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  1. @OutandBack Ahh, thank you! I see that this just seems to be applied to Gopher's own videos, which makes sense. I just wanted to be sure I was following appropriate tagging etiquette for the forum, I appreciate the input.
  2. Thank you kindly! I'm just a dude Hmm, can anyone help me with how to mark this post's title with the 'YouTube' flag, like the following post has, for example? Any insight is appreciated!
  3. Greetings MINIONS! For your consideration: Introducing ENB series for Skyim Special Edition! A detailed overview and noob-friendly installation guide for the ENB 0.310 (ENB 310) graphics mod , including some tips for basic setup and configuration. We also cover the process for updating ENB in the future, and many other little tips and tricks. Learn about the features of ENB for Skyrim Special Edition from the ground floor with the first entry in this new video series.
  4. @OutandBack No worries! To upgrade to a new version of ENB, you just need to overwrite the previous d3d11.dll file with the new version of this file from ENB 0.307. When you run the game again after installing the new version of the .dll, all of the new ENB parameters added with 0.307 will be automatically added to your ENBseries.ini file. After installing and running the game, you may want to either disable ENB's Ambient Occlusion effect (if you want to continue using the game's own AO) or otherwise disable the game's own AO and instead configure ENB's SSAO_SSIL variables to suit you
  5. @OutandBack Thank you for your support! Hi All! Just popping in to let you know I've released Part 2 of my videos about ENB 0.307 for Fallout 4, this time looking at the new Environment controls. For your consideration:
  6. @Plague I'm not sure when I will have more texture updates done... it took me a while to finish up the Nuka-Cola Machine and the Milk Machine, but I enjoy doing texture work so I will keep at it. @Arjy Yu Thanks again! I'm not sure about different methods of sharing, but just letting your friends know about the video makes me happy Hopefully someday you can upgrade your machine to enjoy some more ENB effects...
  7. Hi all! @Arjy Yu Thank you for sharing my video! @Plague Thanks for the support! I am still working on textures, but progress is slower these days than is was for FNV... @Outandback I will be releasing an ENB configuration that 'behaves' properly across all game scenarios, once a few more parameters are added to ENB for Fallout 4.
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