killed enemies till i've killed them all (too much weight = can't run) & the problem i've found using tinas is glowing balls roll away & also disappear all together after some time has gone by. 2] the bodies disappear also after some time has gone by which i've found helps me to know if i've been in that room / part of building /corridor when i'm hunting raiders from a quest. has anybody else had this problem & found how to stop it ? yes i have turned off every single control panel in her upstairs room . no i haven't done her cookies quest yet as settlers quest is what i'm doing when she transported me to her & so far on this new game run through [ with mods ] the synths have't even come up by anyone yet [ only been told to go to diamond city to maybe find info about shaun ]. thank you.
  11. sacredblacksmith

    Forum fo4 cbbe presets

    is there a mod that has various size cbbe presets for fo4 in one mod? preferably for all groups at once not just separate groups like raiders this size, settlers that size etc but all mixed together.
  12. sacredblacksmith

    Forum fo4

    i was watching & have been installing mods i liked from the vault series. when in #11 you show the satellite pip-boy mods which i liked. done like you told me - used nmm , went to my fo4 custom.ini file added the 2 lines i'm supposed to when i come across my problem. i only have 2 headings (display & archive) gopher has 4 more (controls / pip-boy etc) so how do i add the 3rd line in the pip=boy header if its not there in my custom.ini files. could someone please help me ? as i really like the look of the 2 satellite mods in #11 mod vault thank you
  13. sacredblacksmith

    Forum fo4

    thank you i thought maybe i've done something wrong already or missed doing something i should have already done. will do as i'm told & continue going through vault series picking mods i like. thank you very much for your help.
  14. sacredblacksmith

    script extender

    thank you i have restarted fnv and now i know i need a new extender i can begin modding for a new run through of fnv. thank you very much for your help.
  15. sacredblacksmith

    script extender

    i already have script extender for my skyrim mods. do i need to add another script extender for mods i want to do to f.o new vegas?
  16. sacredblacksmith

    restart fallout new vegas

    can i restart fallout new vegas using nmm?
  17. sacredblacksmith

    restart fallout new vegas

    thank you i just wanted to restart but with mods not where i was at thank you again
  18. thank you

    1. Lum


      No problem mate! Always happy to help (:

  19. sacredblacksmith

    Forum textures

    texture mods ( lite & full ) now have at the top ( just under disc / files etc.) have complete versions as well as stand alone ( cites / dungeon etc ) versions but the tutorials says to do single ( there is no complete version option to be seen in vid ) mods. does the complete version you now can get actually compact all the single mods in one package? or is it like getting the unofficial skyrim patch which nexus says "no longer supported get legendary patch" so you do & get the legendary patch but the skyrim dlc remain red in the plugings until you ignore the "get legendary" message & download the "no longer supported" unofficial patch which then turns the dlc black like all the other plugings.
  20. what does " fps/rp " mean?
  21. sacredblacksmith

    Website profile pitchers

    thank you. the landscape default pitcher isn't there any more so i'll try to upload a pitcher from the cartoon series that my name comes from.again thank you now i have a place to start
  22. sacredblacksmith

    Website profile pitchers

    how do i put a pitcher on my profile like other people have? whats the difference between website & forum? there both the same aren't they?
  23. sacredblacksmith

    Hi I'm with stupid...no wait I'm stupid

    actually we're closer to the date/time zone than you are. you're at least 12 hr behind us depending on where you live. for eg; you can celeprate new years here than fly to hawaii or your west coast & celeprate it again. as for daylight savings being on the bottom 1/2 of my country. it has to do with available sun light & not crap about farmers. that like saying we have it just to party more which we don't reason to do that ( some of us even pinch other countries party days like your halloween night. just the other week we had a public holiday to celeprate the queens birthday which her birthday i think is actually in march / april. ) the top 1/2 don't have daylight savings because there near the equator and get plenty of sun light as it is. yes you have gone cross eyed because time zones go around the world following the equator not from pole to pole